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Good Friday morning! Here’s an excellent card for the weekend! Even if you are being careful during the pandemic, sometimes you can visit a friend sitting a bit apart and with masks (but still with tea or coffee) or call or message them. The weekend is traditionally for relaxation and socialization, so don’t forget a friend you maybe haven’t contacted in a while. You never know, you might make their week!


Tea and Coffee

Keywords and phrases: Good will, harmony, chat, companionship, social events, friends and friendliness, community

Meaning: Friendship

In the charming image, two ladies, Tea and Coffee, are enjoying those drinks and each other’s company. Tea, who is Chinese, wears the traditional Chinese outfit of tunic and trousers, the tunic composed of the leaves and yellow flowers of the actual tea plant. Her left hand rests on a teapot; in her right hand, she holds a delicate white cup upon which has alighted an enormous fly who, it would appear, is also a tea lover. Coffee, on the other hand, is European. She is drinking a cup of her favorite brew. Beside her is a tall coffeepot and at her feet there is a coffee grinder. The atmosphere is one of pleasant relaxation. The insects are an unusual, though typically Grandvillesque, addition to the scene.

This card is about finding and valuing friendship. “To attract good fortune, spend a new penny on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon.” This advice, contained in a Chinese proverb, is more easily offered than followed, especially the last bit. Having said that, one’s name on the wings of a dragon does sound a rather fine thing, especially when you bear in mind that Chinese dragons are, usually, bringers of happiness and good fortune. Spending a new penny on an old friend? That is okay, of course, as long as you remember it’s the thought that counts, not the money (or perhaps, account for inflation), and, while we are in proverbial mood, that the best things in life are free. Sharing an old pleasure with a new friend may be something as simple and satisfying as having a cup of tea or coffee and a good chat with them. In short, this card is a reminder that it is good to treasure our friends and to share with them.  Life is busy; we have jobs, studies, love affairs, children. In all this, friends can get sidelined. Try not to let this happen.

If you want to find new friends, where to look? Apart from simply going out to social events, you could acquire a pen pal, possibly in another country; this can open up a whole new world, as well as enabling you to practice your language skills. A variation of this is the key pal, someone you community with via email. Lots of friends are made through sharing a hobby or playing a sport together. If the concept of a soulmate holds true, you will probably encounter this person anyway, whether it be at school, at work, on the beach, or in the queue outside the movie theater. If you have become distanced from friends, for whatever reasons, this may be an excellent time to bridge that distance. Pickup up the phone, or sit by the keyboard, or pick up a pen. Your friend may be in Cina but that doesn’t matter; friendships can span the globe and last a lifetime.

Victorian Flower Oracle by author Sheila Hamilton and artists J.J. Grandville, Karen Mahony and Alexandr Ukolov

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While it may seem odd to have a card about community right now, the fact is that even during a pandemic when many of us are isolated community is important. The communal spirit encourages people to take care of each other, which is needed at a time when many face financial and medical challenges.


BEE (Beach) – Community, Celebration, Organization

The card shows a queen bee resting on a stone. In the background we see the House of Mead Circling at Tara as it may have looked at the height of its powers. In the sky, the noonday sun shines brightly and we see Ur, heather, growing by the rock that is carved with the Ur Ogham.

Meaning: Beach invites us to celebrate. You may have special reason for celebration, or you may simply need to celebrate the wonder of being alive. You may like to enjoy a glass or two of mead, which – if it has been made in Scotland – will carry the scent of heather, and will bring you closer to the spirit of the highlands. In the Druid tradition there are occasions to celebrate every six weeks or so. As human beings we need to have times when we can come together to enjoy each other’s company. The bee tells us that we can live together in harmony, however, impossible as this may sometimes seem. By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around Spirit or the Goddess, we can work together in community.

The card may also indicate that you are feeling out of place – unsure of your role in the world. A beehive functions harmoniously because each bee knows its role and the work it must do – consequently it is highly productive and plays an important role in the local ecology. We talk of a productive work environment as a hive of activity. If you find you are lacking in motivation or are feeling isolated from the community that surrounds you, you may need some bee medicine. A modern English folk healer uses bee stings therapeutically to cure asthma and other ailments, and you may need to prod yourself into action before others do the prodding for you. If you find this applies to you, spend some time thinking about your role in life, and then make decisions in accordance with your sense of purpose and the resulting goals that this engenders. Remember that the bee knows the value of organization, of paying homage to the Goddess and the sun, and of working hard. Remember too that she call us to a celebration of life and an inner recognition of our membership of the community of all Nature.

Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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OK, so today’s card amused me. For several minutes as I was trying to pull a card this morning, our little cat Cerridwen refused to move from the spot where I lay the cards down. She was definitely demanding of some attention and affection, which isn’t something she does all the time. When she finally moved to the side, the first card I drew was Cat Spirit! I drew the other two cards (I usually draw 3), but Cerridwen promptly lay over the left card and put her chin on the Cat card. OK, OK – I get the hint!

So, the Cat Spirit card builds on yesterday’s card of The Wanderer. Cat says to take a chance and to be independent.

Cat Spirit – Claim Your Independence

Message: When Cat Spirit meows, she is calling your to claim your independence and allow for some space between you and others in your life. The only way you can grow in all your relationships now is to have a healthy sense of self-respect and self-worth. When you walk with dignity, knowing who you are, self-aware and willing to grow, trusting the value you bring, the world will mirror all this back to you in kind. When you say no to co-dependency and enmeshment, live and let live, and practice taking risks as you wander into new territory for you, Cat Spirit rejoices. She is here to urge you to let your independent spirit roam free.

Protection Message: This may be the time you are facing some unpredictable situations. Are you hesitant to take a risk, too cautious to jump into something new because you fear you can’t trust yourself? Cat Spirit is saying, “Go for it!” because you will land on your feet. If nothing seems to be going according to plan, there is no reason to worry. Cat Spirit loves to mix it up, and these seeming upsets will actually bring you some wondrous and unexpected opportunities. Get ready to pounce, as you may be called to jump into something new at a moment’s notice. At this time, your instincts are keen and your intuition is sharp. Remember, even a temporary failure can lead to a spectacular success, so embrace the adventure. You are sure-footed and can trust yourself.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artists Jenna DellaGrottaglia

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This is the Wildwood’s version of The Fool, so this does indicate the beginning of a journey. However, this is more of a turning point for us or learning to unpack some baggage and leave it on the side of the road. There is courage and strength in starting this journey, so don’t sell yourself short.



READING POINTS: You have come to a junction or turning point in your life. It may be an unconscious state in which you feel the tide has turned or sense something is going to happen. In a way it already has. Your spirit must move on and the desire to leap into the unknown beckons. This may mean leaving behind or giving up some baggage or burden that you have carried with you from the past. Now is the time to be clear and to not let fear of falling or sad disillusion with the universe hold you back. Let your imagination carry you into a new set of possibilities. It is a time to travel hopefully and open your arms to new and challenging aspects of the universe.

DESCRIPTION: Poised on the edge of a white chalk cliff, the Wanderer prepares to step across the abyss and into the Wildwood beyond. Ahead lies the faint suggestion of a rainbow arch, onto which the Wanderer must step. This leap across tht boid is greeted with open arms and a deep trust that the wings of imagination and honesty will carry the figure onto the lush green turf of a new path.

Clothed in bark and the soft green mosses and foliage that symbolize the protective and healing essence of nature, The Wanderer is neither strongly male nor female, both genders combining in the slender body. The figure’s naked feet tread lightly on the sweet warm grass at the cliff edge and, across the divide, deep shadowed trees stand ready to receive this newcomer to the Wildwood. Amid the leaves of the tangled wood is the merest suggestion of a face – perhaps the spirit of the wood.

MEANING: A this moment the burdens of the past are set aside – either for the Wanderer to pick up and take along, or to leave behind if the weight is too great. The Wheel of the Year is beginning its great cycle, brining a new range of possibilities and challenges. The Wanderer is ready to make the leap into the unknown – all that is required is faith.

The Wanderer represents the wisdom or courage to let go, to step into the void of the possible. Something within you may have already begun this unconscious, instinctive leap across the abyss; you know it is time to move on. Sometimes the fear of loss or failure may make you doubt the validity of change. You may want to wait or hesitate at the critical moment because of the comfort of security, but the momentum of the Great Wheel has already sent the true heart of the Wanderer into the future, leaping across the gap with courage and joy. Now the figure must leave the burdens that have been carried for so long and trust to the wings of imagination.

