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This card makes a flowing continuation from yesterday’s. Blackbird here tells us not only to make a decision, but to act upon it. Don’t get lost in the decision making.


Blackbird – Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call

The card shows a blackbird sitting on a rowan tree. It is twilight and the first stars are just appearing in the sky. In the background, we can see the entrance to an enchanted cave. Blackbird is the bird of both the gateway and the forge. 

Meaning: Blackbird (Druid Dhubh) calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware. He calls to us in the twilight, showing us the path to Otherworldly secrets, pointing out eh ways in which we can discover more about our hidden motivations and potential. There are times in life when it is important to concentrate on the outer world and your responsibilities in that world, but there are also times when you must attend to the haunting sone of your soul that calls you to a study of spiritual truths, and to an exploration of the inner world through dreams and myths. In heeding Druid Dhubh’s song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul.

This card may also be here to remind you that the blackbird is the smith’s bird, and his song may be calling you to work in the forge of your own heart – to create a life of passion and purpose. All four elements are used in metal-working, and to create a healthy and balanced life we must work with the power of the four elements, integrating and developing our minds and hearts, our instinct and our intuition. Just standing at the gateway between two worlds, without truly working in either, is a denial of our own power and responsibility.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington


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Beautiful card this morning. What purpose or inner passion do you need to bring out into the light? We are being gently guided to explore and possibly even share this. We are also being guided to be mindful of what energies we let into our lives.


Aiyana Vision – Way of the Divine Feminine Revealed

The Divine Feminine yearns to reveal her way and her wisdom to you that you may live passionately and purposefully. As you trust her inner guiding voice, you recognize the authentic desires and visions that move you from within, that are the seeds of your sacred mission. You shall experience the clarity and soul-deep relief that only truth can bring. You shall experience a knowing of purpose that awakens your ability to live deliberately and experience deep fulfillment.

Meaning: Aiyana Vision is the blossoming awareness of your life purpose and true inner passion. You are being lovingly pushed to admit your authentic and most passionate soul yearnings, becoming bold with honesty. What means so much to you that you are willing to give up all that you have held onto out of fear so that is may be? What matters enough to you that you would symbolically die and be reborn – with all the endings and uncertainty such growth entails – so that your dream can become real? Don’t turn away from your yearning out of fear, practicality, or any other excuse to replace faith with doubt. Your truth acknowledged will bring you peace, even if admitting it also means facing the personal transformation required to bring that truth to life in your world. When isis truth, it is healing. Embrace it.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynne

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We had a lazy Sunday morning, so I’m running a bit late. Today’s entire spread seemed cohesive and equally strong (I always draw 3 cards and usually post the one that feels strongest). The Knight of Wands at center suggests a journey, facing the unknown, unexpected change, alteration, or absence. Add in Death and The Hanged Man, which are side by side on the journey, strongly suggests a choice between (or progression of) the spirit of sacrifice of The Hanged Man and the spirit of transformation of Death.

How would you read this spread?


Knight of Wands

A journey, advancement into the unknown, alteration, flight, or absence. Could also mean disco, interruption, unexpected change, removal or discussion.


Unexpected change, loss, failure, the ending of a familiar situation or friendship, loss of income of financial security, illness, possibly even death. Could also mean stagnation, immobility, slow changes, avoidance of a serious accident, inertia.

The Hanged Man

Life in suspension, transition, apathy and dullness, boredom, abandonment, sacrifice, repentance, readjustment, regeneration, improvement, surrender. Could also mean Lack of sacrifice, failure to give of oneself, preoccupation with the ego, false prophecy, or useless sacrifice.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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Another duo stood out today that seems even more interesting when you consider the lunar eclipse coming tomorrow. A hare, also well known for its moonlight shenanigans, here basks in the sunlight by a ancient circle of stones. On the other side, and owl is illuminated by ta full moon in the background, but there is a moon that she stands upon as well as a hidden symbol and another celestial body on the left side of her head. The obvious and mysterious mingle here in a way that I will be thinking about for a while.


The Sun – represents peace of mind

Satisfaction, accomplishment, contentment, success, favorable relationship, love, joy, devotion, unselfish sentiment, favorable omen, high spirit, warmth, sincerity, achievement in the arts.

It could also mean unhappiness, loneliness, cancelled plans, clouded future and lack of friendship

Queen of Cups

A warm-hearted and fair person, adored, devoted wife, practical, honest

Inconsistency of honor, not to be trusted, vice, dishonesty.

Familiars Tarot by Lisa Parker

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What beautiful days we’ve been having in my neck of the woods, and I’ve taken advantage of the cool morning weather to pick grapes in the back yard. Hope you all are having a fruitful summer as well!

Still feeling drawn to the Halloween oracle in spite of the season, and this card came up (though the Werewolf was one of the 3 cards as well – maybe we aren’t wild enough yet). 😉

MIDNIGHT – The most magical hour of all

The dark it envelops me
The witching hour awaits
True magic and enchantment
And spells that change fates

The middle of the night – midnight – is the hour in which it is believed that ghosts, witches, ghouls, and magic are most likely to be active Transition times, such as noon, the time between tides or even dark moon, are traditionally powerful times for magical transformation.

