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First, meet Shy, an outdoor kitty we’ve brought indoors during our recent temperature nosedive. He’s still learning his manners, so he doesn’t know it’s not polite to step on the cards.

So, I had two very strong cards today, but they weren’t joining their energies, if you know what I mean. After a bit of contemplation, I realized one card was for an individual and the other was for visitors at large. So, here are both cards: Spider is the one that is speaking to most of us; Flamingo is for a particular friend who I am sure will chuckled at this post today.

Blessings, everyone!

Spider Spirit – Make your dreams real

Message: Weaving your dreams into the fabric of life begins with a single thread of intention, and then spirit joins you as your co-weaving partner. Take but a single step to make your dream a reality, and Spirit will take ten toward you, for the universe is designed to support your dream-weaving.

Spirit Spirit arrives when you need reminding of the awesome power of co-creation with Spirit. Ideas and resources will begin to appear as if by magic as you begin to bring your dreams from the realm of intention into the world of the senses where they take form. The action you need to take is to be clear about your intentions, and then act as if you have become the one that lives the life you desire. The web of creation has an uncanny way of coming together to weave the beautiful pattern you set in motion.

Another message of Spider Spirit is about any creative project you may be considering: Writing, painting, music, journaling, gardening, etc. Now is the time when inspiration wants to be channeled through you at something creative, even artistic and tangible. Creative projects are successful now, if you are so inclined. Let yourself be open to abundance.

Protection Message: Are you expecting your dreams to weave themselves into reality? Are you stuck in the sticky web of weaving dreams, but never following through? The thread of Intention isn’t enough to make dreams a frailty unless you do your part in the weaving. Spider want you to know that your plans will remain ephemeral unless you commit to being productive and industrious, for Spirit will not do it all for you. Magic needs to be instigated, so begin to make your dream a reality by taking action today.

What are you will do to do? what are you willing to sacrifice? Can you release your limiting beliefs? Your dream is worthy of weaving. Today is a day to choose one small step toward your dream. Remember, Spirit is your weaving partner; you just have to be the first one to bring the thread to the loom, then continue to do your part.


OK, so for she-who-shall-go-unnamed, here’s the colorful and yet balanced bird. 🙂

Flamingo Spirit – Embrace the in-between

Message: Balance comes easily in Flamingo Spirit, who sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face of uncertainty. You can be informed by what came before and plan for a future yet to be, but do not resist Flamingo Spirit’s call to be fully present int he now, where the real magic happens. With one foot in the life you are moving away from and one in the future as you become the one who leads the life of your highest intentions, you must make peace with the fact that  you are not fully in either place. Embrace the in-between.

The presence of Flamingo is also a sign that your creativity is arising within you and opportunities are beginning to present themselves. Remain here in a. balanced stat of mind, for there is much to known and learn before going forward with new plans. You can trust this moment and yourself as you take in what you see and become aware of all that you are experience in this in-between time.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia



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Today’s card suggests we need to not push forward with things or to force it along. Take some time to look within and deal with your issues before continuing your quest.


The Mirror

Meaning: In many traditions, the initiator into hidden knowledge is a female figure that reveals insights and wisdom to those on the spiritual sojourn. In the ancient Arthurian cycles this is Morgan, who takes Arthur on his journey into limbo and healing on the isle of Avalon. The Lady of the Lake is another such primal figure who also acts as a holder and guardian of the sword Excalibur and as an arbiter of Arthur’s actions. Both these archetypes represent the unconscious journey of the soul into deeper awareness and wisdom. No action will can make the soul take this journey; it can only happen after much searching and questing. It is also a condition of this experience that some kind of wounding has taken place. It is through the pain and endurance of the wounding that wisdom comes, at which point the individual can cross the lake to the island of healing and protection. It is a natural state of surrender that allows the inner self to travel across the emotional sea to the Otherworld.

