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An amazing card to kick off the week, don’t you think? Maybe your creativity comes through your work or through a hobby or even the daily cooking. Don’t overlook it just because it doesn’t look like how you expect it to. Work your creative magic!


Scarab Beetle Spirit – Magic Works Through You

Message: In Ancient Egyptt, the scarab beetle was revered, for the creative magic of Scarab Beetle Spirit reminds us that we can bring forth something extraordinary seemingly out of thin air. Whenever you let your creativity flow through you, Scarab Beetle reminds you that Spirit has given you the gift of infinite potential. You have an ally as you fashion something new or repurpose the old; the Spirit co-creates with you, channeling energy through you so that you feel replenished and vitalized as you make magic with what is at hand.

Now is a time for great optimism, for you can accomplish anything you desire and your creative endeavors will come to fruition. Miracles, opportunities, abundance, and love will appear seemingly out of nowhere as you allow Spirit to work through you and magically manifest what you need.

Protection Message: Do you doubt your unique inner magic? Are you afraid that you have no originality or that creative juices don’t flower through you? Perhaps you mistakenly believe you’re not “the creative manifesting type.” Scarab Beetle Spirit’s message is that creativity is a living force that comes to all of us from Spirit, who wants every person on the planet to manifest magic and co-create the world anew. You are as capable of resilience and innovation as anyone. If you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got, so draw inspiration into your being and begin to playfully create something new – and do it without any judgement. Creativity and magic are your legacy as an expression of the Creator, so let them flow through you.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DellaGrotaglia

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As a recovering control freak (with lapses), I can tell you that trying to control everything can be stressful and keep you from many amazing surprises in life. Let loose a little – just in time for the weekend!

Surrender to the Flow

Through choice and action you can steer the course of your life. But sometimes the need to control every outcome can have you caught up in a whirlpool instead of moving forward. We may move in the direction of your choosing, but it may not be the direction in which you need to turn in. Loosen your grip. Surround yourself so flow, and trust that you will find yourself exactly where you need to be.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Good morning! I hope you are all doing well as we head toward the weekend. Today’s card suggests slowing down and learning how to tap into your intuition and not rely solely on your logic brain. Gut instincts have helped people since there were people – don’t ignore those signals.


SCRYING – Intuition

Scrying is the divination technique of seeing unconscious images (or images from the divine or supernatural) appear upon or within a surface. People scry into a crystal ball, a black mirror, water, even the surface of ice. It is a very ancient technique and one traditionally enacted on Samhain (Halloween).
Should you pull the Scrying card, I suggest you try it for starters. It also indicates that you may wish to develop your intuition further and not rely solely on the logical part of your mind for all the answers. It takes a balance of logic and imagination and intuition for true wisdom.

The keys to effective scrying are being as relaxed as possible, minimizing possible distractions, softening your gaze and allowing.
The enemy of effective scrying is distraction, both from inside and out. Turn off the phone, electric lights anywhere you can see them, any music, and if you are scrying outdoors, take the time to setting into the environment and listen to all the noises so that your mind will not need to break your focus later. It is also vitally important to settle the mind as much as you can.

If you regularly meditate, you may wish to use those techniques or otherwise you can simply shut your eyes and focus on slowing your breath – this is usually very effective. If you have a specific question for the scrying medium, state it up front. Then, when you feel relaxed, turn your focus inward. Imagine pulling your energy within you and then you focus on the third eye point (the chakra point on the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows) and imagine opening it. Then gaze in a soft unfocused way at your scrying surface and simply allow images to form and observe what present itself to you. Do not engage your rational mind – this is about receiving and not thinking!

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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Note: This is a continuation of my January post and the February update about dealing with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. 


Sometimes wise reminders come from the most unlikely of places, a thing I was reminded of recently.

I was sitting in my local cancer center, speaking to the local oncologist who administers my chemo treatments (as opposed to the oncologist at the University of Kansas who did my surgery and directs my treatment overall) as once again I could not receive treatment for a pesky lung nodule due to an elevated white blood cell count. I was also experiencing my fourth UTI since my surgery on March 4. 

