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Though the Winter Solstice is technically tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute today to wish everyone a blessed Yule, Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever winter celebration you prefer. Most cultures have special observations around the Winter Solstice, so I hope everyone finds the hope and light of the season no matter what name they call it.

I am definitely ready – the Yule tree is up with my favorite ornaments front and center, the dogs’ stockings are hung with care, lights are on the porch, and my baking cabinet is well stocked!

Another tradition for this time of year is gift giving. As such, I decided to round up a Top 9 list of dream gifts for Avalonians (surely you didn’t expect a top 10 list from a Celt?).

Here goes:

9. The entire Mists of Avalon series with a guide to reading them in story chronological order.

8. Complete set of dishtowels, potholders, dishware, and bakeware with an apple pattern. We do love our apples, don’t we?

7. Wall mural of the Tor.

6. A Chalice Well Gardens-inspired water feature for the yard. Oh, yeah!

5. Your very own Round Table.

4. Remodel of one room to be transformed into Merlin’s Crystal Cave.

3. Dinner with Nicholas Mann, Mara Freeman, or the Matthews. Oh, and dessert.

2. Full scale replica of an ancient wooden barge.

And (drum roll please) the best gift for an Avalonian is:

1. An all-expenses-paid trip to whichever place the recipient believes to be Avalon (of course)!

What’s that, you say? You want realistic gift ideas for Avalonians? Oh, well, that’s pretty easy too:

  • Jewelry or cloak pins featuring the Chalice Well cover design, chalices, swords, and even triquetras or triskeles can be popular with us.
  • Did I just mention cloak pins? Then it goes without saying that some of us like cloaks!
  • Apple-themed items including consumables. (Can you say apple wine or hard cider?)
  • Mists of Avalon book and/or movie
  • The Legend, Arthurian, or Llewellyn tarot decks – or the Wisdom of Avalon oracle deck. All are wonderful.
  • Framed photo(s) of a favorite Avalonian site (Glastonbury’s Chalice Well or Tor, the Isle of Man, and so forth).

Hmm, that’s all I can think of for now without delving into a mile-long list of books. So what’s your idea of a top-notch gift for an Avalonian?

I hope you all forgive my having a little fun today – but it is hard for me to be terribly serious at this time of year. The scent of fir tree in the living room and cookies in the kitchen just makes me giddy.

And I promise that I haven’t forgotten the posts about healing. They were started but sounded preachy. And none of us need to be preached at, right? So I’ll be rewriting them before posting – hopefully next week when I have a break from work.

Until then, I wish you all a joyous holiday season and a blessed 2012!


© 2011 PJ Graham

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