The mysterious figure holds the mirror that aids our inner reflections and the orbit of seeing that helps illuminate the shadows of our inner life. The heron stands both as a keeper of the mysteries and a guardian of the other world. In some legends, three cranes or herons were seen at the gate of this magical realm and croaked warnings to the unprepared or uninitiated visitor. The cauldron represents the vessel of his knowledge and inspiration. From it, the bright flame of insight and revelation illuminates the dark landscape, this is the card that in the traditional tarot is known as the Hanged Man. We have chosen to amalgamate aspects of this into the Blasted Oak, while the reflecting mirror offers the same dizzy change from one state of being to another. As the hanged man sees life from another angle, so those who look into the mirror see things reflected as they truly are.

Reading Points: Patience and prudence are the keywords here, although trust plays a large part in the process of crossing to the island where insights into our own unconscious workings may be revealed. This process differs from the journey of the Hooded Man who makes a conscious decision to withdraw and contemplate the universe. In the mirror, a surrender of oil is required. Insides may come from dreams and meditations, but now is not the time to force the pace or drive on with the plan or desire until you have heard what your soul has to say, and your bruised and wounded spirit has been healed. Be patient. Let the journey commence and awaken fresh and full of energy, ready to deal the world and the challenge it raises.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthew and artists Will Worthington

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Good Monday morning! I had help with the cards this morning, as you can see little Cerridwen was guarding me as I worked, and the day’s pull is a fantastic one. Perhaps it is time to shake things up, wake up, and explore what makes your soul glow with joy.


Hi’aka – Sorceress of Light

Meaning: Ask for healing, mentoring or assistance to support you now. This support will help you feel stronger and more empowered so as to deal with any challenge and be reassured that your spirit can handle it. There is spiritual correction for you now as you follow the guidance to explore conscious movement and creative self-expression. This can stir up old energy, releasing it from you and allowing vital presence to take hold within you.

You are going through an initiation in which you will need to reassert your happiness and joy any time it slips into the darkness of doubt, fear, or anxiety. Take time to dance, sing, drum and affirm your aliveness with joy and courage. Become spiritually bolder in the face of anything that attempts to diminish you. Have faith in the power of the Divine Being, the Supreme Power. You are watched over by love.

Guidance: Hi’aka, a goddess or Hawaii, watches over the sacred dancers of the hula and the arts of chant, sorcery, and medicine. Hers is the medicine of light, sound, and the ability to penetrate the darkness of lower-level consciousness that could overwhelm our sense of spirit, joy, heart, and inspiration with defeatism, despair, boredom, and even terror. This type of onslaught from darkness comes at certain times to those seeking to embrace body and enact the light on earth. One of these times may be when we are feeling strong and making progress, and we feel tested to sustain that higher level of being and awareness even through challenge. Another of these times may be when we feel weaker, more vulnerable, perhaps fatigued from a challenging time and just not quite able to summon. the quality of joy on our own. In all such moments upon the Spirit Warriors’ path flight, Hi’aka assists.

Hi’aka is said to dwell in a grove of lehua trees, which are sacred to her as the place where she spent her time dancing with the forest spirits. Hi’aka’s name translates as “she who lifts darkness.” “Hi” is from lifting of the hip, and “aka” means shadow. As patroness of sacred dancers, she reminds us that with a simple movement of our hip, we can move into the dance and connect with joy. It is said that one of the first things that a shaman will ask of a person who is plagued by demons – or, in our modern parlance, unable to summon the energy for their fulfillment and sacred purpose in the world – is, “When was the last time you danced?” Dancing, whether literally moving your body to music or symbolically in whatever makes your being light up, is a way to invoke aliveness so that we can tap into the joy that counteracts darkness. Consider what makes you feel like your soul is dancing. Make time and place for it as a practice for sustaining and strengthening your spirit.

Part of Hi’aka’s divine purpose is bearing the clouds, providing rain, thunder, and lightning. Her wisdom reminds us that movement in itself can be healing. When energy becomes stagnant, we can struggle. This doesn’t mean we abstain from rest, because true rest allows energy to circulate through our being. This is why we emerge from feeling renewed and refreshed. Movement to circulate energy means flowering in relationship with our bodies, minds, and souls, trusting our inner rhythms.