Since these infections had been recurring – and because my spleen was removed during the surgery, which further weakens my immune system – I asked what I could do to improve that system. I expected a suggestion of supplements, diet, and so forth. 

Imagine my surprise when she said, “You must find the source of life.” 

She went on to say she wasn’t referring to religion necessarily, but to what it is that makes life meaningful to me. 

Immediately, tears came to my eyes. Not because what she said made me sad or was a revelation, but because I already knew that and had lost sight of it. I know that we cannot just treat a body, and I’ve focused on keeping a positive outlook. Plus, the Avalonian tradition that is my spiritual home is, first and foremost, a healing tradition. 

Hiking in nature, alone or with loved ones, is always a source of joy for me.

But . . . the fact remains that I had stopped doing many things that bring joy and meaning to my life. Some of it is due to physical limitations. Hiking the longer trails into nature would be difficult right now, and I’m supposed to avoid getting into dirt, which limits gardening. Going on short adventures with the family pretty much ground to a halt because travel has been uncomfortable with surgical drains and such (and COVID-19 didn’t help). I haven’t even listened to music much, which tells me perhaps I was heading into a slight depressive state.

Gardening proves rewarding as well as a connection to the Earth.

Well, enough is enough. 

For gardening, there are gloves. 

For hiking deeper into nature, there is taking my time and plenty of breaks until I rebuild endurance.

For adventures, we’ve restarted short local excursions to a nearby lake and trails. COVID or not, natural outdoor areas and picnics are very doable.

For music, there is remembering to turn on the radio. And figuring out how to connect the iTunes from my computer to the iPad for easy listening around the house.

Another thing I miss a great deal was actively learning and sharing the learning – and helping people connect to the information they seek is satisfying work under the same umbrella. Before health issues and the pandemic began, I worked part-time at the local library. I had enjoyed this aspect of the job immensely. Frankly, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it. The pandemic has taken that away for now as my library only does curbside and bookmobile deliveries and most part-time staff is on furlough. I don’t blame the director a bit for keeping it locked down – our area isn’t the safest as far as people needing to do their part. But still, I miss it so much. 

The local hearth of the Daughters of the Sacred Grail is another missing piece of this learning/sharing element. The hearth usually meets every Wednesday evening and is a place of studies and sharing as well as sisterhood, and has been a part of my life for 15 years. The pandemic has shut down our in-person meetings, and online group chats really don’t cut it for a group like ours. Yes, it’s nice for seeing the beautiful faces and hearing their voices, but a group meeting with a lot of back-and-forth among six or more women is difficult on Zoom. 

So, until this cranky year is done messing with us all, I will be continuing to do what I can to find a way to fulfill this mental and emotional need. Some of it may come through this blog, which has been a bit neglected other than the card of the day. Perhaps one good thing to come from months of limited activity is a refocus on this online outlet as well as a few other projects. I’ve got a Yule Oracle deck on the backburner as well as the idea for a compilation-style book about experiences with the Crone (both everyday women we know and goddesses). Plus a few fiction stories to complete. We shall see. 

Regardless of the steps I take to tap into my “source of life,” I know that this expression from my doctor will come up in the future when I see others struggling in one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if we are suffering, as I am, from Stage 4 ovarian cancer or severe depression or the loss of family or friend: without tapping into our source of life, we are all lost. Here’s hoping we all can connect to our source in these difficult times. 

