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We are heading into the Full Moon this weekend, so this card comes at a time when people often notice the Moon’s affect on them the most. This is the Flower Moon, and will be one of four FMs in this spring season. Some are calling it a seasonal Blue Moon, though I’m not sure why that isn’t being applied instead to next month’s FM. (If you know why, please let me know!) Perhaps this FM is meant to bring in a different energy for us. Consider what she feels like to you as you go through this weekend.



Three quarters of Gaia’s surface is covered in water and the Moon’s pull can lift the Earth’s oceans at the Equator and carry them along in her wake. Two thirds of the human body is also water, therefore you also are subject to her power. As she waxes and wanes, so do you. Take note. Follow the moon cycles and take note of how you think and feel as her light increases and decreases. Take time to explore and understand her influence upon both your body and your emotions.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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A challenge, eh? The idea of equality and being kind is certainly being challenged for many of us right now, the question is how do we handle it? How do we meet the challenge to effect change to benefit all instead of a few? Same questions apply if your challenge is more personal. Much to consider.



READING POINTS: A challenge has arrived in your life. The situation may be very complex. It may even have profound implications for your life and how you deal with the world. It may manifest itself in the form of a profound inner realignment or the facing of some physical outer predicament. Whether from the labyrinth that is the human mind or from some external source, the challenge that presents itself now must be seen for what it is: an opportunity. If something has been hidden or repressed, if a situation has been left to decay or become unhealthy, now is the time to take control of your fears and deal with the insecurity with courage and integrity. Always be aware that however threatening or difficult this situation is, you can only become stronger and more resilient from the experience of understanding and accepting inner darkness.

DESCRIPTION: The bleached white skeleton of a great cave bear stands sentinel in the night, guarding the entrance to a cave. The guardian spirit of the bear challenges those who would enter the cave of ancestral memory without understanding the nature of their own darkness. Within the cave’s open maw, filled with jagged and sharp stalactites, is an unknown and untrodden path. Its destination is shrouded in gloom. No inner light burns to show a way through. Before the path may be followed, the Guardian must be faced and mastery of one’s own fears achieved.

MEANING: Over the centuries, there has been much cynical manipulation of the concept of “the Devil” for political, religious, and doctrinal purposes, leading to the demonizing of this complex, pagan nature spirit. Yet the prime role of such archetypes is one of protection and initiation and is the human link to wilderness, nature, and fertility, sometimes manifested as fierceness, ecstasy and sexuality. However, the fear engendered by the warping of this archetype will be with us for a long time to come.

The Guardian stirs irrational fears from the muddy bottom of the human subconscious and fills the timid soul with foreboding. He is charged with an inhuman subconscious and unseen sentience, feeding off of fear and panic with a malevolent joy. But within this sardonic and chaotic energy lie wisdom, courage, and strength. The human survival instinct was geared for fight or flight, yet we have learned to rationalize our darkest fears and deal with unknown dangers with intellectual insight. As we have evolved our understanding of the unknown, we have learned that no diabolical or supernatural force in the universe is as frightening as the human imagination.

If the Guardian is frightening, it is because we are frightened by our own reflection, our own dark shadow, and it this element of ourselves that we must master. Within this process is the stripping away of conditioning and the distilling of absolute essentials within ourselves. Much can be gained by facing our most deeply hidden and suppressed fears, which usually stem from our own deepest instincts and desires. Once this truth has been absorbed and utilized for our own defense, the darkest of places and the most challenging of forest guardians can be looked in the eye without fear.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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OK, we’ve been preparing for two days, and now the Green Man is challenging us to start something. What do you need to start? It’s time to take action.



READING POINTS: The Green Man is generous in his bestowal of creative, fertile energy and he will move you to a new level of confident and assertive dynamism. This is a time for both giving and receiving the natural flow of life both inwardly and outwardly. Be prepared to find a new and thriving drive to begin projects, relationships, and even new ways of living your life and fulfilling your world. Now is the time to experience being at the apex of the cycle of life. Enjoy it!

