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It’s a gorgeous day here in Southeast Kansas, so we started the day with a short walk. Then, I perused the yard to see what needs done – it’s spring, so there’s always a lot to do. Tommy the Neighborhood Cat joined me in admiring the overgrown pretty “weeds” in the yard and how even the grapevine buds looks like flowers. As it is Beltaine Eve, I hope you all find some beauty in your world too.

Today’s card comes from one of several Arthurian-inspired decks, and it could prove beneficial for many I know who are in flux or indecision. Trust your instincts and know the universe will help you.  Blessings!

The Universe

Meaning: Liberation. The attainment of a long-sought goal. The culmination of events, efforts, and experiences from the past. Completing a task with honors. Trumps and prosperity. Winning the admiration of others.

Attainment bringing change that still retains stability. Security and assurance. Synthesis bring a sense of peace and wholeness. May refer to travel, a new home, or graduation. The ability to direct one’s life. Confidence, success, and lasting happiness.

The card could also indicate regret, lingering doubts inserting with decision making. Delays; lack of support. Losing interest or enthusiasm after beginning a new project. Failing to follow through on plans. Loss of direction; scattered energies.

Description and Symbolism: Under the heavens and amidst the stones, the dancer celebrates life in her victory dance of being. This ecstasy comes from deep within, when the conscious and subconscious work in unison. This leads to encounters, however brief, with the superconscious and its lasting gifts of faith. This synthesis opens many doors to understanding. The woman’s dance represents embracing and enjoying life, living it to its utmost. Her iridescent veil drapes about her but does not restrict her movement, representing a flexible lifestyle and environment. She is the perfectly natural, unencumbered self, free to dance in rhythm with the universe. The wand held in her hand symbolizes that she is the mistress of her own fate, not living by the dictates of others. She carries the wand with ease, representing self-confide ice and faith; there is no desperate battle for control.

As the woman dances, she travels the ditch that surrounds the stones. It has been theorized that rituals at these sacred sites involved the king, chief, or druid walking a protective circle, a Path of Blessing. This was thought to harmonize the four energies of the earth, the quaternary powers depicted on the foreground stones. These are the four evangelists traditional to the card, symboling the culmination and balance of energies. These figures correspond to the zodiac as: the man/Aquarius, air; the bull/Taurus, earth; the lion/Leo, fire; and the eagle/Scorpio, water. The qualities they bring to the card are, respectively: intelligence and independence, determination and stability, strength and enthusiasm, and intuitive knowledge and great spiritual heights. The evangelists in the painting are as they appear in the famous Book of Kells. The church associates the man with Matthew, incarnation; the bull with Luke, passion; the lion with Mark, resurrection; the eagle with John, ascension.

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

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Taking time to rest the body, mind, and spirit was an important thing for me to learn. As a Taurus, I can sometimes push myself too hard and burn out. Then comes the power of inertia, which is hard to push myself out of. By resting and caring for ourselves as we go, we get more done in the long run. Don’t forget that play can be a form of rest. Doing something not because you have to or feel that you should, but because it’s just the whim of your soul, can restore a lot of energy and creativity. Blessings!

Nana Buluku – She Rests to Create

Your energy is a precious resource, and there are ways of being that can enhance it, amplifying it, and replenishing it. Give yourself sufficient rest, and you shall find the way forward more effortless. Explore the lifestyle that grows your inner resources, rather than requiring constant exertion and exhaustion to accomplish an endless list of external pursuits. You need this shift in being now because you are ready to accomplish more. For this to take place, there needs to be less effort and more wisdom. Trust and value what can be accomplished through rest. 

Meaning: You have more than enough energy to bring to life the sacred visions held within your heart. An increase of energy and peacefulness is indicated. You are guided to choose high energy people, places, and purposes. This does not necessarily mean choosing that which is highly stimulating – rather, it refers to that which regenerates you with peacefulness and joy. Give generously to yourself to be able to give generously to others. You have unusual ideas or ways of being that suit you, but may not suit others. Work with what works best for you, without trying to force yourself to conform. This brings wellbeing and creative success.

Guidance: Nana Buluku is the African Grandmother Creatrix, the supreme feminine creative principle. She created the Universe, then rested. The intersection of rest and extraordinary creative power is repeated in numerous spiritual traditions from varied cultures around the world. It is also repeated in the lives of inspirational innovators in varied fields of discipline from the sciences to the arts. When you are boldly ambitious and creatively confident for the fulfillment your life purpose and heart-inspired plans, it may seem that rest is the last thing you have time for, there is so much to be accomplished. Yet the conscious use of deep rest allows us to connect closely to the divine creative genius. Taking time for rest and stillness can allow us to work smarter rather than just always working harder.

