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Today’s card suggests it’s time to pause before action and find your center, some stillness. Grow and focus your power before acting.

The Gathering Your Tribe card was also strong today. I wondered if that wasn’t for me specifically, as my local women’s group is planning its first in-person gathering – we will be outdoors, spaced out, and masked when not eating – since February 2020. But I know many people are feeling this, especially as vaccinations make it a little safer to gather again.

Have a great Wednesday!

Sacred Mountain

Meaning: Be still and take time to move into the silent place within yourself. Locate your internal source of power. Meditate and wait. Do not move forward until it feels right. Surrender to stillness. Do not take action. If you observe, rather than react, you claim your power.

Native Spirit Wisdom: From the vantage point of the sacred mountain, your power grows. In the silence you find your secret witness. It is the dwelling place of your soul. In peace, seek and discover your truth. Move past the bustle and clutter of life into sweet quietude. If you are in pain, don’t lash out; go into it until you find the source of that and healed. Resist the temptation to indulge in feelings of stress, urgency, and emergency. Your power is born in silence. This piece gives birth to your serenity. Seek solitude to listen to the voice of your higher self and awaken your inner wisdom.

The Journey: Trouble to the peaks of hallowed mountains, and if you can’t do this in person, travel in your meditation. Imagine yourself atop a High peak and you can see the world in all directions. Give thanks and offerings to mountains, whenever you encounter them. The spirit of the mountain will deeply appreciate your gift.

Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, art by Charles McStravick

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Today’s card is a good reminder that sometimes we must make our own happiness. We might tire of the expression, “Happiness is a choice” and it might be an oversimplification for some that struggle with depression or anxiety, but is accurate. St. John’s wort is one of many natural tools to deal with such things, so it’s a good and sunny representative of the work needed. Don’t allow yourself to spiral down too far – the sun is ready to shine upon your face.


The Sun – St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Cultivate happiness, vitality, and joy; the peak of summer’s power wards off every ill; Shine on! Celebrate yourself and your successes

A clear jar of red infused oil encircled by bunches of St. John’s wort sits on an indigo-dyed cloth. A crown of the blood red oil in vials adorns the top of the bouquet. The bright yellow flowers tumble onto a replica of the ancient Mixtec Sun stone, which hides beneath the green mass. A few flowers have fallen into the jar of oil.

Meaning: Happiness begets happiness. Radiate liveliness and vitality. Fully experience the sheer gift of being alive. St. John’s wort is best known as a mood-lifting plant but it also repairs skin from trauma and soothes nerve-related pain. The flower buds emit a rich pigment that yields vibrant red potions. The flowers and buds peak at the height of summer, the most potent time for wildcrafting. Make magic and medicine when your joy in in full bloom. Seek vibrant people and healing experiences that build good energy and boost your power. The leaves of St. John’s wort shimmer like diamonds when held up to the sun. Step into the light and show your sparkle.

Crafting with the Sun:

• Keep bright flowers in your home to promote a sense of joy.
• Craft oils and elixirs with St. John’s wort to invoke the healing powers of light during dark times
• Wear bright red lipstick and nail polish to celebrate your fabulous self.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artist Joanna Powell Colbert

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Good day! And today we have a card that I’ve never drawn for the blog, which is a bit surprising.

I’m off to get my second COVID vaccination today, so I’m a happy camper! Wishing you all a good and productive day.


Lady’s Mantle – The Feminine, Detail, and Miracles

Meaning: A dewdrop is a tiny thing but, when you gaze into it, it acts like a crystal ball, revealing the whole world within it; it is reminiscent of William Blake’s famous lines:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an Hour.

This card may be reminding you to treasure the small things in life because it is in the details that a life grows rich, and every person, every subject, every event, grows richer the more we focus upon it.

The card may also urge you to connect more deeply with the Goddess in your spiritual practice or with the Feminine principle in your emotional and psychological life. It may be that you have been used to approaching the world and relationship in an analytical or objective way that is no longer serving you. Now may the time to one to that less predictable, sometimes wilder, way of relating to and looking at things that could bring miracles into your life.