In some Christian traditions, the witching hour is seen as 3 a.m. because it is the opposite to the time that Jesus is said to have died, at 3 p.m., but there is some consensus that midnight is the time of the greatest magic, particularly around Halloween. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, it is said that the spirits flow forward through the veil and, if benevolent, bring positive messages. If not so benevolent, they are mischievous and play tricks at best or, at worst, cause havoc.

Allow yourself to relax into the benevolent darkness of midnight. You may feel this is your darkest hour but know that the light will return again. The dawn always follow the darkest night. Know too that it is important to recognize that we all have darkness within us – just as we have light – and this isn’t something to hide from.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco, art by Jimmy Manton

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So, I’m finally back to posting here rather than just on this blog’s Facebook page. We had a good trip overall, though we are tired of driving from our 5 long trips this spring and summer. So we are homebodies for a while! 🙂

Anyway, these two cards, I believe, needed to be posted together. They were equally strong to me today, and truly do support each other thematically. Don’t fear your wild side – its a part of you for a reason. Don’t fear trying something new or adventurous. There is good sense and then there is being overly cautious. The latter makes for a dull and unexplored life and soul.


WEREWOLF – Exploring Wildness

Luminosity triggers it
A wild moon rises
Fur and howling
and wolfen guises

After a painful, excruciating, bone-jarring struggle against the change, the man releases to the magic. Howling unrestrained under the full moon, now the half-man half-wolf rises up, snarling, and goes looking for blood! Yes! We all know the power of the werewolf!

After the end of the European witch trials, an intense interest in the werewolf developed in folklore tales and evolved to become the stuff of horror stories. Fairly consistently since then, the wolf-man or “lycan” has featured regularly in tales both oral and written. Of course, during the last one hundred years, there have been many hugely popular movies including “American Werewolf in London” and themes in books such as the recent Twilight Saga series.

The werewolf is a kind of shapeshifter – but one that has traditionally had little control over his wildness. In a way, an inner battle between civilization and wild nature fights inside the one body. The vitality, strength, and freedom of the animal versus the reason, control and intellect of the man – which one, though, is the dominant force? What is the healthy balance between our animal nature – one that is wild, free, and connected to nature – and our radically “civilized” humanness separate from or dominant over nature?

The werewolf asks us to consider this balance and to delve into our own ideas of wildness, independence and custodianship of the planet. When is the last time you spent all day outside? When is the last time you threw your head back and howled at the moon? Do you quash the vitality and curiosity of your body and mind by sitting all day in front of a computer? The werewolf challenges you to weave a balance between nature and our own nature.

GRAVEYARD – Unnecessary fear

The stones they mark
The eternal resting place
Yet the spirits they are walking
And they are ready for the chase!

Today’s modern graveyards are restful places – normally highly manicured and very well set out. Whilst they can be places of profound sadness, few are the creepy gothic places of old, yet they still hold an undercurrent of fear and seem frightening places.

Due to countless stories of haunted graveyards, the thought of walking through cemeteries evokes fear in many of us – we imagine zombies and ghosts rising from the graves and bad spirits hiding out, waiting to harm an unsuspecting living person walking by. The idea of being at a graveyard after dark, or worse, at midnight, is the stuff of dares and nightmares.

But this isn’t the way with every culture. On the Mexican Day of the Dead, whole families picnic on the graves of their loved ones who have passed. Children play upon the graves, people play music, drink wine and share food all in the “company of the dead.” Graveyard dust is used as an ingredient in protective spells, not in curses.

Pull this card and know that you fear unnecessarily. Things are not as they seem and you can overcome your obstacles. The anxieties you have, although real, should be put aside before they haunt you long term. Instead, trust that you know the correct next steps and that you will act upon them.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco, art by Jimmy Manton

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I love this card, though it addresses a need to heal, because it asks us to look at what we need to do to heal. Sometimes we struggle to let go of our wounds, identifying with them. Blessings!

Seven of Stones (Healing)

Description: A Green Woman sits cross-legged at the center of a circle of seven low and weathered stones. In front of her on the ground lies a man dressed in the garb of a hunter. The Green Woman holds out her hands, palms down, over the body, streams of energy shooting along her fingers.

Meaning: After physical or emotional sickness or injury, a time of inner rest and rejuvenation is required. Patient and peaceful healing comes from a spiritual source. Wholeness and recovery will follow a serious physical or emotional wounding.

Reading Points: One of the deepest stages of healing and recovery after any emotional trauma or physical injury is forgiveness. If the healing is from a relationship issue, we often hold onto the pain, mistakenly believing that it keeps us close to the source of that pain. Sometimes, we hang onto sense of loss, loneliness, and betrayal associated with the failure of the relationship. Regret can also be associated with these feelings as one questions one’s own motives and actions. Yes, if you have acted with integrity and sincerity, there is no need for reqret; it is a waste of energy and healing focus. If regret is present, more work may be required to understand its underlying causes. One of the elements inherent in brining healing and closure to any situation is acceptance along with self-forgiveness. We are neither perfect nor omnipotent and, therefore, we make mistakes. The acceptance of these simple truths can bring healing to the suffering soul.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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