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Running a tad late today as we had to get our kiddo to an early vocal performance, but here’s your card for Saturday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Oh, and what a meaningful card. Cranes hold a lot of symbolism, especially to those familiar with Celtic myths.

CRANE – Secret knowledge, patience, longevity

MEANING: Crane brings the qualities of patience and perseverance. The crane will stand for hours peering into the water until the time is right for it to dart at its prey. Combined with the ability to be patient, the crane conveys the capacity to be focused and to be able to concentrate without distraction. It brings an ability to guide others into the Underworld, to help them with their transition at the time of dying, or with their journeying in the inner realms. As well as conveying an ability to work in the Underworld, the crane symbolizes arcane science, or Secret Knowledge, which in the Druid tradition is represented by the Ogham script – the tree language of Druidry. In its widest sense, leanring this language involves learning to read the “Book of Nature.”

The Crane is also able to join it colleagues to fly in formation or to dance together. You may need to learn the right balance between being alone and working with others. Spending too much time alone can create feelings of isolation and separation. Conversely, having no time to oneself can be an avoidance of self-knowledge and the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness. Spend a while looking at tour life to see whether you give yourself enough time having both of these experiences. The shadow side of the Crane is manifested as harshness, meanness and a nagging, complaining disposition. If you find these qualities showing sometimes in your behavior, see if you can experience the deeper aspects of the crane, in which it becomes an animal of the Goddess-as-crone or wise woman. Ask yourself to what extant you are denying the wise woman who has a knowledge of death and the Underworld in yourself, and to what extent your negative behavior may be a reflection of this denial.

THE CARD: The card shows a crane fishing in a pool. Its legs are crossed to show the Ogham letter Muinn, and it gazes into the water, patiently waiting for sight of a fish. Behind the pool is a cave entrance to the Underworld, and in the evening sky the full moon is rising. In the foreground grow bitter vetch and bloody crane’s bill.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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It’s easy to feel like we are always the student, especially in traditions that emphasize continued learning. Yet we are each a priest and priestess in our own right. It can be part of your healing path to understand that you are indeed ready to be a spiritual leader. Blessings.

Card of the Day: Anka – Kin of the Red Hawk Tribe

On the wings of red-tailed hawk, a divine message comes. Your spiritual maturity has evolved into genuine power and discernment. You have earned your stripes. Acknowledgement is granted. Trust yourself and your destiny. You are ready. Trust in your sense of timing, which is excellent and inspired. Allow the Divine to support you as you hover until the moment comes for you to fearlessly plunge into your forthcoming adventure.

Meaning: A divine message is here for you now, so be open to the signs from the Universe. You are more mature spiritually than you may realize. You have an ability to share wisdom and honestly with your tribe. If you are still searching for your tribe, trust yourself. You will recognize them instinctively when you meet them, even clearly, so trust your vision and have patience. Speak your truth, but do so with compassion, because your words have greater influence than you may realize. When the moment is right, take action. A way will be shown for you to manifest your spiritual light in the practical ways.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynna

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Whether something “good” or “bad,” it pays to pay attention to any hidden lessons (or not so hidden lessons, for you head-in-sand folks) in the situation. Have a great Thursday!

Seek the Lesson

Wisdom is born from seeking the lesson and all experiences, both the good and bad. It is born from the awareness that everything is connected, and that all happens for a reason – even when the reason remains a mystery. Embrace a new idea, new awareness, or the new knowledge that comes from listening to your internal voice and to the human and nonhuman teachers and messengers that will come in, and out, of your life. Let them inspire you to explore unknown pathways.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Now back to my all-time favorite deck. This card had a strong partner in the Seven of Stones – Healing card, so you might want to consider some grounding and healing work if this card doesn’t quite resonate. Have a great Wednesday!

Three of Vessels – Joy

Meaning: Celebration with a communal group or family, welcoming the coming of new life or good fortune. The successful return after migration or travel by a tribe or group.

Reading Points: The ability to connect directly to joy allows the healing and empowering energies to flow through you and is a gift from the universe. Being able to be joyful and celebrate life fully in gratitude for the amazing gifts we share is a uniquely individual blessing but is also recognized by those who feel its worth radiating from us. To be able to embrace love, life’s achievements, and the fifth element that comes with selfless dedication to a shared costs or belief is to be the conduit from which the unseen breath of the divine flows. One of the most common reasons why people lose the ability to feel authentic joy in their lives is the fear associated with loss or grief at the passing of the emotion. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to be completely fulfilled and to experience joy again and be strong enough to understand that all of life’s trials and tribulations, as well as the blessings and gifts, or cyclical in nature.