Most modern lifestyles make it difficult to live an honest relationship with the mind and body. It can be tricky to find the time and place to authentically and spontaneously honor our natural needs for expression and flow, so we summon our wisdom and creativity to find a way. Hi’aka says that we must. We must be willing to move with the storm wisdom within us, or we shall be moved by the storm wisdom around us. Give yourself permission to explore a more authentic relationship with yourself, and trust that, in the process, the changes that will happen will be healing.

Earth Warriors Oracle by author Alana Fairchild and artist Isabel Brynne

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Hmm, I might have to ignore my need for intellectual certainty? That’s certainly a lesson I’ve been working on a while! Hope everyone finds some wisdom in today’s card and having a good weekend.


Bobcat Spirit

Message: The bobcat moves furtively and mysteriously, and when Bobcat Sprite appears to you, she brings a powerful reminder that not all things in life can be explained or understood through the power of the intellect. Trying to figure things out, find local explanations, or predict what will happen based reason and facts will not provide you with the certainty and comfort you seek. Bobcat asks you to trust in the Great Mystery and let the secrets if the universe reveal themselves to you through direct experience. Allow your vision to slip into soft focus, and you will see between the lines and observe what has been hidden there all along.

Bobcat Spirit helps you know intimately the pulse of the Divine in the world. Trust in the wisdom and revelations that come to you, yet know that understanding may not come as you would like it to. What you experience through your heart and intuition, which comes to you as the voice of your inner knowing, will guide you now as you accept that secrecy is woven into the fabric of existence. No matter what, the appearance of Bobcat Spirit is a sign that you are being called to trust, even when what is revealed does not agree with your need for intellectual certainly.

Protection Message: Bobcat Spirit tells you this is not a time to reveal your deepest most cherished dreams and desires to others but rather a time to be quiet and gentle with yourself as truths begin to emerge in your awareness. Self-protection is called for, so be discerning, selective, and even secretive, revealing no more than is necessary. People have a way of imposing their opinions on you, so pay attention to whom you surround yourself with at this time. Be watchful and check your own motives as well as those of others as you keep your secrets to yourself for now rather than expose them to those who may potentially misunderstand your intentions or may not be supportive.

Let your logical mind take a rest as you start to perceive the energy of your environment. Bobcat wants you to be steady and wise, and keep your own counsel. Let yourself be a mystery yet to be revealed.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia

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“Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – from “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver

Beloved poet Mary Oliver passed away yesterday at the age of 83. The last two lines of her famous poem quoted above gives us a call to action: Come, make the most of your life and make it what you want it to be. The line before these two is this: “Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?” Yes, yes, everything does die and die too soon for all we want to do and be. Never in a thousand years could I do everything I dream of, however, we are capable of achieving some of our dreams.

Sometimes doing what’s needed to be the person we aspire to be is hard. Sometimes we have to gain a new perspective. Or learn not to permanently attach ourselves to our wounds – they may teach us but we shouldn’t let them direct us. Shapeshifting is in much of world mythology, and is often used as a transformation to something great. Cerridwen and Gwion’s fantastic chase and even Merlin teaching Arthur in “The Once and Future King” are two examples. In other legends, shapeshifters are often depicted as evil beings, but in reality each and every one of us is a shapeshifter to some degree. Learn to use this skill to become what you want to be.

Sorry for rattling on, but sometimes I just feel called to do so. Blessings!


Meaning: You can be anything you desire. Let go of attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes. Be malleable. Experiment with different ways of viewing reality. See the point of view of others. If you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams, maybe you need to shift the way you see the person or situation.

Native Spirit Wisdom: In Earth-based cultures, Shapeshifters had the mystic ability to transform into other forms of consciousness. It said that these beings were not imagining that they were changing into a specific plant, animal, or stone; they could actually move into another shape. Just because most people today don’t think this is possible doesn’t mean that it’s not true. This card shows you because it wants you to know that your past does not need to equal your future. Simply shifting your point of you or your belief system can bring an entirely new destiny into being.