Blessings of Avalon to you all,



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After yesterday’s card suggesting the restarting of something, I think this is a good followup card, even if from a very different deck! Hope everyone has a great day. 🙂

Great Mystery

Meaning: Have faith and know that you’re divinely guided, even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Believe! You’ve planted your seeds; now allow the Creator to do the rest. Even if you can’t see into the future, have faith that the path will be illuminated and go forward. If you have any recurring challenges, turn them over to the Creator.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Many native cultures refer to the Creator as the Great Mystery. It’s the idea that Great Spirit is so vast and profound that, in many ways, it’s unknowable. Faith is the foundation of the ability to manifest. Everything was created because someone believed that it was possible – and patience is absolutely crucial in the application of this principle. Trust. Change can happen in a heartbeat, but some things require time. You’ve planted the seeds; now give them time to grow. Please be patient, and know that it will happen. Whatever receives your care and attention will flourish.

The Journey: If you just planted some seeds in your garden today, you wouldn’t go out tomorrow and yell at them because there wasn’t any fruit yet. So don’t dig up your seeds of faith! Remember this mantra: It’s happening! Repeat this phrase periodically, especially if you have doubts – and keep going.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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This is a great card for me personally as I need to restart some projects after focusing on my health the past several months (also, who doesn’t have an old pattern from past generations they could use to break?). I hope it’s a fruitful card for everyone as we start off the week.


Celtic Bean – Fertility, Reincarnation & Nourishment (also Confusion, Ancestors, Impurity)

Meaning: The Broad Bean is associated with fertility and reincarnation. As it sprouts, it is a phallic symbol, and the bean when it has formed resembles an embryo. The ancients saw the plant as being in direct communication with the realm of the dead, with their spirits returning from the Underworld through the hollow stems of the plant. Choosing this card may indicate that something that you thought was dead has come back into your life in a new form. A relationship you believed was over may suddenly be revived or a project that was buried a long time ago may be bearing fruit in an unexpected way.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing a sensual earthiness which seeks sexual expression, or you may find that you are drawn to expressing this earthiness in an artistic way.

On the flip side, this plant was connected to the Otherworld and the realm of Ancestors. If you have chosen this card reversed, it may mean that you are being strongly influenced by the Ancestors at this time. They may be inspiring you to behave or feel in certain ways, or you may simply be acting out a pattern that was laid down by a previous generation. This might be appropriate, or you may wish to reprint the generation that finally stops acting out this pattern, in which case a ritual offering of beans to the spirits of the Ancestors may be indicated. Try throwing some over your shoulder or casting them on the ground after stating your intention.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing some confusion or a sense of impurity. Trying to be free of impurity can end up making you feel even more uncomfortable. Purity is a quality rarely found in Nature – everything from water to air needs a good mix of ingredients to make it wholesome, and we need our flaws, weaknesses, and history of mistakes to make us human. What counts is not purity but integrity, which literally means wholeness.

Druid Plant Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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I had two strong cards this morning (Flowing River – don’t resist the flow of life – was also a strong one), but Elder stood out. It’s time to step and lead, whether it is at home, at work, or in an group or organization.

Blessings and have a great weekend!

Meaning: Confidence, entering your power, and standing strong. You are a leader. Stepping into the light. Let your truth be heard and felt by others. Make a stand in life. You carry deep inner wisdom. You are a teacher and a leader in the deepest sense of the words. You are a beacon for others.

Native Spirit Wisdom: In native culture, the elders, tribal chiefs, and clan leaders are looked to for advice and leadership. When this card chooses you, it’s time to step into your leadership role. An elder walks the path, stomps the grass down, and throws the boulders out of the way so that the path is easier for others. Sometimes you might find yourself alone or tired, but know that what you’re doing is making a difference in the lives of many. The greatest leaders are those who know how to serve, supporting others to reach their dreams. Even if you’ve been in the background in the past, right now it’s your turn to step forward and become the light for others.

The Journey: Being an elder and a tribal leader means speaking your truth, even if it’s hard or even if you’re afraid. If there’s anyone you need to stand up to, this is the time. Being a leader means supporting others, so there’s anyone you need to support or make amends with, this is the time.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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The frog proves a powerful ally, though perhaps subtle. It lives on the threshold of two elements, is fun and joyful while also connected to healing and sensitivity. Yes, the frog is cute, but give it some serious consideration.