On the flip side, this card reminds us the most people are quite naturally dismayed when the going gets tough. But if you have chosen this card reverse it may indicate that you have the good feature of being able to see opportunities for growth even in the most despairing of situations. The alchemists of old believed that gold could be made out of “base matter” and that this, though dismissed as worthless by many, provided them with their working material.

In the same way, the challenges and trials of life are seen by the Druid and spiritual alchemist as ideal opportunities for learning and development. Although to some extent this involves reframing a situation in its most positive light, to “make the best of a bad job,” a deeper process is at work. Character, qualities of soul, wisdom, maturity, and compassion come not from a life of ease and tranquility, but from a life in which our hearts, mind, and sometimes even our bodies are pitted against forces we may not understand.

Druid Plant Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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It’s always easier to tell people what they want to hear instead of the truth – and truth telling in a diplomatic way takes some skill. Today is a day to hone that skill.


FOX (Sionnach) – Diplomacy, Cunning, and Wildness

Meaning: Fox is a fine, graceful creature who typifies the beauty and harmony of the natural world. Working with the power of the fox, you will know when it is time to come out into the open and be counted, but you will also know when it is time to remain silent, to keep your own counsel. With others, you will be able to be diplomatic, and one of the attributes of the fox is being “strong in counsel.” One of the hardest things, if you are a person working with “fox-powers,” is to ensure that your skill and diplomacy do not become dishonesty or slyness. Remaining silent, or becoming invisible to watch the unfolding drama, is an asset that can bring with it its own special culpability if it is not tempered with wisdom.

On the flip side, Fox may also be a warning to be careful not to use your cleverness dishonestly. The knowing or kenning of the fox can easily become cunning which turns into conning. This card could mean that you are coming into contact with that part of you which feels a victim. In the past, the fox was hunted for its beautiful fur, but the hunt was considered sacred. From the moment weapons were forged, the hunt was dedicated to the Goddess, and her permission was sought before the hunter would date take the life of an animal. More recently, the fox has become a symbol of the innocence and beauty of the natural world being destroyed by man’s cruelty. If you feel you are at the mercy of circumstances, or are being unfairly or cruelly treated, take a lesson from the fox and “lie low” for a while. Concern yourself with family and home, and develop your skills of mediation and diplomacy.

Most of the animal names used contemptuously come from a patriarchal culture and hence are applied to women (bitch, cat, cow, and shrew for example) but the insult of “vixen” includes an erotic connotation – accusing a woman of being a vixen suggests she is cunning and ill-tempered, but also sexy. The term “foxy lady” conveys this idea, but in a more positive light. It may be that you need to discover how you can show the wild and erotic side of your charater – the Wildman or Wildwoman in you – in the most creative way.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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Our little Queen Cerridwen (don’t let her expression fool you – she’s actually quite sweet) was guarding the deck this morning. Hadn’t shown her in a while, so thought I’d share this pic.

This card appears quite a bit in my personal readings (thankfully!) but hasn’t shown up for the card of the day in a while. Well, she’s a helpful figure who is here to lend you support. Perhaps this is the time to take that step, have that discussion, or do whatever you’ve been hesitating to do. The Queen has your back.


MEANING: Hares have been linked to the spring (Eostre, the Saxon hare goddess) and sexuality since Celtic times, when it was considered taboo to kill them. Prolific breeders, they represent fertility and potential. The Hare is also famous for the “boxing” ritual that takes place during March.

READING POINTS: A companion through life, sympathetic and understanding, leading you to a deeper awareness of what is needed to bring success to your every enterprise. Wise and witty, gentle and kindly, the Queen supports you and strengthens your resolve.

TRACKS & PATHWAYS: Kindness and responsibility; an offering of peace and love; helpfulness, courtesy, and understanding; enchantment; and success in business

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, art by Will Worthington

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Happy Friday, everyone! May your weekend be what you need. Personally, I plan to balance mine among spring cleaning, reading, and walks.

Today, two cards were strong, but the Nightingale a bit more so. So, if Koi Fish Spirit and its message of abundance and finding what you need is what works for you today, focus on that one instead.

