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Powerful card! #cardoftheday

Circle Cross of Tenan – Rare Intersection of Heaven and Earth

Meaning: Your soul is a facilitator of sacred union between the spiritual realms and the earthy world. Whether you do this as an artist, a healer, an activist, a priestess or shaman or in some other way, honor your path and your purpose. Take care of yourself and prioritize your spiritual life according to the practices and methods that help you remain open, connected and grounded, with your heart open to Great Spirit and moved by love for one earth. You are part of a team of souls working to keep the balance of light on our planet intact, accessible and vital. Offer yourself to the divine plan, without holding anything back – and know that you shall be helped in countless ways, just as you offer your own will and talent to the sacred purpose of healing in this world.

Guidance: There are times when heaven and earth align and the power unleashed is considerable. People rally and situations fall into place. As if by a miracle, patience, persistence, effort and energy finally come together and a creation of tangible goodness takes shape in the world. It can be unexpected. You may even have almost given up hope. Thank suddenly, everything comes together. The Circle Cross of Tenan is a sign of such happening in your world, a moment of powerful grace, where Spirit makes its presses felt upon the Earth.

The Hawk is typically a solar creature, thriving in the light, and yet there are some hawks that are able to hunt by night. You, like the rare lunar hawk, are one who is of the light, yet can move through the darkness successfully. You have enough spiritual light within you to be able to see your way through lies and deception and find the truth that you seek. What you are seeking is meant to be yours by divine right. Keep up the process of growth and inquiry, and it will come to you at the right moment, according to higher spiritual law, through the operation of spiritual grace.

The Priestess, the one who bridges heaven and earth, dwells within the lunar pyramids of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, known as Tenan, with the circle crosses as her guide. She intuitively knows when and how to cll for heavenly assistance, as all priestesses do. Part of her role is prayer for those in her spiritual care, invoking divine love and requesting heavenly assistance and grace for all living beings. This is her spiritual responsibility – to keep the channels between heaven and earth not only open, but healthy and robust, active and stable. Why? Because she is capable of doing so. This is your sacred role, also. Pray to the unconditionally loving divine source for all events, for all beings. Take active steps to fulfill your destiny and be the living channel for spiritual grace that you are destined to be.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynne

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Here we go with a strong card to start off the week! Blessings. #cardoftheday

Three of Bows – Fulfillment

Meaning: Nourishment from a spiritual source gives inner security and joy. Goals and desires are reached, making life rich with emotional scrutiny and a sense of completion.

Reading Points: The archer must be at one with the bow to fully direct its potential energy, and just as the arrow passes through the bow, propelling it to its target with effortless grace, the questing heart and seeker of knowledge allows the energy to follow through him. This combination of balanced energy and intellectual focus enables the mastering of any situation and allows the enrichment of success by being both at one with the environment and its inhabitants. Reaching this inner stronghold of strength and peace can only be achieved by constant reappraisal, vigilance and commitment to your goals; but the act of letting the power flow through you and having the trust to allow your arrows to fly completes an unseen, universal circuit. The inner stillness and focus thus produced is easily apparent and observable to others and builds a sense of trust, confidence, and security to those for whom you are responsible. This inner shining energy will inspire others to start out on their own path of discovery and sojourn to fulfillment.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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It’s a mud-luscious rainy day here in southeast Kansas, and I’m enjoying the relatively cool (79 degrees) weather and the sound of raindrops. Was called to the Halloween Oracle again, probably due to the weather. The main draw is a good card from a spread that wove together rather well, so I’ve posted both the card and the whole spread.

Blessed Sunday!

CAULDRON – Synergy and healing

Where all things come together
Under pressure, flowful synergy
A new thing is created
A crucible of infinity.

A typical depiction of a witch sees her standing over a boiling cauldron slowly stirring the bubbling and mysterious contents. As she stirs the enormous metal over the raw flames, she cackles and incants commands to all the elements, transforming the contents into something magical.

Cauldrons were commonly used in ancient and medieval times for everything from the nightly meal to the making of medicines. This “family crucible” was usually placed within the hearth of the home, making it an essential part of the gathering of family. Much healing and nourishment came from the cauldron.

Should you receive the Cauldron card, it indicates the importance of combining a variety of techniques or elements to get the best result. Do not pull all your eggs in one basket. Refuse to choose just a single rigid pathway when a variety of ways are there to be enjoyed and experienced. You can find your own ways to create something new. The cauldron is a deeply transformational tool – things change once they are put under pressure. Resilience is being cultivated over time and this means that you will be able to withstand any negative pressure much more healthily from the inside out.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco, art by Jimmy Manton

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Still feeling the animal oracle, and this is an interesting one as we head into the weekend. Perhaps it’s time to accept a challenge or a new direction? Blessings!

