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Good Monday, everyone! This card may not look terribly positive, but remember this is a Green Woman being pierced by the arrows and bound by vines. She (and we) have the ability to grow past the wounds and weaknesses that are holding us back and making us doubt. Get back out and try again for whatever you’re trying to do. Yes, we might fail, but that’s how we learn and do better the next time.



Seven of Arrows – Insecurity

MEANING: Ungrounded fears and confusion lead to instability and panic, self-torture through guilt or delusion and the need to deal with fragmented or rejected aspects of personality. 

DESCRIPTION: At the center stands a Green Woman clad in leaves and with hair that seems to grow from her head like vines. Her arms are raised in blessing, but arrows pierce her flesh and fly towards her. 

READING POINTS: Some of our greatest fears and self-destructive drives are born of emotional insecurity or lack of self-discipline, crippling an individual’s ability to make timely decisions or responsible action. Sometimes, these dark, ungrounded fears are the product of panic or guilt planted by inappropriate parenting or the lack of ethical education. Unreasonable emotional expectations and feelings of abandonment can also fuel a lack of emotional stability and stable grounding in practical life. Finding one’s feet in this environment takes serious inner work and real self-appraisal to reveal the true nature of the undermining issue at the heart of your fear. We may not be able to change the past, but we can learn to evolve strategies from the lessons of life and apply them to future scenarios. 

This process may also involve forgiveness for past failures, either of other individuals, belief systems or, more importantly, oneself. Forgiveness of oneself is a vital healing mechanism to deal with self-inflicted wounds associated with the burdens of guilt and self-recrimination. Understanding and acknowledging the motivations behind past mistakes stimulates the process of establishing a secure and healthy emotional foundation from which new beginning can arise. 

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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OK, sorry if I get that song stuck in your head, but truly the Death card here and in many Tarot decks is not the literal death that many fear. Yes, we should become more comfortable with death as a society – after all, none of us are escaping it – but we may simply need a restart or to let something go that is holding back a whole new you!

Blessings and have a lovely weekend,


DEATH – The eternal cycle begins here

’Tis not the end
though I may pass in the night
I get to do my time over
Although you may get a fright!

Many Pagans believed that death was the beginning of the cycle of life. When you think about it, most people consider the act of “birth” to be the beginning of the life cycle – we are born, we live, and we die and, depending on your beliefs, you may get to go round again. Instead, Pagan cultures see death as the beginning of a whole new adventure – the place where your soul gets to choose where it incarnates, why and what it wants to experience. Then and only then, does it get born into a body that lives and eventually dies, before returning to ride a new cycle.

Halloween is a celebration of death as a part of life. As humans are conscious beings, we know about death and many are afraid and uncomfortable about it. Halloween illuminates the universal truth that all of us will die, just as all of us were born, so to be fearful of that end process is fairly pointless. Halloween asks us instead to make friends with death (just as we seem friendly with birth) and to not allow our fears and grief to bring us unnecessary pain.

Do not be afraid if you pull the Death card as it simply means that something is falling away, or will do so, so you can begin strongly afresh. There is a great power in this clearing. If you pull this card at Halloween particularly, the message is stronger still and you should actively celebrate this new beginning.

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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OK, so the Sixes in this deck represent bounty, community, and magic – and I’ve seen that magic in action the last few months and the results in recent news. This card in particular is a celebratory one – and let’s not forget that Borage stands for courage. Celebrate – but keep standing strong and with courage for what you believe.



Six of Water – Borage

Celebrate milestones old and new; freely give, freely receive; and let your heart be comforted by the company of friends.

A table covered in borage flowers is set on the beach to welcome friends. The little girls in the Three of Water now gather for a celebration of maturity. Bouquets of purple and white flowers adorn the table. A clay goddess dressed I a long white gown raises a toast tot he women and their lasting friendship.

Meaning: Gathering with beloveds lifts the spirits. Treasure friendship and celebrate community. Honor your connection by expressing how much your friends mean to you. Offer what you can to support them on their life paths. Sharing nourishes the soul Borage is a continuously flowering plant that encourages a long-lasting relationship with our pollinating friends, teaching us to give freely without expecting anything in return. Drinks made with more borage flowers lighten the mood and inspire a courageous heart. Let old tensions be dissolved and replaced with love. Embrace a carefree attitude and watch your joy expand.

Crafting with the Six of Water

• Bring joy to drinks at festive summer parties with borage flower ice cubes.
• Float borage flowers in your bath water to bring buoyancy to your spirit.
• Place borage flower on your tongue and savor the sweetness of a warm summer day.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artist Joanna Powell Colbert

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