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Good morning and happy Monday! Interesting for me to pull a card today that represents life force after visiting with my local oncologist – the one who told me to reconnect with my life force last year (and no worries – we had good news today). I hope everyone else finds a good connection with today’s card.


Fern – Life-force, Sensuality, Fertility (also Invisibility, Subtlety, Self-effacement)

The card shows a gulley in the Scottish Highlands with there of the most frequently mentioned ferns in British herb and folklore. Lightning streaks the sky and to the right in the foreground is a Moonwort Fern. Behind it is a Male Fern and to the left a Lady Fern.

Meaning: A plant sacred to midsummer and to Nwyfre, the life-force that snakes through the sky as lightning and along the ground as lines of telluric force, the fern signifies fertility in every sense of the word. Choosing this card may mean that you are being blessed with life-force and energy at the moment. This energy may manifest in subtle or dramatic ways, but the important thing to remember is that it comes from the essentially spiritual nature of all creation.

The way to maintain your contact with this life-force is through a spiritual practice that attunes you to the natural rhythms of the Cosmos. Druidry is a sensual spirituality, meaning we can accept the pleasures of the body and the senses while recognizing their spiritual nature – enhancing our appreciation of them rather than making us feel guilty. Celebrating the season festivals, meditating on the power of the elements, rising the old places, soaking in the energies of the moon, sun, and stars are all ways that we can open to the powers of the Seen and Unseen Universe.

On the flip side, this card also bring to mind Bracken waves. Its fronds move and the creatures is gone – hidden among the Ferns. Many animals have developed astonishing ways of becoming invisible to escape predators. If you have chosen this card, it might mean that you need to develop the skill of going unnoticed in situations where a high profile is inadvisable. We are so used to a culture that encourages fame, disclosure, and being “up-front,” that the more old-fashioned qualities of being self-effacing, of working in the background, and of avoiding the limelight are undervalued. Often it is appropriate to be open or challenging, but there are times when common sense or intuition dictates that a subtler, perhaps more oblique, approach is needed.

Alternatively, the card may indicate that you are feeling invisible – as if no one is noticing you or paying attention to your needs and concerns. If this is so, ascertain whether it is an isolated instance or whether it forms part of a long-standing pattern, and seek guidance to clarify the issue and suggest ways you could improve the situation.

The Druid Plant Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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The Hanged card often makes people nervous, but the plant energies of burdock are here to show you to make a poor situation into a good one. Don’t fear this card; see it as a challenge. The question is: are you up to the challenge?

Have a good weekend!

The Hanged One – Burdock

Embrace a foe as a friend; tap into nourishment found in the depths; let go of control – lasting change takes time

A cup of tea placed over a large burdock leaf reflects on the naked tree outside the window. A large clean root rests on the table, the tendrils forming the shape of the hanged one, legs crossed like the numeral four. Burdock root runes spill out from their blue velvet bag toward alit beeswax candle.

Meaning: Challenge presents an opportunity for growth. Though burdock is a tenacious weed, it can also be a valuable plant. The presence of burdock may indicate where the land is lacking nutrients. Using the large leaves as much can bring nourishment to the surface. When the leave break down, the soil will improve and burdock will no longer have the conditions to to thrive. Flip the script on a difficult situation. See the problem as the solution. Burdock is also a valuable ally for the liver as it helps clear and release toxins. But healing the land or the body requires a long-term commitment. Surrender to the process. Deep change takes time.

Crafting with the Hanged One:

• Invite burdock to shift your perspective. Sit with it in the wild, harvest it, cook with it.

• Tap into wisdom. from the depths by crafting burdock root runes for divination.

• Enjoy a slow cup of burdock tea. As you sip, silently release all that is keeping you stuck.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artists Joanna Powell Colbert

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Apologies for not getting around to the card yesterday; we were busy moving some sick tomatoes and taking our new rescue kitty to the vet. Sweet little girl (well, she’s 13 but still girlish) is doing well despite being rescued from an insect-filled house that is being condemned.

Meet Willow:

She’s being a little stand-offish with our other animals, but we hope with some time she’ll come around. She LOVES lovings though.

Oddly enough, the card today is Cat Spirit! It would seem some of us need to define some boundaries and claim our independence. Remember, being with someone doesn’t necessarily mean we hand over our life to them. Everyone needs some say in the direction their life takes.


Cat Spirit – Claim Your Independence

Message: When Cat Spirit meows, she is calling your to claim your independence and allow for some space between you and others in your life. The only way you can grow in all your relationships now is to have a healthy sense of self-respect and self-worth. When you walk with dignity, knowing who you are, self-aware and willing to grow, trusting the value you bring, the world will mirror all this back to you in kind. When you say no to co-dependency and enmeshment, live and let live, and practice taking risks as you wander into new territory for you, Cat Spirit rejoices. She is here to urge you to let your independent spirit roam free.

Protection Message: This may be the time you are facing some unpredictable situations. Are you hesitant to take a risk, too cautious to jump into something new because you fear you can’t trust yourself? Cat Spirit is saying, “Go for it!” because you will land on your feet. If nothing seems to be going according to plan, there is no reason to worry. Cat Spirit loves to mix it up, and these seeming upsets will actually bring you some wondrous and unexpected opportunities. Get ready to pounce, as you may be called to jump into something new at a moment’s notice. At this time, your instincts are keen and your intuition is sharp. Remember, even a temporary failure can lead to a spectacular success, so embrace the adventure. You are sure-footed and can trust yourself.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artists Jenna DellaGrottaglia

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After yesterday’s card indicating rest, today’s continues in that theme with the Sacred Mountain card. Focus your energy and your mind but wait to jump – at least until tomorrow.

These progression of cards is interesting to me as I’m working on a post about remembering/relearning to shield (and ground and center) after being isolated for so long. It seems to fit thematically.


