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Here’s a pretty card for your Friday! Enjoy some time to appreciate nature and your home. Blessings!

The Christmas Elf

Though the Christmas elf is normally associated with the workshop where the toys are made, here we see one in the Woodlands setting surrounded by animals: an owl, a deer, a woodpecker, a bird and badger, squirrels, and even a little rodent in there. What would make the little guy leave the shop and take time in nature?

Perhaps this is a reminder that as we are busy with all of our events and gift buying, it is good to take some time to appreciate season for what it is. Remember to appreciate the beauty of the wildlife in your area. What does this card remind you to do?

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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These two cards were being rather jolly together, so they both get posted. Once again, this isn’t an oracle deck but a storytelling deck, so the interpretation is loose.


The Christmas Carolers

Caroling is just one classic activity to express joy of the season. I happily remember caroling with Girls Scouts at nursing homes. Of course, I feel this card is just saying to take part of whatever bring you the joy of the season, whether it’s baking cookies, vegging with wintery movies and popcorn on couch, or long walks in the woods. But if you look closely, this card also tells you to watch out for those Scrooges!

The Christmas Star

It can be hard to find our way in today’s world, but it might help to remember that the pretty star on top of your tree means so much more than mere decoration. Regardless of your religious affiliation, stars are our guides in the physical world, so they represent guides for in ourselves as well. Don’t forget to look up and find your bearings before getting too caught up in actions and life.  This star is also reminding us of the beauty of nature – something I can always get behind!

StoryWorld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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Cerridwen decided to help out this morning, but she and I disagreed with the card of choice. 😉

Today’s card suggests we be thoughtful and in our power as we go through the day. Have a great day!

King of Arrows – Kingfisher

READING POINTS: You may need to exercise judgment, power, or force of will. The king is impartial and helps you to see clearly what you no longer need to hold onto. Use your strength to cut yourself free of what weighs you down.

MEANING: This tiny bird, both sexes covered with the colors of the rainbow, is equally at home in the air or in the water. With its remarkable ability to dive into the water and catch fish, the Kingfisher has been symbolic of ancient wisdom and lore for centuries.

Tracks & Pathways: Intelligence, strength, watchfulness, counseling, and the ability to judge true from false.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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Today’s cards were vying for attention, so I figured it was a day when both were needed. Honestly, they seem to connect in some way anyhow. Hope you all are having a good week.


Time to Reflect

Have you been rushing along, living from one moment to the next without thought or care? Have you failed to notice and acknowledge all that you have achieved and accomplished? Stop. Take a moment to pause and reflect on all that has happened and all that is happening. See how you have grown. See all you have succeeded in accomplishing. Acknowledge and delight in your journey and understand how it has played a part in crating the you who lives in the present.

Hear the Ancient Ones

The indigenous people of the world are those who have lived in harmony with the land for countless generations. Among them are the elders whose knowledge and wisdom can teach us of our relationships with nature, of living a life of empathetic awareness, and to better understand our role as caretakers of the earth. They can teach us the wisdom of taking only what we need, of wasting little, and of honoring all sacrifices made so that you may live and grow. Hear the wisdom of the Ancient Ones; learn from their knowledge, lore, and traditions.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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We had our Yule gathering yesterday, so I’m in the mood for a Yule-style card. This is the closest I can find, though it is actually a storytelling deck and not an oracle deck. In fact, the lack of a Yule deck has inspired me to take on the project myself – wish me luck!


The Christmas Ghosts

While our culture likes to convince us that ghosts are bad and evil, that simply isn’t true of most spirits. And if you look at this card, these ghosts look anything but unpleasant! In the past, it was common to have ghost stories at Christmas time, and sometimes they had lessons to share. Perhaps this card indicates that there is something in your past you need to revisit in order to enjoy this holiday season. Or something to learn from the past or the spirits of your ancestors.

What is your take on this card?

StoryWorld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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Whenever I draw this card, it gives me goosebumps. It remind me a bit of a fortune teller over a crystal ball, while it’s also an intense dragon handing you the gift of remembering your own gifts. With eyes that say, “Use them or else!” The “or else,” of course, being losing a bit of yourself every time you ignore your soul’s call to create. Paint, build, write, garden, nurture, or whatever is your form of creation and creativity.


You Were Born to Create

You were blessed with the ability to create with thought, intention, action, and emotion. Be conscious of your power and aware of what your actions and reactions create within and around you. Cherish this gift and use it in both a wise and productive manner. Create beauty, and inspire a desire within others to do the same. Create a future that both fulfills and delights. Do what you were born to do.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan


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Lately it seems that many people I know have been lacking in energy, struggling to sleep, and so forth. It’s a draining time of year, so I think the Fire Dragon is here to remind us to do what it takes to maintain our energy. Maybe get back to a short daily walk or yoga session, avoid the crappy food that is so abundant at this time, or whatever helps you.


Fire Dragon – Transmutation, Mastery, Energy

This card shows the flaming Dragon of King Uther’s vision. In the distance we see Glastonbury Tor. Legend tells of a secret cave with in the Tor, used perhaps for initiation. Flaming Dragons often guard such caverns to prevent their desecration by the greedy and to offer their treasure to those who are worthy. In the foreground, laying on the rock, is a golden torc – Celtic neck ring indicating high status, rulership, and mastery.

Meaning: Fire dragon brings vitality, enthusiasm, encourage, and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life‘s problems. Having the powerful fire dragon as an ally will align you with the qualities of leadership and mastery. With care, he will fuel your inner fire which can be directed and channeled with laser-like precision to help you accomplish tasks and achieve objectives.

This card can also mean that you may be repressing a good deal of anger. This may make you feel that you are not in control of your life energy. Either you experience energy as out of control – erupting without warning or constantly bubbling near the surface – or you may sense it has scattered or dissipated. Are you often lacking in energy and vitality? Do you find it hard to get excited or motivated? Or do you find you have too much nervous energy, making you over excited, unable to sleep, concentrate, or relax?

Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a harmonious relationship with the fire dragon will help you. If you were lacking in energy, you may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the treasure he is guarding. If you find your energy level is too high, you may need to do the reverse – to ask the dragon to take charge of some of your energy, guarding it fiercely, sure in the knowledge that you will be given access when you really need it.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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