Description: Three white crane’s dance with each other, forming a triangle with their bodies and wings – two stand facing each other, heads raised, and the third rises above them with spread wings. In the spaces between their legs are three vessels: one golden, one green, one white.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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So perhaps if we draw from the Victorian Flower Oracle, it will help usher in spring? Not sure about the rest of you, but our current season is being shy, it seems. Anyway, today’s card had a strong partner in Narcissus – Vanity, so perhaps be on the look out for that as well. Blessings!

Lilac – A Message

Keys: News, messages and communications, new information, a note or letter

Meaning: Artist JJ Grandview depicts Lilac as an attractive young woman who must be feeling very fragrant indeed. Not only is her dress festooned with lilac flowers, her necklace is made of them as well, and she also has a generous array of blooms in her hair. She is outdoors in springtime, and on a small grassy bank a brown beetle is standing upright and delivering a message. Apart from Lilac’s expression of slight surprise, there are no clues to the nature of this message. At least, there is no shock on her face, so let’s presume the message is not bad news. She looks interested, not upset. Perhaps the beetle has brought her surprising or gratifying news of a friend or an invitation of some kind.

Sadly, you are unlikely to receive a message from a beetle – it is more likely to come via email or text – but if you draw this card perhaps a similarly pleasant message is in store for you soon. Or perhaps you need to think about contacting someone. I snow a good moment for you to send that message, good or bad, that you have been meaning to get round to?

A word of warning, though. Some messages are misleading. They can stem from a genuine misunderstanding but sometimes they come from someone intent on causing trouble. If you know someone in the habit of spreading disinformation – deliberately and with calculation – this might be a good time to steer clear of them.

Victorian Flower Oracle by Sheila Hamilton, art by JJ Grandville, Karen Mahony, and Alex Ukolov

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From my newest deck to my oldest: Today’s card hails from the Druid Animal Oracle (my very first deck) and is a promising one. Blessings!

Earth Dragon – Power, Potential, Riches

The Earth Dragon (Draig-talamh) brings us face to face with our potential. Wishing us we have a treasure house of riches – of powers and capacities – that we can learn how to use. In the past, we may have been denied access by the guardian of this treasure. But now we are coming to understand that this sometimes fierce guardian is in reality an aspect of ourselves. By coming to know and love Draig-talamh, we will be able to unlock the secrets of our heart, and at the same time we will find ourselves discovering the beauty and the power that lie within the hearts of those around us and in the very earth itself.

This card might also indicate that somehow you are relating in an inappropriate way to your inner reserves and potential. Earth Dragon guard the treasures of your should fiercely, but he is your ally, not your enemy – do not try to kill him and do not try to wrest the treasure away from him. You may need to spend time befriending this creature who has slumbered in your should for so long. A precipitous attempt to capitalize on your talents or express. your potential may be unwise.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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OK, so we’ll have one more day of the new Earth Warriors deck, and tomorrow we’ll return to randomness. The other two cards I drew were also strong, so I thought I’d mention them: White Buffalo Woman (Hopeful Heart, See Her Sign) and Panthera (The Precious and Rare). Hope everyone has an blessed and beautiful Friday!

Card of the Day: Diamond Tiger of the Black Moon (Second Chances Bring Success)

Your soul is on the diamond path of spiritual growth. You may feel pressured by life at times, but at a higher level, those challenges are helping you realize your true strength of character. You have the personal will, strength, and physical power that you need for success, no matter what has happened in the past. You are developing the spirit, passion, and vitality to fight like a tigress defending her cubs. Believe in yourself. There is great dignity in your heart.

Meaning: Do not judge anything or anyone, including yourself and what you believe is possible, based on the past. Reclaim and redirect your energy according to what matters most to you. You are stronger than you may realize. The return of strength after a challenge, second chances for success, and a brilliant intuition or insight that ends a long-lasting cycle of repeated struggle are indicated. A prophecy is given for empowered leadership, spiritual attainment and success after previous failure, which leads to an irreversible and positive outcome.

Guidance (shortened from the book): The struggles of your past were needed in order to grow. Yet now, having fulfilled their spiritual usefulness, they are no longer required. If you continues to interpret your life experiences through the filter of old beliefs and past happenings, you will lose the truth of what is taking place at a deeper level. You are being reformed, renewed, reborn, into a stronger, clearer, Truer version of yourself. The past was needed to get you here, but it is no longer to be seen as something that defines you.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Bryna

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