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Today is the birthday of one of my greatest friends, Dryad from Dryad Incense, so I’m pulling today’s card from one of her favorite decks. 🙂

Today we have yet another amazing spread. Check it out out:

The card of the day tells us to act as the divine beings we actually are. Be strong, be kind, be true. Blessings!

Elhaz – Divine Might Fortold

You know what is correct. You understand that any gain which comes from denying your values and compromising yourself creates a loss of soul. There are times when it may see as though people who act without integrity are obtaining benefit without negative repercussions. Life can seem unfair if you limit yourself to a strictly human perspective. Yet nothing escapes the attention of the spiritual worlds. Restorative action and balancing fairness is always at a higher level, according to divine timing and wisdom. Stay true to your integrity, put your faith in divine justice, and you will win in a way that brings benefit to many.

Meaning: Don’t let yourself down with behavior or attitudes that are unworthy of you. You have divinity within you and a right to be in the world with dignity, grace, and integrity. Whether in a small matter of apparent insignificance to anyone other than ourself, or in big matters where you feel your soul, and perhaps the souls of others, are on the line, integrity will be your saving grace. You can be kind of heart, but also firm as you refuse to allow anyone or anything to convince you that lowering your standards of acceptable behavior is warranted. Be in right relationship with yourself and the Divine. Justice will always be done, whether you see it happening or not. Put your faith in the good and true, and you will successfully continue on your path. Others are relying on you to be true to yourself more than you may realize. You are strong enough to live with honor.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynna


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Hoping you all are having a fun or restful Sunday (whichever you need). Today’s spread was so unified that I felt I should post the whole thing though it was the healing Snake Spirit that took the lead. These three – Elephant (Learn from the past), Snake (Time to heal), and Dove (Be peace) – even seem to be in a logical order for healing and peace.

Wishing you all many blessings as we start this week.

Snake Spirit – Time to Heal

Message: All of us need healing at times, and when Snake Spirit appears, it is time to repair, renew, and replenish yourself and your vulnerable heart. Self-care and maintenance work are needed so that your vitality can arise. Give yourself the space to nourish your own well-being.

Vulnerability is necessary for friendships and partnerships to work, which means all of us will have tender emotions at times. Be gentle with yourself and others now. Shed the past and step into a new way of being, for vitality is rising in you.

This might be a good time to honor the work you have done to heal, grow, and repair any damage within you, within those you care about, and within your community. Celebrate together how far all of you have come in your healing journey, and all that you have created! Unburden yourself of anything that no longer supports wellness, prosperity, positive relationships, and well-being, and open the door for healing to occur.

Protection Message: No matter how much you may have lost, or how you have been disappointed, you are called by Snake Spirit to shed the past and practice radical self-acceptance now. Only by forgiving yourself can you move on, regardless of whether anyone else is ready for healing. When your tender new skin first becomes exposed, you may feel uncomfortable ; love yourself and remain vulnerable anyway. You have been weak, but now you are becoming strong and developing wisdom, and you will do better in the future.

Snake reminds you that hearts can be is easily wounded. Self-forgiveness for your role in what happened can help you heal. Remember, it is the one who has been wounded who often has the greatest power to help others heal.

Spirit Animals Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DelaGrottaglia

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Have you been tackling a problem or a goal in the same way without success? Maybe today is the day to evaluate your methods. Happy Friday, everyone!

Five of Spears – Pursuit of Igraine

Meaning: Strong competition makes for a lengthy struggle. A breakdown of command under stress. Engaging a challenge offered by staunch opposition. Disorganized effort. Mass confusion. Unfulfilled desires fuel upheaval and conflict. Dedication to a cause. Learning from past mistakes. Reassessing methods and planning a new approach. A need to calmly focus and redirect scattered energies toward one goal.

This card could also indicate being taken in by the trickery of an imposter. Arriving at a dead end. Being misinformed and led astray. Allowing one’s self to be deterred by failure of a first attempt.

The Story: Driven by his desire for Igraine, the Duchess of Cornwall, Uther Pendragon led his army against the duke. The duke, in his wisdom, placed Igraine in the Castle of Tinagel, while he and his men awaited Uther in a nearby encampment.

Though they were greatly outnumbered, the duke’s men put up a valiant fight, but they were not the only obstacle to face the High King. The greater challenge came from Tintagel itself.

Situated on the rugged coast of Cornwall, Tintagel is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Only a narrow ridge connects its island to the mainland. An added deterrent are its formidable cliffs, which drop up to a hundred meters to the sea. With such defenses the castle only need be guarded by a small garrison of men. (Excavations of the site have reveled that it was inhabited in the fifth and sixth centuries, but the ruins seen today are of the twelfth century.)

