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Always a stunning card to me, Nine of Stones speaks to the past and how we use that wisdom and guidance for the future. It’s a tricky balance, for sure, but one that has been achieved throughout history. We too can achieve it.



MEANING: Reverence for past wisdom and sacrifice. The ability to relate to ancient knowledge and pass on the lessons of ancestral memory and ritual.

DESCRIPTION: In front of a circle of nine tall stones sits the cross-legged, horned figure of the shaman from the Gunderstrup Cauldron, hands raised, with the serpent of wisdom in one hand and the torque of lordship in the other. Above the scene, a full moon rises.

READING POINTS: Whenever we reach back into antiquity with sincere reverence and respect, seeking insight and wisdom, we commune directly with both the esoteric and practical memory of the human species. They myths, rituals, and traditions of past tribes remain imprinted on the human psyche. Whether you believe this to be the effect of morphic resonance or the spiritual echo of past lives dedicated to the reverence of the otherworld, the mystical traditions have a real purpose and meaning that you can draw upon, even in our frantic modern world. Through the study of ancient mystical traditions, we see how closely linked we are with the past and how little we have changed as a species. We are still driven by the primal needs and fears that faced the first humans. We still look at the night sky with wonder and awe. We still look at the ocean and feel the pull of the unknown. To reach back and invite past traditions to enlighten and enrich your life is to draw on ancient strengths that are freely available to those seeking wisdom, sustenance and consolation.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Today’s card is always a lovely one full of potential, promise, and balance. The Page of Stones (Lynx) was also strong today, which indicates taking care of your steps today and to be aware of all around you and how you affect things.

Blessings, everyone.

The Green Woman

READING POINTS: Appearing at a time of rich nurturing and protection, of learning and initiation, when loving and fertile relationships, both human and universal, abound, the Green Woman mediates the sacred sovereignty of the Earth’s soul and can show the path to understanding and communion with nature. But with this blessing comes responsibility. Remember that this glorious, magnanimous, and generous spirit can live through you, radiated by the sacred breath of life and given to others who need guidance and healing. Learn from the abundant and joyous spirit of the Earth and be at one with the world and your true self.

MEANING: The Green Woman encompasses the female archetype of wildness and green energy. Her presence balances that of the wild man and represents the earthly manifestation of female solar energy and the rich bounty of the Great Mother. She also represents the goddess of the land, sometimes expressed as Sovereignty, who challenges all comers to braver her tests and to offer to those who succeed the gifts of inner kingship and love and a deepening bond to the riches of the Earth. From her pours the glorious light of the midsummer sun, blessing everything it touches with life and boundless energy.

This figure is complex and subtle but highly dynamic in her interaction with anyone who seeks to understand the nature of the Wildwood mythos. She mediates the sacred blessing of earthly fertility, and the beasts that inhabit it, and forms a deep bond with the seeker who wishes to attune to the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

In the Arthurian tradition, she validates the kingship of Arthur by bringing him the sacred sword and establishes him as a guardian of the Hallows of Britain, sometimes appearing as the Lady of the Lake, who fosters both Arthur himself as well as the young hero Lancelot. In other stories she manifests as the Flower Bride, sought after by more than one of Arthur’s great knights and offering the deep bonds of matrimony and joy to those with whom she shares her bounty. At its heart, her sacred role is the initiator of the human individual into the realm of the Wildwood.

DESCRIPTION: The Green Woman, disgorger of nature, crowned with ferns and wild roses, breaths the divine word of life. Her calm, serene expression is steady and full of graceful sovereignty. Around her neck is the golden Celtic gorget representing the sun throughout the year. The golden amber cup before her has within it the milk of love and nurturing and the sheela-na-gig on its side represents the life force of all women. The Green Woman symbolizes the forest at midsummer. Here, amid the luxuriant foliage, small animals, and birds of the Wildwood live and build their homes, creating a whole ecosystem within the branches and a safe haven for the innocent and vulnerable beneath its roots.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Good Tuesday! Thanks for being patient as I missed several days over the holidays and yesterday, when I had a morning procedure (all went well).

Life has been hectic and hasn’t been running as planned, but today’s cards – both were pretty strong so I’m using them both – are sending a message to all of us who feel like things aren’t going as planned. First, we have Coyote saying that the detours we are coming to aren’t problems but placed in our path for a reason. Coyote’s trickster nature is trying to teach us something, we just have to stop fuming at the roadblocks and ask why they are there.

Then, we Brown Bear telling us to slow down and make a plan. Maybe do something to refresh yourself before moving forward. Hibernation doesn’t have to be for months for everyone – a couple days might help you feel recharged and less confused.