Card of the Day: Boar – The warrior spirit, leadership, direction

The card shows a boar in the forest. In the foreground lies a bronze carnyx, with its mouth in the form of a boars head. Such a battle trumpet has been found in Grampian, Scotland. By the path, and also from Scotland, is the Boar stone, beside which all Pictish kings took their oaths. To one side we also see the discarded bronze helmet of a warrior, complete with a board crest found in Wales. In the foreground grows mug wart, dandelion, and wild asparagus.

Meaning: Boar (Torc) can open you to the Warrior Spirit, helping you to find your direction in life. It’s a wild and powerful animal, he calls you into the forest to discover a secret about yourself and about the world. The ritual boar paths that exist in Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, and Scotland exist in the inner world too, and if you follow them you will come face to face with an animal embodying the wild and untamed power that lives within each one of us. Stare closely at him and you will discover he is a representative of the goddess – his skin can heal you, he can inspire you to write music and poetry, his primal power can make you a leader or chief. See if you can use your wildness and your energy for genuine acts of heroism in a world that longs for inside and healing.

This card may also mean that you have lost your sense of direction. There is a close connection in tradition between madness and pigs and boars. At a playful level this folly is expressed by the Morris dancer who beats the audience with the pigs bladder – also used a football. But at a more serious level, those who were mad were often made to act as swineherds. Merlin, in his period of madness, talks to pigs, and within this image is conveyed the concept that madness and insight are closely allied. Sometimes we have to go through A breakdown so that something wider and deeper can enter into our lives. The boar is the emissary of the terrible mother – who is also the initiator. Sometimes a period of destruction proceeds Creation or rebirth.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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Today’s card (notice it’s another dragon) speaks to me and to the need to get moving on goals, to put up or shut up. The power is within us if we just learn how to focus it. Blessings!

Fire Dragon – Transmutation, Mastery, Energy

This card shows the flaming Dragon of King Uther’s vision. In the distance we see Glastonbury Tor. Legend tells of a secret cave with in the Tor, used perhaps for initiation. Flaming Dragons often guard such caverns to prevent their desecration by the greedy and to offer their treasure to those who are worthy. In the foreground, laying on the rock, is a golden torc – Celtic neck ring indicating high status, rulership, and mastery.

Meaning: Fire Dragon brings vitality, enthusiasm, encourage, and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life‘s problems. Having the powerful Fire Dragon as an ally will align you with the qualities of leadership and mastery. With care, he will fuel your inner fire which can be directed and channeled with laser like Percision to help you accomplish tasks and achieve objectives.

Discard can also mean that you may be repressing a good deal of anger. This may make you feel that you are not in control of your life energy. Either you experiences energy as out of control – irrupt in without warning or constantly bubbling near the surface – or you may since it has scattered or dissipated. Are you often lacking in energy and vitality? Do you find it hard to get excited or motivated? Or do you find you have too much nervous energy, making you over excited, unable to sleep, concentrate, or relax?

Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a harmonious relationship with the fire dragon will help you. If you were lacking in energy, you may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the treasure he is guarding. If you find your energy level is too high, you may need to do the reverse – to ask the dragon to take charge of some of your energy, guarding it fiercely, sure in the knowledge that you will be given access when you really need it.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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Sorry for the three-day break, but we’ve been a wee bit distracted by our kiddo coming home from summer break (and back-to-school prep) and plumbing issues. Now, back to regular business, and this is a decent card for that.


Stay Strong

Life will present you with many trials. Life will bring your times of joy, but also times of suffering; like the weather, it can be unpredictable, harsh, and cruel. But you can endure all that comes. Know when to resist and when to let go. And that sometimes you will lose, but that loss can make you stronger at the core. Stay strong. With hope and faith, you can endure all.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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I have to admit that when I first drew this spread, my mind immediately went to the poaching of the White Lady, a white wolf in Yellowstone Park, earlier this week. It’s hard for me to see anything but the separation of her from her partner, now a lone wolf sad that his Moon has been taken from the Earth and into the Sky, and the hope that whoever killed her will be brought to justice.

Knight of Pentacles

Meaning: A mature and responsible person, methodical, persistent, and laborious. This card could also mean stagnation, carelessness, inertia, dogmatic views, and inertia.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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