African spirituality is based on a holistic worldview where no issue in one’s life is separate from the spiritual worlds. This recognition that the Divine is intimately involved and lovingly invested in every single aspect of your life is how you begin to generate restful consciousness. This type of consciousness is based on trust that the Divine knows what you are here to do and wants to help you do it. Therefore, you don’t have to orchestrate the details of you life, nor figure out everything (or anything) on your own. You do not need to have signs to prove something is happening every single day. What you need is faith in the fundamental good will that the Divine has toward you and your life purpose, the reason for which you chose life in the first place.

From that place of restful consciousness, you can make profound progress. You can release striving and pursuits in favor of activity that comes from a place of inner inspiration, born from rest. In the mystical traditions of many cultures, that period of rest is considered to be the time when we incubate in silence and spaciousness. Through the invisible workings of the most willing and loving Great Spirit, all quiet and openness is responded to with renewed energy, clearer direction, and helpful guidance. You will likely find yourself becoming more active, and certainly more productive, through this process of resting regularly as part of your lifestyle. Rather than constantly discarding energy without having time to adequately restore yourself, instead, you will be having time to adequately restore yourself, instead, you will be regenerating more swiftly and deeply on all levels of your being and continually amplifying your energetic output. Your actions will have further reach. You’ll have more to share with your loved ones. This is sacred subversion of established disorder that would help you get to where you want to be, to make the contribution that you want to make. Instead, you will be healing and growing and creating from a place of trust within, creating the new world order in harmony with divine genius.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynne


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I’m feeling this card strongly today. Spent a few hours outside last night doing a late spring cleanup in the yard and planting herbs and some veggies. Awoke this morning to a light, cool rain giving it all a soft bath and making the green pop. It feels magical walking through a light rain – refreshing the soul as well as the senses – and seeing the colors and hearing the birds on a beautiful wet morning. Hope you all have a great start too!

Walking in Beauty 

Meaning: Radiant beauty surrounds you. You’re beautiful, inside and out. No matter what your age, your grace is growing. Being in balance. As you walk in beauty and feel gratitude for it, your life will be filled with immense splendor. Whenever you can, spend time in natural, wild spaces. As you see and hear and feel beauty around you, your own beauty will grow.

Native Spirit Wisdom: In Native American traditions, there’s the concept of walking in beauty. It’s called “hozho naasha” in the Navajo/Dinch tradition, and it means being in balance with a natural way of life. When we are in the right relationship with the natural world around us, we are walking in beauty. The more you sense and see beauty around you – in your environment, yourself, and your body – the more it will fill your life in all forms. Never say anything about yourself or your body that’s negative. Don’t put down yourself or others. Instead, affirm beauty, and take time to adorn your body and personal space. Walk in nature and inhale the beauty of eery part of our wonderful planet. Cherish yourself and the luminescence within you, and you will glow.

The Journey: Create outer harmony in your home environment, even in small ways – such as a vase of flowers, a scented candle or clean windows – and your inner grace and radiance will begin to shine even more brightly. Where you go, look for beauty in your surroundings, and as a result, the world will become more beautiful.

Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, art by Charles McStravick

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Courage comes in many forms: from heading into literal battle to having an uncomfortable conversation. Perhaps today is the day to have more courage to tackle an issue that’s been on your mind or heart. Blessings!
BORAGE – Courage, Forgetfulness & Gladness
The card shows Borage in flower beside a Celtic dagger, which is in its dagger, hanging from a palisade of coppiced Hazel. It is Lughnassadh, in high summer, the time of traditional games and contests. Thyme and Rosemary are in flower too, Thyme beside the scabbard; Rosemary behind the palisade.
Meaning: Borage (Borrach) has been associated with courage since ancient days. If you have chosen this card it may be that this is the quality you need to draw upon at this time. True courage requires a strong and generous heart, and this involves looking beyond your own needs to perceive the greater good of those around you. This may mean you need to be courageous in standing up for someone who is weaker than you or who needs your protection, or it may mean sticking your head above the parapet to make a stand for what you believe is right.

To be courageous and daring, you must also be able to forget. If you hold every eventuality in mind, you will never act, and being courageous often require a magnanimity that forgets personal slights or errors in judgement. Going beyond judgement or recrimination, true courage is a brave open-heartedness that restores our confidence in human nature, bringing with it joy and happiness.