Coyote Spirit – Trust in Divine Detours

Meaning: Do you find that you are being led on a strange detour in your life right now? Does it seem that what appears to be the next right action and the right choice, best situation, or fabulous relationship unexpectedly turns into the opposite – or just disappears into thin air, as if you’ve been tricked? Coyote Spirit’s trickster energy is designed to bring you into situations to teach you lessons you have forgotten to learn. Perhaps you need a taste of failure before you experience success, a need to feel disappointment before you can truly appreciate the joy, love, and prosperity that is coming up for you. Perhaps you are revisiting a pattern you forgot wasn’t in alignment with the life you are intending to co-create, being reminded that gratitude, not complacency, will keep you awake and aware of all that is available to you in this moment. 

Coyote Spirit reminds you to laugh about the unexpected twists, to develop humility and gratitude while releasing your attachments to the form of your desires. Even when you suddenly find yourself on a detour, wondering when you will get back on track to manifesting what you desire, remember that Spirit has a plan and wanted the best for you. Trust in divine order now. Coyote Spirits is a divine helper; no matter what seems to go astray, things are exactly as they are supposed to be. 

Protection Message: Sometimes, a goal is so enticing and alluring that you lose your footing in the pursuit. You being to fixate on capturing this prize, whether it be an opportunity you have always wanted, a relationship with that elusive someone, or the promise of the big break. Coyote Spirit warns you that this trickster energy seducing you now will yield nothing but disappointment and unnecessary heartache if you let yourself be fooled. Great Spirit wants the best for you, so when your plans go topsy turvy, know that Coyote is present to protect and bless you. Listen to her gently warning not to take the world too seriously or become too attached to the form and timing of your desire. Something better is beckoning. If you learn your lesson and lighten your heart, it will not be long before you see that crooked though the path may have been, you were on the right one all along.

Brown Bear Spirit – Take Time Out

Message: There is a time to act and a time to focus your attention on patient strategizing. The arrival of Brown Bear Spirit signals that you are best served by foregoing hard work toward your goals at this moment and instead taking the time out to meditate – or just take a nap so you can refresh yourself and begin planning what you want to co-create next. Come to know the lay of the land as you contemplate and imagine what you might do in this vast space of possibility before you, and begin forming a plan. Remember, sleep allows for dreaming and rest allows for clear-headed strategizing.

How might you become the person you wish to be and experience whatever your heart desires? Insights will arise as you explore the possibilities and begin envisioning your plan. Knowing what you want will ensure you use your energy wisely in the days ahead. Be patient at this time. Relax and be calm and peaceful so you can recharge. The call for action will come later.

Protection Message: When you become so frazzled that you can’t decide how to move forward, Brown Bear arrives to remind you to let go of your impatience in getting to answers and solving the problems that face you. Now is the time for rest and meditation. Take a break, let insights arise, and know that you have plenty of time to make plans.

Brown Bear Spirit reminds you that sometimes the best and most  effective action is inaction, allowing the situation around you to reveal itself to you so you can better understand it. Remember that what is yours will never be withheld from you, so you really can relax and wait until the next right action is revealed. Miracles come from out of nowhere, and yours will arrive on Great Spirit’s timetable.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DellaGrotaglia

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OK, this is always a difficult one to figure out, but today it just made me laugh. I’ve been struggling to get holiday preparations going my way, and one of those preparations is making sweets. Last night was attempting my first treat when an old mixing spoon (supposed to be able to handle high temps and has many, many times before) melted while attempting a toffee. So, no toffee today! Hopefully, you all will get something more useful from today’s draw.


The Christmas Cookie

Meaning: OK, this is a tough one. This is NOT an oracle deck, but as the holidays approach I like to use this storytelling deck in lieu of one. Some of the cards are easy to sort out but this one did make me chuckle and scratch my head a bit. Of course, we have a cookie running away from the bakery and potential customers – the poor thing is even being chased by a fork and spoon! On one hand, I see a treat (I do so love to bake) and immediately think the message might be that it’s OK to treat yourself, whether it’s a sweat treat or another type of reward. But then there’s the part where I see the cookie is trying to run from responsibility. On the other hand, I see its running from its prescribed role as a bid for sovereignty, much like the goddess Bloudewedd. (Not much help there, am I?)

There is some other symbolism to parse out.

