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Is it time to eliminate some negative influences in your life? Ixchel and Jaguar are here to lead the way.

Ixchel – Medicine of the Rainbow Jaguar

Ixchel protects you now as you transition from one life phase to the next. With her rainbow light, this guardian goddess instructs you on how to use great power with wisdom, to nourish only what is worthy. Using Jaguar Medicine, with perfect timing, she confronts that which is unworthy of he devotion, eradicating destructive forces and creating space for healing relief and rebirth. Her presence is in the wild power of the Jaguar, the renewal promise of the rainbow, and divine feminine creativity. All darkness shall overcome.

Guidance: Ixchel holds Jaguar medicine. Jaguar thrives in many environments, being able to climb, run, and swim. Because of its mastery over height, distance, and water, it is said at a spiritual level to hold power through all dimensions. Its medicine brings the ability to to move in darkness without fear, to see clearly through chaos, to evade and to destroy. Jaguar medicine is fierce, decisive, powerful and irreversible. Ixchel bring you this medicine now for your own soul journey.

Ixchel’s teaching includes her story of falling passionately in love with a man who did not respect her. Eventually, to get away from him, she shapeshifted into a jaguar, becoming invisible whenever he sought her out. In this way, she evaded him and saved herself – and the world which relied upon her bounty and vitality – from destruction. Ixchel teaches us of the need to confront what isn’t working in our lives, including the influence of negative people. Jaguar is not a half-way medicine. If we allow unworthy influences to take up residence in our minds, our hearts, our souls, they will eventually be our undoing, eroding our happiness, self-esteem and ability to fulfill our passionate purpose. Ixchel brings Jaguar to remind us that exploitation, abuse, and disrespect are unacceptable and must be dealt with effectively, according to correct timing and with absolute certainty our hearts. This isn’t about harming another but about cutting off their influence in our souls.

Jaguar medicine is a great power and can be used for good or ill. Purity of heart and mind becomes increasingly important as spiritual power grows. Make yourself unavailable to negativity, gossip, or ill will. Seek out the honest and the constructive. Share your power and devotion judiciously, and only with that which serves your true values.

Earth Warrior Oracle by Alana Fairchild and artist Isabel Bryna

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This card works well for me, but I hope it speaks to you all as well. Healing, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, is important for us individually and as a society. Too many avoid doing what is necessary to heal, and we all suffer for it. Take time to heal or help others heal if you can.


Medicine Man/Medicine Woman

Meaning: Profound inner and outer healing is occurring. You’re a natural healer. You’re on the mend and/or a situation is being resolved. Have faith that it’s happening. You are a sacred healer; you are a medicine woman/medicine man of the soul.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Every indigenous culture has a tradition of healers. Depending on the culture, they’re called medicine men or women, shamans, tohungas, kahunas, sangomas, curanderos, or root workers, among others. In every tradition, they’re the individuals who are able to step between worlds to gain information, wisdom and healing energies from their spirit allies. When this card chooses you, you’re at the advent of healing emotional, physical, and mental wounds. Additionally, a powerful healing force is activating within you.

The Journey: Nature is one of our greatest healers, so spend time with the trees, soak up the rays of the sun, and dance in the rain. Everything in nature has the intrinsic ability to restore itself. You’re a part of the natural world, so you also have this innate ability. Often healing needs to occur on the inner planes before it can manifest on the outside. To assist this process, focus on what’s great and let go of what isn’t working. Hold a vision of the solution that you desire, be patient, ant trust that recovery is occurring in its own time and way.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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It’s easy to feel like we aren’t good enough, especially in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to what others share on social media. What we show the world on public formats is rarely the tough times and the doubt – so stop comparing yourself to cultivated image! Trust that you can get things done and that you are good enough.


Squirrel Spirit: Believe in Yourself

Message: You have accumulated wisdom and experience and are surrounded by all you need. An abundance of resources is available to you through the generosity of Spirit and all your hard work. Squirrel Spirit shows up when you need reminding that the acorns you have gathered and stowed away have enormous potential to grow, so relax into knowing there is always enough and you have what it take to co-create the reality you want to experience. Through diligent preparation, you have gained wisdom and strength. How much potential you have! Believe in yourself, for Spirit believes in you and wants you to know you have enough and are enough. Doesn’t that truth make you feel safe and secure? It should, for you have everything you need right now.

Protection Message: The unpredictability of life can shake your confidence and your potential for handling the challenges that come your way. Does the thought of not having enough or being enough make you squirrely? Have you forgotten all your strengths, wisdom and resources? You have come so far on your wits and creativity, making use of all your potential and all that Spirit presents to help you through life’s trying times. It’s time to look back on your life and remember how your needs have always been met for the highest good, even in your most challenging times.