Frog (Losgann) – Sensitivity, medicine, hidden beauty, and power

The card shows a common frog crawling from a pool in which lies frog spawn, traditionally considered a powerful medicine. To the right grows Frogberry, now known as cranberry, and frogs spindle or orchid. To the left beneath the hanging willow leaves grows toadstool mushrooms, which were once called frog stools.

Meaning: Frog embodies both the elements of water and earth, bringing joy, the light, and healing in its singing and hopping, and leading you to the sacred spring from which you may be refreshed and renewed. A cold-blooded creature living half on the land and half in the water, the frog possesses an extremely sensitive skin, considered magical by shamans. Companion of the rain spirits, the frog can help you develop your sensitivity to others, to healing, and to sound through your skin and your whole body and aura.

Nothing is what it appears to be, and life is more fun than you at first supposed! There is a hidden beauty and a hidden power in all of nature, and as you open yourself to this you will feel close to the goddess and to both earth and water. Look for the beauty and the magic behind appearances.

This card may also suggest that you are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. The frog that you must marry will turn out to be a prince. The circumstances you have chosen to except – while apparently unappealing or difficult – will bring you rich rewards in the end. Remember that the frog bring his medicine, and medicine brings healing.

The Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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Maybe it’s the cool mornings that make me reach for the Halloween Oracle, but this is a good one regardless.


SKULL OF LIGHT – Illumination

We can stay in the dark
Exist only in the midnight hours
But shining the torch
The victory is ours

As the famous psychotherapist Jung suggested, knowing our own darkness helps us cope with the darkness of others. Taking the time to “know thyself” and to seek understanding of our more destructive or shadow natures can lead to huge happiness and less anxiety.

The idea of being shown the way in the most difficult of times and always knowing that we are never alone in the darkness are the keys to this magical element. Light is usually a comforting thing, yet sometimes we do not really want to see the boogie man under the bed! It is too scary, too big, and we know not how to defeat it. By simply shining the torch upon such darkness, the victory is ours.

Should the Skull of Light enter your life, know that it is time to build yourself fully to the clarity of bright illumination. Allow yourself to be seen, to see, and to act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending, and for swallowing our discomfort by accepting the status quo when it really doesn’t suit us.

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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I love this card, and it definitely hits home for our family today. Our Kiddo started college this morning, and that is definitely one type of instruction. Also, I will be making jam, which is a traditional skill I learned from my Mom (plus gardening, canning, cooking, and more). I do wish I saw more skills being passed down from parent to child, whether it’s cooking, homesteading skills, or tinkering in the garage. It may seem a little thing to teach a child to cook or garden or fish, but the time and the sharing of knowledge is important to that relationship. And you don’t have to be a parent to do this – there are many ways to be mentors today, plus aunts and uncles can be awesome mentors too!

Also, the entire spread today just seemed wonderful, so I’m sharing it too:



MEANING: A parent passes on skills, wisdom and ancestral ways with love and tolerance. Instruction and communication are required between the generations to help use old skills in new ways.

READING POINTS: As our young people absorb and apply ever more complex technologies with bewildering speed and uncanny ease, the gap between the generations appears to get wider every year. When we interact with the young today, we must make a conscious effort to pass on traditional wisdom and skills and make the relationship with those disciplines as vital as ever. With the coming of the industrial revolution, the traditional relationship between father and son broke down. Shared bonding experiences like hunting, fishing, and the tending of herds and fields slowly eroded. Also, for girls, the “women’s mysteries” have faded as traditional societal roles have evolved and changed and personal instructional relationships, even among women across the age gap, grow rarer.

All generations lose out if the divide becomes too wide and skills, wisdom, and arts are lost. Just as no child will ever forget the first fish he catches or the first touchdown she scores, coached and encouraged by grandpa, the pride in achievement and responsibility present in good parenting is anchored in the gift of instruction. We lose these gifts of shared experience and patience, taught through the interaction of instruction, at society’s peril.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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