A goose walks along in the foreground of the card; geese are symbols of loyalty and bravery (and fiercely protective). They were also the popular choice for Christmas dinner in England. There is also a mouse in foreground, possibly awaiting a chance at the crumbs that are falling off the cookie. These two creatures seem almost opposite in nature: one small, quiet, and resourceful and the other white, loud, and fierce. 

If you look along the edges, there is an unattended hat and pair of gloves, as well as a small sack in the snow. Perhaps there is something being missed as one is running along. 

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! It’s been a crazy week here, but I hope it calms down for the next couple days and I can get time for some things I love like baking cookies and watching some holiday specials (speaking of which, check out The Secrets of Christmas on on Hulu, which interviews New World Witchery’s Cory as one of the experts!)



Today’s card is … Scrooge! This card clearly shows the unreformed Scrooge as he is up in the dark, counting money and logging it in his books by candlelight while somber-looking folks walk by outside. Notice the waxing moon, a sign of a shift or change and the opportunity to change our own lives.

Are you feeling the spirit of Scrooge? Perhaps it’s time to look at why you feel this way. Holidays and winter can be stressful times for some, but can be enjoyed with the right tactics (perhaps the hygge trend could be useful here). You don’t have to completely flip the coin over in order to change your outlook. A small shift toward appreciation and gratitude can go a long way. Start small if you’re feeling Scroogey- there’s probably a reason why that you need to work through.

On the flip side, perhaps you are not the Scrooge but one of the spirits meant to shed light on how to understand oneself and how to honor the season and be charitable. Look out for those in need of self-reflection and cheer. Sometimes a kind word or some illuminating communication is the gift someone needs.

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by authors John and Caitlin Matthews

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Blessed Solstice, everyone! Those of us in the Northern hemisphere have gone through the longest night while those of you in the Southern have enjoyed your longest day. My boyfriend, Chili, grabbed a shot of the morning sun burning through some mist and frost.

I felt the urge to draw from this deck instead of the Storyworld deck I have been using, and it was a good call. The Restorers are here to help us regain balance, strength, and a calm centeredness in difficult times. I’ve seen so many folks not feeling the spirit of the holidays and filled with fear and concern. While we still have reason for those, losing ourselves to them will not help us get past this stage. Remember, part of the winter solstice is to take time to embrace the dark, to restore yourself to face the long winter months as the world slowly warms and brightens. It’s OK to let yourself go within at this time (despite what society is trying to sell you). Rest and learn in the darkness – just don’t hide in it.

Blessings on the beautiful day!

The Restorers: Roseroot, St. John’s Wort & Valerian

Retreat, balance, or calm. On the other side, imbalance, anxiety, or disturbance

THE CARD: The Restorers are a trio of ancient and indigenous plants of the Druid sourcelands, which act to restore the balance between body and soul, healing the heart and mind with their calming and strengthening powers. The card shows a Druid healer in her bothy, sitting beside the fire. Through the open door, we see the Scottish Highlands. Roseroot and Valerian hand drying in bunches from the rafters, and freshly gathered St. John’s Wort lies on the table.

MEANING: Although adventure and excitement are necessary ingredients in life, we also need periods of peace and calm: oases in our busy lives. Drawing this card in a reading may mean that you should create such a time for yourself now. Retreats are an important part of spiritual practice, and in Druidry these can include visiting the old sacred sites and walking the old tracks. But wherever you are, you can take a retreat. Even if you are busy, see if you can withdraw from your schedule for three hours, during which time no one disturbs you and you treat yourself to whatever will help you find calm. Better still is a longer retreat – three days or more – in a setting close to Nature. By taking such a break, you give your body and soul a chance to catch up with each other add to find balance once more.

This card may also indicate that you or someone you know are out of balance and feel disturbed and anxious. Life is often puzzling, and relationship are so difficult that it is no wonder so many people suffer from anxiety and depression. Now may be the time to tackle this imbalance with a combination of counseling, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes.

Alternatively, the card may indicate that a situation or project is unstable or completely unrealistic, and that a good dose of common sense is required to get it back on track. It may be time to hire a consultant or simply get someone to look at the problem objectively and give advice.

The Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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There’s a lot of lore for these two birds, some of which we will explore below. The wren is also one of my spirit guides, so this card definitely speaks to me. Have a great Friday and weekend!

The Robin and the Wren

In this card, we see a robin and a wren sitting on a holly branch (feminine aspect) in front of a broken bird cage with an evergreen tree inside. In the bottom left, you can see little toy soldiers walking through the snow with a cat, dog, and squirrel also walking away.

OK, so the thing to note here is some of the folklore of these two birds.