Sacred Mountain

Meaning: Be still and take time to move into the silent place within yourself. Locate your internal source of power. Meditate and wait. Do not move forward until it feels right. Surrender to stillness. Do not take action. If you observe, rather than react, you claim your power.

Native Spirit Wisdom: From the vantage point of the sacred mountain, your power grows. In the silence you find your secret witness. It is the dwelling place of your soul. In peace, seek and discover your truth. Move past the bustle and clutter of life into sweet quietude. If you are in pain, don’t lash out; go into it until you find the source of that and healed. Resist the temptation to indulge in feelings of stress, urgency, and emergency. Your power is born in silence. This piece gives birth to your serenity. Seek solitude to listen to the voice of your higher self and awaken your inner wisdom.

The Journey: Trouble to the peaks of hallowed mountains, and if you can’t do this in person, travel in your meditation. Imagine yourself atop a High peak and you can see the world in all directions. Give thanks and offerings to mountains, whenever you encounter them. The spirit of the mountain will deeply appreciate your gift.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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Feeling worn down? Been having a lot on your plate? The card today indicates it may be time to take a break and relax a bit, recharge physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Have a good Monday!

Four of Arrows – Rest

Meaning: Recharging after a period of stressful activity, work, or emotional trauma. Allow time for the imagination to sojourn into the Otherworld to renew and rejuvenate vitality.

Description: On the ground lies a figure with closed eyes. There are four arrows driven into the earth, two at at the head and two at the knees. Rising above is a great multicolored butterfly from which rays of energy pour in all directions, bathing the figure in light.

Reading Points: In this stressful and demanding world, we sometimes forget that rest is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and sleep a vital part of recuperation and the healing process. This primal mechanism is not just for the well-being of the body but the mind and imagination as well. Muscles need time to repair and rebuild after strenuous exertion, and the functions of the human psyche need dreams and deep sleep to aid the process, bringing order to what sometimes seems the chaos and random machinations of daily life.

Sometimes, inspiration and insight can also come through restful meditation and lucid dreaming. Welcome these insights joyfully and take note of what your subconscious is saying to you. One of the first human instincts when confronted with survival situations in any wild environment is to find or build a shelter to provide protection from the elements and act as a safe place to rest and sleep in safety. Though that basic human security requirement, survivors often become disoriented, make poor decisions and become unable to physically complete simple and necessary tasks, eventually losing hope. Rest and sleep are vital to restore stamina and vitality.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist by Will Worthington

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Interesting card today, as we get to try to rescue two cats from a house being condemned in the neighborhood. Wish us luck! And may you find the good fortune indicated by this card over the weekend.


BLACK CAT – Fortune meets opportunity

Sleek and black and lantern-eyed
Crosses your path with a hiss
Good luck and fortune
Sweep by with a kiss

In traditional folklore, cats were said to have one foot in this world and one in the next. They were the conduit between the underworld and this world and fortune and opportunity.

In the time of the Inquisition (the Middle Ages), cats were hunted because they were said to be allies of evil entities such as devils and witches. Black cats (black being associated with the darker aspects of the supernatural) were especially singled out. Historians believe this unprecedented killing of cats in the name of eradicating evil led to an unchecked increase in the rat population which was responsible for the alarmingly rapid spread of the bubonic plague and the death of millions of people.

These days, in Germany for example, a black cat passing one’s path indicates impending misfortune. Yet, in ancient Britain they were considered good luck and were even given to brides on their wedding day. In Japan, to this day, they are considered very good luck and bringers of fortune.

Should the slinky black cats cross your path through this oracle, know that good luck and fortune will be meeting you promptly. Also know that your luck will be even “luckier” if you are prepared to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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Thank you for being patient with my inconsistent posting this week. Monday featured a biopsy early in the morning, and yesterday I unexpectedly helped a family member with some paperwork. Life does happen, and I was glad both things went smoothly!

Now, on to the card. There must be something about the cooler temps and rain that made me reach for the Halloween Oracle. Even though it’s a seasonal theme, it can be a great deck any time of year.

Being used by someone else – losing control of either your own soul or body – is the key to what the zombie represents traditionally (though some modern interpretations of the zombie as a symbol of our mindlessness and compliance to consumerism and other forms of societal Novocain is a valid reinterpretation). Honestly both interpretations speak to loss of control – or of someone being controlling when they shouldn’t be. Perhaps now is time to look at this issue in your life.

Zombie – Control

The dead arise
voices a-mumbling
after our brains
our screams they are tumbling

Zombies have become quite the fashion recently, much like vampires. Turn on the television and you can’t escape the moaning and groaning of these, the living dead. (And yes, they do seem to be after your brain!) There are even public zombie walks – where people dress us as zombies and appear en mass on roads and in cities.

But zombies are not merely a fun icon of popular culture. Traditionally, they are mainly associated with the African and Haitian Vodou religion. Zombies are said to be dead bodies reanimated by incantations chanted by a learned practitioner (called a “bokor”) and they are usually enlivened for a purpose.

The practitioner is said to capture part of a living soul to animate the body and that is always a temporary action as the soul cannot be contained in that decomposing body for long or God will take the soul back.

One of the most frightening aspects of zombiism is the idea of our souls and consciousness being trapped inside a body that does not do our bidding but someone else’s. Another is the idea of being buried alive – the fate of some, it is said, who get trapped in already dead bodies.

Should the zombie step unsteadily into your life, it’s time to look at the concept of control. Do you want to control everything, leaving little to free expression? Do you choose partners who are not your equal so that they are more easily manipulated and changed to your liking? Or do you allow that to happen to you? If you are not living your most authentic life, it’s time to look at why and how to change that.

The Halloween Oracle by author Staci Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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