The Wanderer is both an end and a beginning. One journey has already come full circle and, as you distil your life experience into sacred memory and put the past and its burdens to rest, the future waits patiently for you to make the first move.

Remember that your wisdom, strength, and whatever personal experiences and skills you have may not help you now. The honest spirit of human inquisitiveness leads you beyond yourself and into a new life.. This unconscious energy creates a rainbow Bridge that rises and greets your foot. It will carry you over the void, as you step, trusting and empowered, into the unknown.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s card suggests it might be a day to use your voice – just remember that to use it wisely and not fall into the trap of arguing into the abyss.


Talking Stick

Meaning: Speak your truth. The soul loves the truth: communicate from your heart and share your reality without hesitation. Be willing to stand before the crowd and share from your Center. This isn’t the time to be shy and hesitant; it’s a time to heal through communication. You have the gift of a true leader through the way you communicate with others.

Native Spirit Wisdom: During tribal Council meetings, a decorated stick, called A Talking Stick, would be passed around. As each council member held the stick, he or she held the opportunity to speak from the heart. Each person in attendance would be asked to carefully consider the words of each speaker. The Talking Stick reminded each person to be authentic. Communication restores trust and allows you to clarify your ideas, position, and feelings. It can be healing when you share what has been withheld. Now is the time to take a risk and have the courage to speak with clarity. Share any unspoken darkness that was heavy in the heart. There are times to hold back and be discerning, but this isn’t one of them. Even if you’re afraid, declare your truth for all to hear without fear of being rejected or misunderstood. When you do this, transformation and healing can occur.

The Journey: Decorate a stick or a feather to use as your personal Talkingstick. Whenever you hold it, let it be a secret reminder to seek the truth with them. Take a minute every day to take stock of where you are and ask yourself about “what is so” in your life. Simply taking a moment to discover your inner truth can have a profound healing effect on your life.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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Good morning! The fox is known for being sly, but don’t forget how observant a sly creature must be. Now is the time to slow down and tap into that quality.


Observe in Silence

Now is not the time to be the life of the party, nor to step forward into the role of leader or teacher. Be cautious. It may not be wise to draw attention to yourself or to reveal your plans to others at this time. Instead, be silent. Step back. Be still. Watch those around you and be mindful of what you see, hear, and feel. Trust in your instincts and intuition and let them guide your steps.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Well, we are back in action for a daily card. We also had a fun distraction yesterday as we found two kittens in our garage. We hope to find these two homes quickly – before we get attached to their cuteness.

Today’s card is suggesting we examine partnerships, goals, and values. It’s also strongly linked to masculinity, so perhaps its time to look at your connection to the masculine.

Hope everyone has a great week. Blessings!

Yarrow – Fidelity, Masculinity, Virility

Meaning: One name for Yarrow is “Seven Years’ Love,” since it was believed that a charm made with Yarrow could keep couples loving and faithful for seven years. What happened after that we do not know, but Yarrow’s association with fidelity may provide a clue as to what this card means for you. Faithfulness to a partner or to certain values or shared ideas forms the basis of trust, and sometimes we can take this for granted without fully examining it. A review every seven years is a wise idea – for business partners as well as lovers. Values, goals, and boundaries can be assessed and re-contracted, with the potential for a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.

Some writers say that Yarrow is sacred to the Horned God and the male principle, and another meaning for this card might revolve around your relationship to masculinity. Many of us hold a partly conscious representation in our awareness of a powerful and virile man that we would like to become or merge with. It is possible that this card signals a time in which you will start to work more consciously with this figure.

On the flip side: Yarrow stalks have been used for divination for centuries. We turn to divination when we are uncertain about the future or need guidance. This process can easily become fatalistic and disempowering; used wisely, an oracle should encourage us to draw on our inner wisdom and stimulate our ability to think more deeply about our station before making any decisions. This card reversed may indicate that you are turning to this oracle to help you make a choice that, deep down, you suspect you’ve already taken. But hesitancy and doubt have their values: They help us to avoid arrogance and impulsiveness, and to fine-tune our decisions and timing. Sometimes in an oracle we seek only the echo of our own thoughts and feelings.

Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artists Will Worthington

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