A frustrated Uther was advised that it would not matter if the entire kingdom stood behind him, he still would not be able to take Tintagel. Uther realized that if he were to succeed he must abandon his old tactics and take a different approach. For this, the implacable Uther turned to Merlin (see the Magician card).

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

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We woke up to a cold but beautiful and glittery world. Our weather was incredibly weird last night with thunderstorms and lightning as the weather turned below freezing. Always exciting in the Midwest! Here’s a screen capture of our KS/MO weather from last night:

As many things are closed today due to the weather, we are having a lazy morning  and having a pretty good streak, so we’re not feeling too much of this struggle as yet. However, I know some that struggle quite a bit this time of year.

Hoping you all are warm and finding the core within you to deal with your personal struggles. Blessings!


MEANING: In the darkness of failure, the burning torch of hope remains lit in the human soul and encourages struggle. Courage is needed to survive the storm.

DESCRIPTION: A lone figure struggles across a bleak landscape, leaning heavily on a staff. Closely wrapped in a cloak and thick garments, she fights her way through a blizzard that whirls around her. In the ground amide the whirling snowflakes, we see eight bent, broken, and wasted arrows, weathered and tattered by the elements.

READING POINTS: However much we wish that divisive and conflicting issues and moral dilemmas didn’t exist in our lives, sometimes they are an unavoidable part of the journey. If we are lucky, we have the support and sympathy of friends and loved ones to help us deal with the struggle, but not always.

Sometimes, because of the very personal nature of the problem, we are alone, dealing with a thorny dilemma that only the individual at the center of the issue can negotiate. The choices can be painful and stark. The path may appear fraught with unfamiliar obstacles and pitfalls, and with no obvious remedy. All these elements may strain our core beliefs, causing us to doubt the validity of previous choices. Such profound personal struggles require calm, decisive and resolute action. Reach down into the very core of your being and summon all the reserves of your courage and wisdom. See honestly what the issue will require for you to resolve it and present those who might be a party to the problem with an implacable and unyielding dedication. View this necessary sojourn with clear eyes and a resolute heart, for to overcome these tests of life makes us stronger.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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It’s an icy morning here, and this card has a touch of ice as well. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. Sometimes we have to be tough on ourselves to achieve what we need in life.


Make the Sacrifice

You will not achieve the outcome you desire if you are unwilling to act upon your intentions. It is not as simple as wanting something to happen or believing that it will happen. You have to make it happen, and to make it happen requires that you be willing and ready to do whatever is necessary no matter the sacrifice. For everything you desire, you must give of yourself in return.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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We finally got our altar shifted from Winter Solstice to Imbolc a couple days ago. Yes, this is the time to renew ourselves, rest, and to look within. That doesn’t mean that you cannot also seize an opportunity when it comes along, as today’s card suggests it might. Balance is key. Is the falling star shown coming to you or are you going to miss its promised opportunity?


The Star – The spirit of hope and faith

Meaning: Get ready for a sense of renewed hope and of being inspired, for the Star brings these feelings to our day. It represents faith, inspiration, bright prospects, fulfillment, and a promising opportunity. Also, as the one cat looking back while the other two look forward indicates, the Star is a mix of the past and present.

Drawn reversed, the Star suggests unfulfilled hope, disappointment, and stubbornness.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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This card speaks to me quite a bit as I suffer from trying to control too much. Sometimes letting things go a bit helps you find what you need to be focusing on.


Mouse Spirit – Attend to the small things

Message: The humble mouse pays attention to the smallest details, and Mouse Spirit calls on you to notice the nuances and the fine print at this time. In our eagerness to meet your goals and pursue your dreams, it’s easy to forget the importance of clear communication and tending to the little things, including people’s subtle signs that they are unhappy as well as the small voice inside of you that says, “This doesn’t feel right.”

Take your time to sniff out what you need to know. Is there some detail or nuance about how you engage others or operate in the world that is key to your success but you’ve too dismissed as “nothing big” or “nothing special”? Mouse Spirit remind you that what seems small may be more important and powerful than you think, so look again. Do not underestimate yourself or your potential for co-creating something amazing when you pay attention to the details!

Protection Message: Are you too caught up in details, micromanaging others and stressing out because you want everything to be perfect? Are you procrastinating because you want every detail to be “just right” and losing track of time and your priorities? Mouse Spirit wants you to listen to your intuition that tells you that the the detail you fear you are overlooking will only appear when you stop obsessing.

Mouse Spirit will lead you to the nuances you need to notice and will diligently work to support you if you take a breath and trust that guidance will be provided. Small gestures carry great power right now, and maybe you need to take action toward discovering what is going on that you may not be seeing – or toward mending a relationship or situation. Ask a question, do a little research, and listen for Mouse Spirit’s quiet little squeak telling you, “Look here, and attend to this detail.”

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia

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