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With Midsummer at our door, we have officially entered the time of the Fae. As such, I will be drawing from Froud’s The Faeries Oracle for a few days in their honor (though I might add that some bread, honey, and cream are appreciated as well). May your Midsummer Eve be blessed and fanciful!

The Master Maker: Skill, Craftsmanship, Magician, Moral Strength, Invention 

Meaning: Do whatever you can do as well as you can. And then make it even better. The Master Maker reminds us that our very best work is always desirable, and in the present situation, it is necessary for success. In fact, he asks that we surpass our previous best. Don’t cut corners and don’t take the easy way. Whether making a thing or fulfilling a concept, be sure the design is elegant, pure, and functional, and then follow it, attending to every detail in its turn. He says, “Design behind your skill, and then raise the level of your skill to fulfill it.” Give and accept only the best, and do it with love of your craft, whatever the craft may be.

The card speaks of long-lasting achievement, creative problem solving, and confident action. It may suggest cooperation with others, especially from a position of responsibility or of teaching one’s craft to others. Success comes from practical application of traditional principles in life and in work.

The Card: The Master Maker is the master of the forge, u pone which we create our future and forge our own souls. He sees the world beyond the Otherworld, the world of first causes. Through his magic, he brings them into his own world of Faery. From his world, these concepts trickle down into our own, through dreams and visions picked up by artists and craftsmen everywhere. But he makes the first, the original. He is the great inventor, and the sign above his door reads: Practical Problems Solved Here.

He sings as he works and, as in all faery magic, his song does as much to shape objects as do the the blows of his hammer. Healing cups, magic swords, faery jewels, crowns of Starrs, and other respelled works of the finest craftsmanship pass through his forge and beneath his hammer. The master of fire, air, earth, and water, he adds the faery element of moonlight to everything he creates. He would be the first to tell you that superb craftsmanship, however magical, is hard work – joyful and energizing hard work, but always challenging. As the Master Maker reminds us, “No job is too small to do beautifully.” HIs work is done as well as possible, even where it will never be seen by anyone else.

Bringing ideas into excellently crafted reality can only be done when we, like the Master Maker, are willing to plan meticulously, begin carefully, and persevere through difficulties, learning still more of our craft as we work. Craftsmanship is also a labor of love. We must be willing to tackle difficult challenges and have determination to surpass previous achievements. Patience is always required as is the willingness to do a thing again and again until it is even better than the best one can do. The Master Maker has the moral strength to refuse the temptation to do anything less, and he is a protector and teacher of the radiation values of his craft. Yet, in balance to all this, the Master reminds us that we also need to learn our own limits – not everyone can do everything superbly. When we discover our talents and choose our craft, then we gain great joy and fulfillment from developing that skill into an art.

We grow more like the Master Maker each time we do the best we can – then stretch ourselves to do a littler better than that.

The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica McBeth

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For those of us who follow a Welsh-influenced spiritual tradition, this plant is meaningful. Who remembers which goddess figure from the Mabinogion is made of three blooms, including that of Meadowsweet (plus Oak and Broom)? Blodeuwedd, AKA Flower Face. Her tale may seem grim and unflattering, but look deeper. Is she betraying Lleu? Or is she honoring herself and her own sovereignty?

Also note that Meadowsweet was used to help create aspirin by the Bayer company and that it has been used as an anti-inflammatory, for upset stomachs, colds, and heartburn. It was also the popular strewing herb at weddings as well as in homes.


Druid Plant Oracle Meadowsweet.jpg

Meadowsweet – Transition, Blessing, Celebration (also Transience, The Familiar, Routine)

Meaning: Traces of Meadowsweet, Heather, and Royal Fern have been found on Neolithic drinking vessels in Scotland – leading archeologists to speculate that these plants were used to brew ale. Later, Meadowsweet was used marriage celebrations. This card may indicate that a time of celebration or transition is due. Meadowsweet’s creamy flowers and summery smell are a reminder that change is one of the greatest features of being alive in this world, and the best way to accept change is to celebrate it. Whether you are leaving job, relationship, or familiar surroundings or are joining forces with colleagues or a partner, this is a time to truly celebrate the change that is occurring – offering flowers to the God or Goddess and accepting the transformations this transition will bring.

The card may also be urging you to formally mark and celebrate a transition or major event in your life, or that of your family, that you’ve been tempted to ignore, such as moving or leaving home, reaching puberty, succeeding in a creative project, achieving a significant age, separating, or divorcing.

This card could also refer to the need to slow down and acknowledge change. In the old times, change was considered significant and was often celebrated or marked ritually. Today we are so used to change that we barely give it a thought – we change cars and computers, houses, partners and jobs – with a speed that would have amazed our ancestors. Although our potential for learning and freedom has expanded, we have suffered as a result. Hurtling furiously toward the future, we have forgotten how to live in the moment and how to enjoy both change and the stability that comes from the familiar.

Choosing this card may indicate that it is time to celebrate the familiar and to take time to enjoy the contstants in your life that don’t often change. Routine and sameness can be stultifying, but they can also provide the ground through which you can deepen your character and soul.

The Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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This card speaks a message that I’ve been sensing in recent weeks. Time for us all to step beyond our past wounds and take a step in fulfilling our life’s work. Blessings!

Kanyini – In Each Other We Find Ourselves

There is a spiritual purpose that only you can fulfill. As you move forward on your journey, you create space for others to move along behind you, and as the ones ahead of you move forward, so too does room open up for your expansion. Upon this earth we are all building the sacred temple, each fulfilling our tasks as we assist and support each other in our collective divine mission. How can you help with your heart most actively engaged? What can you offer that inspires and energizes you so much that others are uplifted in your presence? How can you receive from others joyfully, bringing them pleasure? Engage in giving and receiving deeply and with devotion. Your wisdom and openness to life generates healing for our Earth.

