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It feels like it’s been forever since I last posted – and it has been quite a while. The last six months have been packed with change and new experiences for me, and I’ve just been taking the time to digest it all.

Personally, a few things have dominated my mind and heart. My mother – and I am quite the mama’s girl – was diagnosed with dementia and that has brought with it a whole slew of experiences my family would rather have avoided. A romantic relationship both started and just turned to friendship during this time well. These are a bit painful right now, but I know I’ll grow and more forward from here.

Spiritually, I’ve returned to a mostly solitary practice, which is a major shift after 8-1/2 years of working within a group. Groups can be amazing and helpful, but sometimes you have to step out on your own. I’ve also been blessed with amazing discussions and done more varied reading that has stimulated a lot of ideas while also tearing down limiting beliefs I once held. And after more than 20 years of avoiding organized spirituality, I started attending the local Unity Church in February and have been pleasantly surprised with that experience so far.

A few things always remain constant: love of gardening (dirt therapy), good food, dogs, and amazing people in my life.

But with all that has changed for me comes a desire to change things up a bit here. To begin with, as my focus will no longer be just Avalonian, I’ve adjusted the blog subtitle from “Finding Avalon in the Modern World” to “Finding Spirit in the Modern World.” This just seems fitting with all things running through my mind lately. I’ve also upgraded from the free WordPress site so this blog has its own domain name:

Of course, I’ve already warned readers that the content would have more diversity, and I plan to start that next week with a post titled “5 Reasons Not to Beat Yourself Up over Past Mistakes,” a topic that has really been on my mind a lot lately. And after that I will post about the Airmid’s Cloak Healing Ritual, something I’ve done a couple times and really love. So stay tuned for those!

Until next time, bright blessings!


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