DESCRIPTION: The face of the Green Man gazes from this card with a challenging and blazing stare. Golden summer sunlight radiates from the leaves that burst abundantly across his glowing face and reach across the heart of the sacred land. In front of him is the cauldron of thriving and regenerating nature, which is both a preserved and storehouse of the vital energy of creation and stability. It represents the throne of kingship, currently empty, and the Green Man guards it with the spear of power and the horn of plenty, ready for the king who will take his place and stand as defender of the land.

MEANING: The Green Man is a symbol of the flourishing heart of the male aspect of nature. One of the most ancient images of the connection between mankind and nature, his face has looked out from the stones of temples and churches for centuries. Even in the dim and chilly heights of Christian cathedrals, he looks down, often sardonically, on the people far below. Constantly returning in thinly disguised ciphers such as the Green Knight, Jack in the Green, and Robin Hood, his face, disgorging leaves, peers out from the rich, dark, fertile heart of the forest and challenges you to respect and revel in the joys of the natural world. His aspect can be fearsome and frightening as he protects the wild beasts of the forest. They know his voice and his presence well, for he is a much one of them as he is the conscious spirit of the land, and the interaction between nature and beast is constant and intertwined.

The fecund cauldron is under his ever-watchful eye and the joyful exultation of creation and fertility are seen the Cerne Abbas giant, proud both in his manhood and his protective power. He is a giant figure indeed, mature in his power and patient in his resolution.

The Green Man is every vigilant and unerringly stoical in his guardianship of the sacred land. His warning to respect the laws of nature and the beast of the forest area best heeded, as his challenge to those who abuse his generosity can be fierce and severe indeed. Yet his heart is great and his spirit is warm and full of primal joy. His face is not hidden from those who can see through the thickly tangled fronds that encompass and enfold the Earth. His bounty is rich and nutritious and soaked in the golden rays of a fertile summer sun.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artists Will Worthington

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Looks like the Wolf wasn’t done with us – here is another Wolf card (from another deck) that also speaks to learning, wisdom, and intuition.

WOLF – Intuition, Learning, The Shadow

Meaning: Wolf (Faol) brings a strong sense of faithfulness, inner strength, and intuition. But the wolf brings learning too. Sometimes you need to cross barriers, to take risks, to go beyond the limited compass of “normal” behavior in order to learn and grow, although crossing these boundaries may seem unattractive, even painful. You need not fear the inner power and strength you feel when you spend time alone. Come to know your deepest self and even in the darkest places you will find courage and spiritual companionship.

The Wolf can also suggest that you need to come into a new relationship with your sense of aloneness in the world. Behind fear of loneliness may lie a fear of your own inner strength, fierceness, and power. Learn to trust this and to come to know your deeper self. Through dreams and intuitions, you may come to learn more of the hidden side of your being which is sometime called the Shadow. As well as there being “lone wolves” in the world, you should know that the wolf is a faithful animal which often mates for life. In tradition, it was considered lucky when a wolf crossed the path of a bridal party, precisely because of this faithfulness. Even though you may need to spend times of your life alone, you should know that you will also have times of companionship and togetherness.

The Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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What a fantastic card, yet it also warns us not to be know-it-alls or to decide we don’t need to learn something. If the Universe is presenting the lesson to you, it is probably for good reason.

Also, I decided to share a little deck-clearing tip I picked up from author and teacher Caitlin Matthews. When your deck seems stuck in a pattern of particular cards, or just doesn’t seem to be drawing right, it may be time to “clear” your deck of patterns. To do this, simply sort the cards into 7 even piles (for smaller oracle decks, I sometimes use 5 piles) just as if you were dealing them to seven players.

Next, stack the cards together into one stack, going in the order that you put the cards on their stacks (left to right, clockwise, etc.)

Now, give your cards a good shuffle and see how your card draws go! This is also a handy way to shuffle those extra large oracle cards.