Meaning: Healing is indicated, especially of wounds about connection and trust, safety and tribe, belonging and permission to be a unique individual. At a physical level, more vitality is indicated, and ample energy for healing. At a spiritual level, a deepening awareness of unified consciousness is opening up within you that will bring you into deeper divine communion and increase your effectiveness as a healing presence and sacred activist in this world. You have a destiny to fulfill, and there will be much help from many different people to fulfill it. The Universe wants you to succeed. Do not hesitate to ask and receive assistance, for your fulfillment of your own mission helps others.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, are by Isabel Brynne

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It’s been a irksome week for me (started by spraining an ankle on Monday), so I feel like this is timely. It can be hard to believe you’re going down the right path when there are hiccups along the way. If you follow your instincts, you can usually tell if it’s the right thing or not – and apply patience and faith accordingly. Blessings!

Great Mystery 

Meaning: Have faith and know that you’re divinely guided, even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Believe! You’ve planted your seeds; now allow the Creator to do the rest. Even if you can’t see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward. I you have any recurring challenges, turn them over to the Creator.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Many native cultures refer to the Creator as the Great Mystery. It’s the idea that Great Spirit is so vast and profound that, in many ways, it’s unknowable. Faith is the foundation of the ability to manifest. Everything was created because someone believed that it was possible – and patience is absolutely crucial in the application of this principle. Trust. Change can happen in a heartbeat, but some things require time. You’ve planted the seeds; now give them time to grow. Please be patient, and know that it will happen. Whatever receives your care and attention will flourish.

The Journey: If you just planted some seeds in your garden today, you wouldn’t go out tomorrow and yell at them because there wasn’t any fruit yet. So don’t dig up your seeds of faith! Remember this mantra: It’s happening! Repeat this phrase periodically, especially if you have doubts – and keep going.

Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, art by Charles McStravick


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Laugh at the title if you will, but at least I’m being honest about my posting lately. 😉

Whenever I see this card, I remember the magic of creating with our hands and using tools, something less understood in today’s world than in the recent past. Our grandparents and great grandparents understood that developing a skill was not only needed for life, but admired and almost magical in itself.

Ace of Bows: Spark of Life

Against a shimmering background of leaves and beaches, a stout, rough-hewn hunting bow shimmers with the fire of life itself. The tip of an arrow rests on a heap of kindling chaff, and curled bark is bursting into flame as the tip flashes with brilliant incandescent light.

Meaning: As the turning of the cosmic axis generates the spark of life, so the kindling of a flame sparks the necessary light and warmth in our lives. The drill-bow suggests the human element, our partnership with the environment in which we live and the mastery of its gifts.

Reading Points: By shaping, directing, and persevering with the tool that both hunts and nutures fire, we kindle the spark that starts the process of creation and empowerment. This takes skill, effort, commitment, and persistence, but the universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge, and opportunity. This is the nature of the human relationship with creation, and leads to a deeper awareness of the part we must play in the great scheme of things.

Harnessing the energy inherent in the bow, and the skill and endurance needed to loose the hunter’s arrows accurately and efficiently, are as primal and ancient as human existence itself. Every native tribe on Earth developed the bow as a tool and choosing, shaping, and tuning the bow stave and the arrows is a time-consuming and demanding craft that hones our skills and widens our knowledge of all the materials required in the ancient art. This also includes the habits and patterns of nature associated with the prey the hunter seeks and may infuse the archer with a new respect and reverence for the creatures that inhabit the Wildwood. Be prepared to learn new skills, adapt to a changing environment, and focus and tune your instincts to the task at hand.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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Here’s another day with a spread that seems to progress together well: Know Your Fears, Be Vigilant, and Heed Your Dreams. I know this trio speaks to me strongly as I learn to deal with the anxiety and stress of a freelance career. Whatever your fears and dreams are, be self-aware and vigilant to work toward your goals. 🙂


Be Vigilant

Be watchful and cautious of both other’s actions and your own. Stand ready to protect yourself from those who covet what you have or seek to harm those you care for, but also be vigilant and watchful of your own actions lest you be the one doing harm. Weigh your actions. Be sure you act wisely. You sure you have done all that needs to be done before moving forward. Leave nothing to chance lest all you have nurtured and cherished be undone by your own lack of vigilance.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Today’s spread is pretty awesome so I included a pic of all three cards drawn. The key card tells us to come forward and not hide. This combined with Turquoise Changing Woman and Power of the Good together suggests this is a positive outlook for many, but I can certainly see this as a great trio for those celebrating and standing up for themselves during PRIDE month.Hope you all are standing in the light! Blessings.

Lolo – Stand in the Light

You are unique. You are a divine and beautiful being. You stand apart from the crowd. Sometimes, this evokes jealousy or desire in others who want to posses your light and beauty as their own. You need never fear another or believe that they can harm you. Allow yourself to be true to who you are. Do not try to hide your inner light and beauty. You are meant to be seen. Your soul is nurtured and protected but your love for Great Spirit.

Meaning: Don’t avoid the spotlight or try to hide yourself nor dull your light and beauty that is meant to help others, and the only way that can occur is if you allow yourself to fully be and express it. Do not shrink away from your magnificence when you feel challenged. Instead, step it up to an entirely new level of boldness! You have a gentle nature, but you are strong. If you have become obsessed with the beauty or power of another, it’s time to come back to your own divine beauty, to unearth it, explore it, express it, and let is shine. Trying to blend in will drain the energy from you. Let those who are attracted to your light adapt to your level of divine expression. You are the benchmark, and they will evolve to reach you.

Spirit Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynne

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