The nightingale has long been associated with the wisdom of joy and light, even being featured in the 12th century debate poem, The Owl and the Nightingale. She is here today to tell us there is hope and a way through the darkness.


Nightingale – Love is all around

Message: In the darkness of night, Nightingale spirit sings her song of love and hope, a harbinger of dawn to remind you that the sun will rise again soon. You are so loved, and the illumination song of the Nightingale calls you to a new level of self-awareness and connection with the Light. Yes, there is shadow and darkness, but love and prosperity exist everywhere, even in the seeming emptiness of space, darkness, and a starless night. Hearken to the message, letting the music of the Nightingale’s song remind you that love is all around. Feel it and trust in tomorrow’s light renewing your ability to recognize that the spaces that appear empty are filled with love and abundance. Illumination will happen soon.

Protection Message: The darker the skies, the more it seems the dawn will never appear, but Nightingale Spirit is here to remind you that the sun will shine again. You will soon feel the love and notice the abundance that surrounds you. Sing now – put on some music or simply sing in the empty space, for finding the light within and giving it voice will give rise to hope and help you begin to hear the call of another who, like you, was beginning to fear the light would never come. Bring the light into the darkness with love from within. Give it voice and know that daybreak will be here soon.

Animal Spirit Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia

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Change isn’t always easy, and it can be misleading to our minds when things don’t go as planned. Listen to your heart and your gut. Are you on the right path and it’s just going to take a couple more pushes? Or should you change direction. Whatever happens, don’t fall into hesitance and inertia.



Chakana – Time to Cross the Threshold

Meaning: Change is afoot. You won’t feel in control of the process. Trust in what is new, different, or exciting to you. Don’t assume that unless all things happen easily, then you must be on the wrong path. You are on the correct path, even if the birthing pains to fulfill it are challenging. You are guided to reject societal norms about how you are supposed to live or what sort of things you are supposed to value. Instead, trust your own values and believe in the truths that you feel within your own heart. In time the world will be ready to recognize and benefit from your spiritual growth. The Universe is helping you in all ways, including through correct timing. At the right moment, you will leave the past behind you and enter into the fullness of the present moment, opening up to the brightness of your future.

Guidance: When your journey requires that you stand apart from the crowd, don’t be afraid to embrace your outsider status and the freedom it bestows upon you – to think differently and objectively analyze what isn’t working with the clarity that comes with a more remote point of observation. Your unconventional views may cause discomfort to some at first, but if is of the good sort. This sort of discomfort can stimulate a healing crisis, a divine disruption that cracks faulty belief systems, making way for inspired innovation and radical improvement. It is through the failure of that which cannot take us where we need to go tat the new ideas that can are able to come to the fore. Things not working out as we had anticipated is nothing to fear. It is often mistaken as a “no” from the Universe, but it is really just saying, “There’s a better way.”

Earth Warriors Oracle by author Alana Fairchild and artist Isabel Bryan

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OK, maybe it’s from living in Kansas for 19 years, but I love this card. Sunflowers grow easily in our area, and the local community garden regularly has them resown by the birds – a nutritious and beautiful gift that the gardeners no longer have to sow themselves! Today, we should look to nourish our power and dreams with the magic of the elements and our spirit.

Also, I admit to being rather charmed, ahem, at the idea of charm casting. It seems similar to casting bones, and the personal touch of collecting one’s own charms and symbols would make the divination similarly powerful, I believe. Anyone out there already use this form of divination? Thoughts or suggestions?

Have a blessed day!

The Magician – Sunflower (Helianthus species)

Unleash your magic; radiate power and potency; from one seed, a thousand

A vibrant sunflower lies on a weathered table. One of the leaves gestures toward the sky, the other toward the ground. Black seeds form a lemniscate above the flower. Casting charms are tossed onto the table revealing the tools of the herbcrfter: byline, mortar and pestle, kettle, and basket.

Meaning: The power of manifestation lives within. All the information necessary to create life is contained in a seed; yet it is the elements that make the sunflower grow. Wind strengthens the stalk; water feeds the plant; fire is converted to energy by the leaves; earth anchors thereto. Nourish your ideas with the elements and watch them bloom into being. Receive divine light from the unseen realms, shape it into form, then give it all away. Sunflower roots travel for miles underground bringing nutrients to the flower. When it mature, the flower head bends to the earth and unleashes thousands of seeds. Be a conduit of transformation for others.