On the flip side, while there is a courage that lies in action and fighting for what you believe is right, there is another kind of courage that is less flamboyant and outward. Sometimes it takes more courage to be still and not to act than to take a stand and react openly to a situation. Sadness can come into our lives for many reasons and there is much suffering in the world. If you have chosen this card, it may mean that you are coming to terms with the suffering of life, and Borage urges you to “take heart” – to know that however difficult life appears to be, your heart and soul are growing strong through your experience of being in the world, with all the pain and hardship this might involve.

Caution can sometimes arise out of fear or cowardice, but it is also often wise to be cautious, avoiding impulsive decisions or actions that appear to be courageous but which, in reality, are based on bravado. Choosing this card may also simply indicate that you have forgotten something important. Rosemary, which grows beside Borage in the card, has a reputation for enhancing memory – it might be wise to start drinking rosemary tea!

The Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington


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Well, it’s Monday again, but at least we have the Bee with us to encourage us to get over it and celebrate and gather with community in whatever way we define it. Have a great one!

BEE (Beach) – Community, Celebration, Organization

The card shows a queen bee resting on a stone. In the background we see the House of Mead Circling at Tara as it may have looked at the height of its powers. In the sky, the noonday sun shines brightly and we see Ur, heather, growing by the rock that is carved with the Ur Ogham.

Meaning: Beach invites us to celebrate. You may have special reason for celebration, or you may simply need to celebrate the wonder of being alive. You may like to enjoy a glass or two of mead, which – if it has been made in Scotland – will carry the scent of heather, and will bring you closer to the spirit of the highlands. In the Druid tradition there are occasions to celebrate every six weeks or so. As human beings we need to have times when we can come together to enjoy each other’s company. The bee tells us that we can live together in harmony, however, impossible as this may sometimes seem. By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around Spirit or the Goddess, we can work together in community.

The card may also indicate that you are feeling out of place – unsure of your role in the world. A beehive functions harmoniously because each bee knows its role and the work it must do – consequently it is highly productive and plays an important role in the local ecology. We talk of a productive work environment as a hive of activity. If you find you are lacking in motivation or are feeling isolated from the community that surrounds you, you may need some bee medicine. A modern English folk healer uses bee stings therapeutically to cure asthma and other ailments, and you may need to prod yourself into action before others do the prodding for you. If you find this applies to you, spend some time thinking about your role in life, and then make decisions in accordance with your sense of purpose and the resulting goals that this engenders. Remember that the bee knows the value of organization, of paying homage to the Goddess and the sun, and of working hard. Remember too that she call us to a celebration of life and an inner recognition of our membership of the community of all Nature.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington


I also thought it interesting that all three cards today held the ability of flight. Take a gander. 😉


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Greetings and Happy Friday! My apologies for missing three days without any note, but I was pretty sick and had to take time for self-care. But all is better now and I’m back with an amazing card for your day. In fact, all three cards I picked were amazing, so I’ve posted the entire spread in the second photo. Blessings to you all and have a great weekend.  — Thistle

Elhaz – Divine Might Fortold

You know what is correct. You understand that any gain which comes from denying your values and compromising yourself creates a loss of soul. There are times when it may see as though people who act without integrity are obtaining benefit without negative repercussions. Life can seem unfair if you limit yourself to a strictly human perspective. Yet nothing escapes the attention of the spiritual worlds. Restorative action and balancing fairness is always at a higher level, according to divine timing and wisdom. Stay true to your integrity, put your faith in divine justice, and you will win in a way that brings benefit to many.

Meaning: Don’t let yourself down with behavior or attitudes that are unworthy of you. You have divinity within you and a right to be in the world with dignity, grace, and integrity. Whether in a small matter of apparent insignificance to anyone other than ourself, or in big matters where you feel your soul, and perhaps the souls of others, are on the line, integrity will be your saving grace. You can be kind of heart, but also firm as you refuse to allow anyone or anything to convince you that lowering your standards of acceptable behavior is warranted. Be in right relationship with yourself and the Divine. Justice will always be done, whether you see it happening or not. Put your faith in the good and true, and you will successfully continue on your path. Others are relying on you to be true to yourself more than you may realize. You are strong enough to live with honor.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynna

The Whole Spread, including Blessings of Kuma and White Buffalo Woman!


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Here in the Midwest, spring can’t decide whether it really wants to come out and play (though I should add that this is becoming a trend in recent years), so I brought in some spring from a local coffeeshop that was selling these local grown beauties.