The wren has associations with this time of year and is the King of Birds, according to old folk legend. This ancient totem bird flew highest of all creatures by riding on the back of the great eagle, thus earning itself the title of King of All Birds through it’s cleverness and resourcefulness rather than on pure physical ability. It serves as a reminder that the smallest of the Earth’s creatures is capable of soaring to the greatest heights and seeing beyond the furthest horizon. In Ireland, there is an old tradition of “wren boys” or “straw boys” hunting a wren on Dec. 26th, or St. Stephen’s Day. The dead wren was affixed to the top of a pole and the wren boys would go around the community asking for money.

There are a lot of theories of why this is done. It is believed that the Celtic Druids considered the bird sacred, and later Christian traditions sought to dismantle its ideology, even recasting it’s resourcefulness to become King of Birds as deceit and treachery.

As for Robin Redbreast, who hasn’t heard of the “first Robin of spring”? Well, that’s not really an accurate concept, as the Robin is not a spring-only bird as the common expression would have us to believe. They will stay in winter if it does not get too cold and if there is a good food source. The striking birds were also featured on the earliest Christmas cards, but that might be due to early postal workers wearing red jackets and artists associating the two for the new postal system.

Given all this, these birds here are breaking with their traditional folkloric roles – and perhaps we need to do the same. At Yule and Christmas, it can be easy to get stuck with the traditions handed down to us. Sometimes they are wonderful and nostalgic, but sometimes they need changed or updated for the new age and new people. Perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit and create a new tradition or evaluate an old one. To quote Gustav Mahler, “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews and artist Peter Malone

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Good Thursday, everyone! As I said yesterday, we are now using the Storyworld: Christmas Tales cards for a while. Hope you enjoy them!

Today’s card has a lot of things going on in it if you look at the fine detail. On the surface, Father Christmas and his reindeer has dropped a gift that has been found by two children. But there are also two elves with curious looks on their faces as if these children were actually meant to find this gift, even though it might not be for them. There are three – an auspicious number – owls, which in Western mythology typically represent wisdom. A sly and inquisitive fox is also following along with the children. The pillars on either side of the arch have a carved king and queen, and a tower behind the hedges gives us a destination.

The feeling I’m getting is that we might have some unexpected things come our way, and we need to approach them with both childlike curiosity and wisdom – an interesting balance. Something might be lost, but if we are able to put things right, we should try to do so.

What’s YOUR take on this card?

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlyn Matthews

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Today, I’ll start using the Storyworld: Christmas Tales cards, which are not tarot or oracle cards but a storytelling deck. It’s kind of a fun challenge to read these as an oracular deck, but I’m also interested in what YOU perceive from the cards. Have a lovely Wednesday!

The Frost Queen

Today’s card is an interesting one to sort out. Though one may associate this Frost Queen with the legendary Snow Queen or similar winter figures that tend to have a destructive or negative side, I’m not sure we could so easily dismiss this card as like that. This Queen is feeding the wild animals and though she doesn’t look particularly friendly, she also does not look harsh either – to me, she looks intent or like she wants us to understand something. A task or quest is being asked of us. (Also note the empty bag in the foreground with a note.)

Perhaps it’s time to detach a bit from those around you to get your grounding or to evaluate something not going according to plan, to create a new plan. On the other hand, maybe this simply indicates that even in the dead of winter, nature provides nourishment and peace. What’s your take on this?

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews and artist Tomislav Tomic

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Another card that says to slow down and take time to take care of some inner work. Sometimes we really need the reminder at this time of year, especially as so many folks are trying to make up for last year. Take a breath and some time to go within.


Spirit Keeper of the North

Meaning: Take time for contemplation. Turn within. Connect with your ancestors. Incubate ideas. Mend relationships. Watch your dreams and meditate. The answers are inside you waiting to be heard. Stay warm. Create dreams for your future. Repair whatever is broken in your home and your life. Forgive those people and situations that you’ve been dragging around for a while.

Native Spirit Wisdom: In the medicine wheel, the north is the direction that symbolizes the darkest time of night, the coldest part of winter, the dark of the moon. It also represents the elder time of life and even a time of endings. Pulling the Spirit Keeper of the North indicates that it’s time to take measure of your life. Explore what’s working and what’s not working. What and whom do you need to release? It’s also the time to make repairs in your physical environment, as well as make repairs to your body. Additionally, this is the time to begin to dream and make plans regarding your future. Your ancestors are close at this time; call on them. They want to help you.

The Journey: Stand outdoors at night, facing north. Inhale the darkness. Sink into your own depth. In the stillness, ancient wisdom emerges.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Lynn and artist Charles McStravick

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