Wolf Spirit – Turn Knowledge into Wisdom

Message: Wolf Spirit leads you deep into the enchanted forest that holds the secrets of your life. Can you sense her beckoning you to follow, asking you to take all you have learned and all you are learning and make it yours? Can you integrate it all into your body, mind, and spirit? Whatever lessons you learned along the way, do not leave them unexamined. Be loyal to your dreams, to your soul, and to turning knowledge into wisdom and experience into magic. You are the one you have been waiting for. Be still and know that the sound of your heart beats in harmony with the whole world. The appearance of Wolf Spirit is an auspicious omen that says you are truly in alignment with your destiny.

Protection Message: What is unknown is still yet to be discovered. When Wolf Spirit appears, you are being told not to pretend you know something when you don’t. You won’t impress anyone with a little bit of knowledge. In fact, you rob yourself of a true experience and education if you tell yourself you are done learning or you don’t have to know something. Be open, be humble, be teachable, and the world will open itself up for you like magic. Now is the time to look into the world with reverence and awe and an insatiable curiosity. You will never grow old if you are willing to keep learning. Wolf Spirit is waiting to be your mystical, loving guide.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia

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“Dance as if you remember that you are made of stardust and grace. . .” What a beautiful way to remember what lies within us. Today is a day to show some of it to the world, whether that world is a sole toddler or an officeful of folks. Happy Thursday!

Peacock Spirit

Message: When is the last time you shook a tail feather and shined your light for all to see? Within each of us is a Peacock Spirit yearning for expression, and you are called now to show the world the gorgeous creature that you are, for you are a manifestation of spirit. “Come out from the shadows,” Peacock says, and show your true colors so that others may be inspired to express their own exquisiteness.

Dance as if you remember that you are made of stardust and grace, filled with life-force energy and sparkling light! You are a channel for divine love, and your dance is one of a kind. Catch the light and help it shimmer and dance in celebration of your good fortune of being right here, right now. Spirit wants you to be joyful so that others may get up and dance along with you.

Protection Message: Are you afraid of dancing with abandon because of what others might think? Do you think you may be punished if you shine too brightly? Have you been conditioned to expect to be hurt if you show yourself fully to the world? Maybe not everyone will celebrate your beautiful radiance when you shine; that is okay. Peacock Spirit is here to remind you that while others may resist celebrating the beauty within them – although they may contract while you expand and shake your tail feathers – smile and keep dancing anyway. Model the good fortune and abundant joy that is yours, and soon someone will say, “Me too!” and join you. Spirit loves you so much and want you to enjoy the dance and shine your light.

Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrotaglia

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Love this card – and honoring the trees definitely resonates with me (if you couldn’t tell by this weekend’s post). The Elder tree of my neighborhood was an Elm that was the beauty of my front yard. Sadly, it succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease, so it is no longer gracing us with its shade and protection. I do feel the need to find another one in our area to connect with.

Do you have a special tree? Does it help ground you spiritually? Blessings!

Ancient Forest

Meaning: Your roots go deep. Incredible, radiant, healing strength is available to you and grows within you. Do not doubt your abilities. You’re so much more than you can possibly imagine. There’s immense, unseen – but very real – support around you. You are loved and cherished. You are grounded, stable, and strong as your spirit reach as high into the heavens.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Throughout the world those in indigenous cultures revere what are called the tree people. The powerful life force of trees can bring healing, strengthening, and grounding energy. The kind of tree might vary from culture to culture, but the reverence and gratitude for its beneficial energies are the same. The ancient forest is alive with nature spirits: additionally, its trees have an individual spirit especially powerful and resilient. The force can survive the harshest conditions because of the mutual support of the spirit of the entire forest. Your greatest strength is silent and deep. It doesn’t need to show force – it just is. Inner power is found through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. Sometimes it comes from times of growth and change; other times it springs from surviving and conquering painful situations.

The Journey: Adopt a tree. It could be one in your yard or one in a nearby park or wilderness area. Talk to the tree. That is bark. Give thanks, and by doing so you create an energy connection that will continue to nurture you, no matter how far away you are from your adopted tree.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Lynn and artist Charles McStravick

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