While it’s easy to see the beauty in the world, don’t turn away from everything you perceive as ugly – there may be beauty there in the form of wisdom or growth. Today’s pick reminds me much of the stories of the loathly damsels/hags in Arthurian stories and Celtic myth, such as Kundry and Ragnall, who are both instrumental in quests undertaken by the knights. And forgive the kitty paw – our elderly cat was being demanding this morning. Blessings!


Do Not Fear the Unknown

The ugly is not always bad and evil, and the beautiful not always good and just. Failure is not predetermined, nor is it a given that others laugh at you if you choose to follow your dreams. I tis your fear of the unknown that makes you question and judge. Do not let another’s experience be the truth that guide you. Do not allow another’s experience be the truth that guides you. Do not allow your fear of the unknown outcome to hold you prisoner. Your own experience could be both different and rewarding. Live!

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Running a tad late today as we had to get our kiddo to an early vocal performance, but here’s your card for Saturday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Oh, and what a meaningful card. Cranes hold a lot of symbolism, especially to those familiar with Celtic myths.

CRANE – Secret knowledge, patience, longevity

MEANING: Crane brings the qualities of patience and perseverance. The crane will stand for hours peering into the water until the time is right for it to dart at its prey. Combined with the ability to be patient, the crane conveys the capacity to be focused and to be able to concentrate without distraction. It brings an ability to guide others into the Underworld, to help them with their transition at the time of dying, or with their journeying in the inner realms. As well as conveying an ability to work in the Underworld, the crane symbolizes arcane science, or Secret Knowledge, which in the Druid tradition is represented by the Ogham script – the tree language of Druidry. In its widest sense, leanring this language involves learning to read the “Book of Nature.”

The Crane is also able to join it colleagues to fly in formation or to dance together. You may need to learn the right balance between being alone and working with others. Spending too much time alone can create feelings of isolation and separation. Conversely, having no time to oneself can be an avoidance of self-knowledge and the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness. Spend a while looking at tour life to see whether you give yourself enough time having both of these experiences. The shadow side of the Crane is manifested as harshness, meanness and a nagging, complaining disposition. If you find these qualities showing sometimes in your behavior, see if you can experience the deeper aspects of the crane, in which it becomes an animal of the Goddess-as-crone or wise woman. Ask yourself to what extant you are denying the wise woman who has a knowledge of death and the Underworld in yourself, and to what extent your negative behavior may be a reflection of this denial.

THE CARD: The card shows a crane fishing in a pool. Its legs are crossed to show the Ogham letter Muinn, and it gazes into the water, patiently waiting for sight of a fish. Behind the pool is a cave entrance to the Underworld, and in the evening sky the full moon is rising. In the foreground grow bitter vetch and bloody crane’s bill.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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It’s easy to feel like we are always the student, especially in traditions that emphasize continued learning. Yet we are each a priest and priestess in our own right. It can be part of your healing path to understand that you are indeed ready to be a spiritual leader. Blessings.

Card of the Day: Anka – Kin of the Red Hawk Tribe

On the wings of red-tailed hawk, a divine message comes. Your spiritual maturity has evolved into genuine power and discernment. You have earned your stripes. Acknowledgement is granted. Trust yourself and your destiny. You are ready. Trust in your sense of timing, which is excellent and inspired. Allow the Divine to support you as you hover until the moment comes for you to fearlessly plunge into your forthcoming adventure.

Meaning: A divine message is here for you now, so be open to the signs from the Universe. You are more mature spiritually than you may realize. You have an ability to share wisdom and honestly with your tribe. If you are still searching for your tribe, trust yourself. You will recognize them instinctively when you meet them, even clearly, so trust your vision and have patience. Speak your truth, but do so with compassion, because your words have greater influence than you may realize. When the moment is right, take action. A way will be shown for you to manifest your spiritual light in the practical ways.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynna

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Whether something “good” or “bad,” it pays to pay attention to any hidden lessons (or not so hidden lessons, for you head-in-sand folks) in the situation. Have a great Thursday!

Seek the Lesson

Wisdom is born from seeking the lesson and all experiences, both the good and bad. It is born from the awareness that everything is connected, and that all happens for a reason – even when the reason remains a mystery. Embrace a new idea, new awareness, or the new knowledge that comes from listening to your internal voice and to the human and nonhuman teachers and messengers that will come in, and out, of your life. Let them inspire you to explore unknown pathways.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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