Crafting with the Magician:

  • Boost magical potency by eating sunflower sprouts for energy.
  • Learn to read casting charms for others.
  • Multiply creativity with guerrilla gardening. Plant sunflowers everywhere and share your seeds.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artist Joanna Powell Colbert

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It’s such a beautiful day here in southeast Kansas that it was hard to pull myself away from the porch swing to come in to pull a card. Alas, I shall return outdoors shortly.

The Shaman is visiting today to guide us to the inner worlds and meanings of the symbols we find there – and so much more. Take a few minutes today to consider what this means for you.



The Shaman

Reading points: You may hear the beat of a drum or the song of the wind. It may be the dancing of the light on water or the midnight barking of the Fox, but whatever awakens your desire to return to the wild, the shaman within you is ready for initiation into the mysteries. This may manifest itself in the form of desire to study an esoteric science or philosophy and apply what you learned to the world. It may involve travel for the sake of getting confidence and experience. But however the desire to begin a new spiritual chapter emerges, you are now in an emotional and intellectual position to bring forth a real change in your life for the benefit of everyone. This process of focusing, meditating, and applying wisdom from the Otherworld to everyday reality is the true work of the Shaman.

Meaning: The view of the universe possessed by these ancient artists was of a place where human elements and skills were intimately interwoven with the qualities and progress of wild creatures. Human spiritual welfare was dependent on an empathic exchange and respect for the sacred ancestral memory of all life, and mediation of the totem guardians and deities was a primal spiritual function of the shaman.

This is a gateway card, offering illumination to the labyrinth of the inner universe end of the Otherworld of the universe online. The shamans unique quality is the ability to enter and commune with all levels of sentiment life on the earth. It is he who shudders with the wisdom and joy contained in the haunting music of the whale song or whose skin prickles with arousal at the howling of the timberwolves. His soul reverberates with the unheard sonorous call of the mountains and smiles with pure joy at laughter of the waterfall.

The shaman applies his magic with intent. He studies the habits of wild creatures; he understands the weather patterns that bring good harvest or dry summers. He knows the healing plants from the deadly fungi and can travel through the dark by watching the ritual dance of the magical beings that populate the night sky. He give thanks to the trees that supply warmth and light in the winter and gathers the young around a fire to tell stories of great adventure and courage to the light and educate those who would listen.

Through inner working and meditation, the shaman will bring insight and understanding of your true place in the world. Then practical application and the manifestation of wisdom and will power into your physical world is possible. This requires dedication, patience, and commitment, but is the nature of real magic.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Let’s get froggy for the weekend! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend here; hoping you all have a good one too.

Frog (Losgann) – Sensitivity, medicine, hidden beauty, and power

The card shows a common frog crawling from a pool in which lies frog spawn, traditionally considered a powerful medicine. To the right grows Frogberry, now known as cranberry, and frogs spindle or orchid. To the left beneath the hanging willow leaves grows toadstool mushrooms, which were once called frog stools. 

Meaning: Frog embodies both the elements of water and earth, bringing joy, the light, and healing in its singing and hopping, and leading you to the sacred spring from which you may be refreshed and renewed. A cold-blooded creature living half on the land and half in the water, the frog possesses an extremely sensitive skin, considered magical by shamans. Companion of the rain spirits, the frog can help you develop your sensitivity to others, to healing, and to sound through your skin and your whole body and aura.

Nothing is what it appears to be, and life is more fun than you at first supposed! There is a hidden beauty and a hidden power in all of nature, and as you open yourself to this you will feel close to the goddess and to both earth and water. Look for the beauty and the magic behind appearances.

This card may also suggest that you are learning how to embrace difficult circumstances. The frog that you must marry will turn out to be a prince. The circumstances you have chosen to except – while apparently unappealing or difficult – will bring you rich rewards in the end. Remember that the frog bring his medicine, and medicine brings healing.

The Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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