The Journey: To deep in your ability to shape shift, simply imagine that you’re an animal, bird, plant, or stone. Make it as real as you can. Doing this deepens your ability to shift your beliefs and limiting decisions that perhaps have held you back from fulfilling your highest destiny.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Lynn and artists Charles McStravick


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We have been clearing out physical clutter, but what about clutter ideas or soured relationships? If these things cannot be made healthy, perhaps it is time to let them go. Blessings!

Meaning: Cleanse yourself: body, mind, and soul. Purify and let go of objects and relationships that no longer serve you. Purify your body, go within, and meditate. Talk to the creators. Give thanks.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Sweat lodges are small dome structures covered with skins, blankets, or mud in which very hot stones are placed in the center. Water is poured over the stones so that hot steam rises from the rocks. Thus the sweat lodge, with its hot steam, is used for purification ceremonies as well as a place to commune with the divine. This card shows you that it’s time to clear out the clutter in your life. Sometimes clutter means cleaning out your closet of items that you don’t love or use. But sometimes clutter can be outmoded relationships or habits that no longer serve you. The clearer your inner and outer space becomes, the easier it will be to hear the sweet messages from your soul.

The Journey: sometimes this card chooses you when it’s time to do some physical detoxification. Fast for a day. Drink green juices. Clear out some clutter: love it, use it, or get rid of it. Even one small item to make a difference.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick


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I’m still feeling the Legend deck, and today’s card of the Castle of Wonders looks promising. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

The card with Percivale’s Vision (Strength) was also very strong this morning, so perhaps you need to consider its meaning of strength, courage, and vitality; intelligence, reason, and experience, united with enthusiasm and energy; drawing on inner strength to resist temptation and distraction; self-discipline and satisfaction.





Seven of Shields – Castle of Wonders

Meaning: Treasures and bounty. Ingenuity, and perseverance bring great gains. Successfully handling a challenging and complex situation. Patience and restraint prove to be appropriate. The steady, methodical removal of obstacles. Concentrating and completing one task at a time allows for safe progress to greater heights.

This card could also mean Impatience, unfulfilled hopes of promotion, worrying delays, stiff competition, unexpected setbacks, confusion as to how one should best proceed, miscalculation, and unease in regard to financial matters.

The Story: The greatest treasure of the castle was it’s miraculous pillar, which brought the entire kingdom to life with and it’s column. Like the castle of means, the council of wonders how many women captive with in its walls. The castle and it’s 500 residents were bound by powerful spell, cast by the other worldly magician Klingsor.

Determined to release the women, Gawain entered the enchanted castle. Within its ornate hall stood an equally beautiful bed. Gawain approached the bed, but as he tried to set up on it, it moved on its own accord. The night excepted the challenge, threw himself upon it, and held on with all his might. The possessed bed her old itself about the room, slamming into walls with tremendous force. As it came to rest, the shaken knight was subjected to a second ordeal. An ungodly reign of stones fell down upon him, nearly knocking him senseless. This was followed by a deadly rain of arrows fired by a mechanized army of archers who are affixed to the walls. The bewildered knight could hardly believe what he saw, and found it harder still to believe he had survived. Lastly, the battered knight faced and an enormous lion which burst into the hole. The knight threw himself into battle with a giant cat, and then mustering all his strength overcame the beast. In doing so, he broke the enchantment that layover the castle.

Eager to show their gratitude, the women of the castle lead the knight to a chamber which held the castle’s treasures, the finest of which was a magnificent pillar. The magical pillar was like no other; one could view the entire kingdom within the column. Every creature, movement, stone, and stream could be seen upon us living surface.

It was explained to going that the kingdom, castle, and it’s miraculous pillar could all be his if you agreed to stay with the women he had freed. He was honored and grateful for the offer, but on careful consideration decided that his heart lay with his life as a Knight of the Round Table, to which he then returned.

Legend: the Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

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