Life loves you, and so many treasures are hidden in plain sight, ready to be revealed when you most need them – so relax. Squirrel Spirit wants you to know you are poised and ready for whatever is coming next, so trust in yourself and trust that Spirit has your back!

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DellaGrottaglia

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It’s easy to fall into the rhythm of the same ol’, same ol’ – especially during the winter months (for those of us in the Northern Hem). If you’ve been holing up and doing the same comforting routines, perhaps shake it up a little to give your soul something else to consider. Visit a nearby museum, go on a short hike, volunteer somewhere. Alternatively, if you are always on the go, maybe take some time to stay home and read, craft, meditate, or something else a little more calm and introspective. Feed your soul something different.


Nourish the Soul

Drink in life. Use your senses to explore your world – to see, touch, taste, smell, here, and experience all that is within you and around you. Your journey through life is meant to be a sensory experience. Your life is meant to be a rainbow of color, full of motion and sound. It is not meant to be a bland, tasteless existence of simply black-and-white. Be sensual. Explore yourself and your world every day and nourish your soul with every moment.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Be yourself and know that you don’t need to squeeze yourself into some societal cookie cutter. Blessings!

Know You Belong

You have place. You have purpose. You are special. Do not change who you are just so others might accept you. Do not dishonor your truths by allowing someone else to tell you who you must be. Change made just so you fit the expectations or social criteria of a clique or group does not honor you. You do not need to change in order to belong. You are a blessed child of Gaia and Great Spirit and belong simply because you are you.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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I am amazed at otters: their fluid and graceful movements, their fun-loving ways, the fact that they enjoy a good stone. They remind us to go with the flow and learn to enjoy ourselves as we handle life’s responsibilities and challenges.

Otter (Dobhran)- Joy, play, and helpfulness

Meaning: Otter invites us to play, to go with the flow of life and experience – to become a child again. Allow yourself the freedom and pleasure of relaxing and letting go of all your daily concerns. Otter could be prompting you to take a day or a weekend out of your usual routine to do something purely for fun. Your practical side may tell you that you cannot afford the time, but deep down you know that you need to care for yourself to be a real value to others.

Someone may even be coming into your life who will show you how to play again – something you may have forgotten as you accepted the responsibilities of growing up. Otter shows us that being playful can lead us to catch the salmon – the fish prized by the druids as the totem of wisdom. Drawing this card also confirms to us the sense that we are truly protected.

This card can also suggest that you may be “pushing the river “– going against the natural course of events, perhaps out of fear or stubbornness. Try letting go, relaxing, and trusting in life. Although Otter urges us to be playful, we must be aware of becoming the play boy or girl who uses play as an escape from the demands and responsibilities of adulthood.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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I feel this card pretty intensely, though modern life makes it difficult to focus. We must work hard to make it happen if it’s what we need. Perhaps start with a cup of mint tea, and let the refreshing flavor kickstart a break from distractions. Also note that the Glastonbury Tor (sans the medieval tower) appears in the background of this card – an indicator to mentally walk the labyrinth to find your focus.

Blessings and happy Monday!

Card of the Day: Mint (Clarity, Concentration, Renewal)

Meaning: Mint was traditionally used to aid concentration and digestion. Today we often need to process a vast amount of information, and our concentration is challenged by a thousand distractions. Choosing this card may indicate that your are entering a period when you need to focus carefully on your work or on what is currently happening in your life.

It could well be that a renewal or freshness will appear in a relationship or project that you hadn’t expected, and to profit from this you will need to be attentive. Just as vibrance and clarity are elusive qualities that can easily disappear in amount, so too can opportunities for new life and growth for missed if you are inattentive. You might also like to think about ways in which you could be proactive in initiating renewal, rather than simply waiting for it to occur.

Reversed: Confusion, Dullness, Lack of Focus)

Clarity is a subtle quality that is worth cherishing. If you have chosen this card, it may indicate that you have lost this characteristic and that you need to focus on bringing it back into your life. Remember the feeling of waking to a bright spring day when you were your, of splashing your face with cold water and of feeling wonderfully clear-headed and alive. Ask yourself what you need to do to regain that feeling, and see if you can take steps towards this. The plant world in particular can help you in a this respect – walking in nature, communing with trees and plants, eating the right foods and taking the right herbs can all help to bring you the sense of clarity, freshness and renewal that you seek.

Alternatively, the card may signify a temporary loss of focus. It could be time to explore your goals and discover what it is you really want out of life, and to start prioritizing your life accordingly.

Druid Plant Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington


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