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This is off topic for us, but I thought reposting this was a good idea in case there are some fellow bloggers – and users of Pinterest and other reposting social media sites – out there.

Click here to read the painful experience of a blogger who used copyrighted images without permission (the blogger was unaware that disclaimers and such saved them from litigation). Note also what the blogger discovered about Pinterest and Tumblr.

This post was brought to my attention on a Linked In writer’s group. Having worked in the publishing field, I already knew that reposting photos and graphics from Google Images and similar sources without permission was a bad idea. Same goes with Photobucket – many of the images posted there are not free for the taking.

That’s why images on this blog are either from sites that offer copyright-free photos (such as those from Morguefile), past-copyright publications (such as those found at Liam’s Pictures from Old Books), or photos that I took or friends allowed me to use. This blog may not be as pretty as some as a result, but I’m drastically reducing my chances of being sued over this blog’s content.

Blog and network safely, my friends!


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