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It’s time to let your creative juices run free! Just in time for the weekend, too. Tap into a bold and positive spirit to manifest your creations, whether it be art or sprucing up your home.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Scarab Beetle Spirit – Magic Works Through You

Message: In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was revered, for the creative magic of Scarab Beetle Spirit reminds us that we can bring forth something extraordinary seemingly out of thin air. Whenever you let your creativity flow through you, Scarab Beetle reminds you that Spirit has given you the gift of infinite potential. You have an ally as you fashion something new or repurpose the old; the Spirit co-creates with you, channeling energy through you so that you feel replenished and vitalized as you make magic with what is at hand.

Now is a time for great optimism, for you can accomplish anything you desire and your creative endeavors will come to fruition. Miracles, opportunities, abundance, and love will appear seemingly out of nowhere as you allow Spirit to work through you and magically manifest what you need.

Protection Message: Do you doubt your unique inner magic? Are you afraid that you have no originality or that creative juices don’t flower through you? Perhaps you mistakenly believe you’re not “the creative manifesting type.” Scarab Beetle Spirit’s message is that creativity is a living force that comes to all of us from Spirit, who wants every person on the planet to manifest magic and co-create the world anew. You are as capable of resilience and innovation as anyone. If you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got, so draw inspiration into your being and begin to playfully create something new – and do it without any judgement. Creativity and magic are your legacy as an expression of the Creator, so let them flow through you.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DellaGrotaglia

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Alright, this is an interesting card with several layers of meaning. Is it time to be honest and address past actions of yourself or others? Or perhaps you need to realize that your perception of others is not accurate. Take some time today to consider what the Lady is asking of you.


Justice – Lady of the Lake

Meaning: Justice delivers total honesty and reveals the consequences of past actions. It represents receiving ones just rewards. Achieving balance and harmony after toils and tribulations. Responsible conduct. Reaching a state of equilibrium with oneself. Peace of mind. Making a well-balanced choice. Entering into an equal partnership. Being able to see both sides of the situation. Integrity and contracts. Reaching an agreement. The favorable outcome of a judicial matter.

It can also mean: Dishonest or dealings with others. Judgment clouded by prejudice, and unjust conduct or decisions. Not being truthful with one’s self. Denying the true motivations for one’s actions. Abuse. Being mired down in complex legal matters.

The Story: The Lady of the Lake appears to Arthur, representing cosmic law. She is a reminder that there is a mighty your court then the King’s justice. 

In light of his past deeds, the Lady of the Lake deems him worthy of her seal, presenting him with Excalibur and the scabbard.

Her figure embodies the scales of justice as she weighs the virtues of sword and scabbard. The determination and decisive actions of the sword or in equilibrium with the mercy and protection of the scabbard. This represents a well-balanced person who can be entrusted to carry out responsibilities in an honorable manner. 

The appearance of the Lady of the Lake signifies the workings of destiny in karma. For this reason, a sense of order and peace accompany the card’s presence. Arthur represents a person who has matured and fall about his destiny and conscience and now receives recognition.

Legend: the Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson 

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This deck is from 2019, but this card feels like it speaks directly to many of us for the past year and a half. With limitations in place for many of us for safety’s sake (whether mandated or of our own making), many of us have felt the effects of being isolated and removed from our support network. We have learned some alternatives, but as things tighten up again we may have to be even more creative both to receive the support we need and to provide support for others. We are still community.



Five of Earth – Slippery Elm

Sooth the pain of those in need; even the wounded can heal; you have the skills it takes to survive any crisis

A slippery elm sapling sits in the empty yard of a beloved home that has white paint chipping from its sides and boarded-up windows. Wind supports are in place and the tender trunk is protected from deer by a circle of bamboo. The home is old and in need of repair, but it is sturdy. The old black chairs rock in the wind.

Meaning: Economic and physical hardship may cause stress. Setbacks can take you by surprise and reduce vitality. Alienation from your support system compounds the issue. While slippery elm is a valued botanical; for the first few years of life the bark provides medicine for inflammation and materials for baskets. Its health is threatened by Dutch elm disease. All trees eventually become susceptible.

Slippery Elm teaches us that even in hard times we have access to our resources if we do not lose faith. You have the skills to protect what remains and make it through the crisis. Create a warm and comforting place to hole up while your situation improves.

Crafting with the Five of Earth:

• Take slippery elm lozenges to sooth a stomach upset by worry and stress.

• Honor the gifts of slippery elm. Support United Plant Savers’ efforts to protect this plant.

• Take a wild skills class and learn to make containers from slippery elm bark.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artist Joanna Powell Colbert

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OK, this is a tad different than what you are accustomed to – I’m using a children’s oracle deck today. Though the messages might be written more simply, that doesn’t make them any less meaningful. I know today is when many of us return to work and the busy-ness of the week, but try to pace yourself a bit and don’t let things overwhelm you.


Turtle – Take Your Time

Turtle Says: So many people are in a hurry these days that it is easy to forget to slow down and enjoy whatever is happening. Do you remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Going faster doesn’t always get you where you are going anymore than taking your time and going at your own pace. It also takes courage at times because there are so many rabbits running around like crazy! Just know you will get there just as quickly by going at your own speed and at your own rhythm, no matter how quickly others move.

And don’t be in such a hurry to grow up too fast! You may find yourself wanting to do things the older kids are doing, or getting to learn everyone NOW. Know that over time you will learn everything you need to learn, so just take your time with each new thing you’re learning instead of rushing off to something else or being upset because you can’t accomplish more. It takes time to learn things, and you really have all the time in the world, so slow down and only move fast when you actually have to.


• Today walk a bit slower than usual, breathing deeper and slower than usual in rhythm to your stride. Notice how that makes you feel.

• When you get involved with a project of any sort, take as much time as you need to complete it, even if it extends over a few days, unless of course it’s homework that is due tomorrow!

• Ask your family to spend a few house with you at the park or beach with no watches or clocks around to remind you of the exact time.

• Observe how the moon changes slowly over a period of about four weeks and how it takes time doing so.

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by author Dr. Steven D. Farmer and Jesseca Camacho and artist Pamela Anzalatti

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I could make a bad joke about the Delta variant forcing some time away, but isolation is not the same thing as seeking yourself and spirit in that alone time. Let’s take some alone time to go deeper, to find that stillness and peace, and to discover some truths for ourselves.



MEANING: Sacred seeker. Take time away from people and situation. Step back. Withdraw. Inner truth is emerging in stillness, but first you need to retreat. Know that you’re guided. Look for your answers in different ways. The answers are around you; watch for signs in the coming day. Trust that your life is being directed.

NATIVE SPIRIT WISDOM: In earth-based cultures, larger questions about life are often answered on vision quests or solo retreats in nature. Questions such as, “Who am I?” “What am I meant to do with my life?” and “What is my mission and my purpose in life?” were often answered on quests of various kinds. Even if you don’t have burning questions, when this card chooses you, it’s telling you to take time away from your ordinary life. Take time to explore the depths of your soul. Your soul knows the truth; take time in quietude to discover what it is. The answers to your questions are all around you, but you must be still to hear these messages.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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