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Today’s card was bookended by Vessels cards, The King of Vessels representing honesty and support and Eight of Vessels suggesting rebirth. Today’s card, however, also came up yesterday. I figured she was trying to tell us something.

The Bear Queen, the queen of stones, wants us to understand our power and for us to use it wisely and to protect the land. There is a reason why the bear is connected to King Arthur, and there is a reason why his kingdom fell from him. What can we do to honor our power and the land itself?


Queen of Stones – Bear

Meaning: The ancient ancestor of the modern bear, the cave bear hibernated in caves during the cold northern winter. Neanderthals buried their skulls here and even shared their caves during some periods. Often linked to Arthurian legend, the Bear remains a symbol of the power and protection of the land.

Reading Points: Richness and plenty surround you. Your bounty and welcoming nature make you popular with all. Many depend on you, and your natural sensuality makes you powerful attractive to others. Pragmatism and generosity open doorways at every point.

Tracks & Pathways: Power and generality, punctiliousness, a demanding individual, confidence, frankness, assurance, and property.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Another card that encourages us to look beyond our immediate worldly concerns. There is more to life than surviving it – now is a good time to look at what you soul is called to, spiritually and creatively. When we look at this card, it is easy to miss the cave for the simple beauty of the bird and the night sky. What lies in the cave for you?

Have a great day!

Blackbird – Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call

The card shows a blackbird sitting on a rowan tree. It is twilight and the first stars are just appearing in the sky. In the background, we can see the entrance to an enchanted cave. Blackbird is the bird of both the gateway and the forge. 

Meaning: Blackbird (Druid Dhubh) calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware. He calls to us in the twilight, showing us the path to Otherworldly secrets, pointing out the ways in which we can discover more about our hidden motivations and potential. There are times in life when it is important to concentrate on the outer world and your responsibilities in that world, but there are also times when you must attend to the haunting song of your soul that calls you to a study of spiritual truths and to an exploration of the inner world through dreams and myths. In heeding Druid Dhubh’s song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul.

This card may also be here to remind you that the blackbird is the smith’s bird, and his song may be calling you to work in the forge of your own heart – to create a life of passion and purpose. All four elements are used in metal-working, and to create a healthy and balanced life we must work with the power of the four elements, integrating and developing our minds and hearts, our instinct and our intuition. Just standing at the gateway between two worlds, without truly working in either, is a denial of our own power and responsibility.

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

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The women’s group I’m in discussed magical vision boards last night, so this card follows along well! For your weekend, perhaps it’s good to dedicate some time to figuring out how to make your dream a reality – or perhaps you just need some time to be creative.

Have a great weekend!

Spider Spirit – Make your dreams real

Message: Weaving your dreams into the fabric of life begins with a single thread of intention, and then spirit joins you as your co-weaving partner. Take but a single step to make your dream a reality, and Spirit will take ten toward you, for the universe is designed to support your dream-weaving.

Spirit Spirit arrives when you need reminding of the awesome power of co-creation with Spirit. Ideas and resources will begin to appear as if by magic as you begin to bring your dreams from the realm of intention into the world of the senses where they take form. The action you need to take is to be clear about your intentions, and then act as if you have become the one that lives the life you desire. The web of creation has an uncanny way of coming together to weave the beautiful pattern you set in motion.

Another message of Spider Spirit is about any creative project you may be considering: Writing, painting, music, journaling, gardening, etc. Now is the time when inspiration wants to be channeled through you at something creative, even artistic and tangible. Creative projects are successful now, if you are so inclined. Let yourself be open to abundance.

Protection Message: Are you expecting your dreams to weave themselves into reality? Are you stuck in the sticky web of weaving dreams, but never following through? The thread of Intention isn’t enough to make dreams a frailty unless you do your part in the weaving. Spider want you to know that your plans will remain ephemeral unless you commit to being productive and industrious, for Spirit will not do it all for you. Magic needs to be instigated, so begin to make your dream a reality by taking action today.

What are you will do to do? what are you willing to sacrifice? Can you release your limiting beliefs? Your dream is worthy of weaving. Today is a day to choose one small step toward your dream. Remember, Spirit is your weaving partner; you just have to be the first one to bring the thread to the loom, then continue to do your part.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia

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As someone who can get several projects going at once, several books being read at once, and so for, I often need this reminder to get focused on one thing to achieve my goal. How about you?


The Tracker

Meaning: Focus your intent and your passion on one thing, rather than being scattered in different directions. Be single minded in what’s truly important in your life and let everything else go. Track the unseen world to see but very real print to the stream of energy to that what you desire.

Native Spirit Wisdom: Trackers have the ability to be so focused that everything but their goal disappears. What you see around you is the result of what you focus on. When you direct your thoughts for good, you attract positive experiences and people into your life; but when you focus on what isn’t working, you create even more challenging situations.

If you aren’t pleased with the direction of your life, concentrate on what you desire – not on what you don’t want. To develop inner power, Focus intently on one thing. Being scattered in a myriad of directions dilutes your strength. Devote your attention to your family, community, career, relationships, hobbies, or anything you’re passionate about. Diminish activities that aren’t essential to your goals, and it will be just a matter of time before miracles begin to occur.

The Journey: Write down how much time, on average, that you spend on different activities during the day. If there is anything nonessential that doesn’t feed your soul, find ways to diminish it and focus on what’s truly important.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Linn and artist Charles McStravick

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Not a deck I normally reach for, but the chill air in Kansas this morning seemed to call for something a little different. We don’t really see ravens in this area, but the corvid cousin the crow has been cawing from the trees and corn fields. Either bird has a lot of significance.

Have a great day!

Knave of Swords

The Raven holding a glowing key just above a glowing keyhole is telling here even beyond the typical meaning of the card. Ravens are curious, intelligent, and a bit mischievous. They also suggest spiritual rebirth. Something lies just beyond your normal reach or interest that you need to unlock a spiritual or personal rebirth or change. Will you go beyond your normal limits to unlock the door?

Meaning: Penetration, vigilance, agility, a discreet person, or an active youth. It could also mean someone revealed as an imposter, something unforeseen, or the feeling of powerlessness the face of stronger forces.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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Sometimes it is important to forgive yourself and let yourself move on from past mistakes or perceived failings. Take a few moments today to consider if you are holding on to these things and then let them go!


Wash Away All Your Burdens

As you have move through life, you have undoubtedly experienced moments that have inspired feelings of regret, remorse, shame, and guilt. You have made promises you have not been able to keep. You have judged and blamed yourself and others. You have burdened yourself with feelings born of acts that cannot be undone, which still bind you to the past. It is time to forgive. It is time to lie down in the healing waters and let them wash away your burdens so you can move forward with spirit cleansed.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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Good fortune or opportunity is coming our way, but do remember that sometimes it doesn’t look like you expect it too. Blessing and have a lovely weekend!

BLACK CAT – Fortune meets opportunity

Sleek and black and lantern-eyed
Crosses your path with a hiss
Good luck and fortune
Sweep by with a kiss

In traditional folklore, cats were said to have one foot in this world and one in the next. They were the conduit between the underworld and this world and fortune and opportunity.

In the time of the Inquisition (the Middle Ages), cats were hunted because they were said to be allies of evil entities such as devils and witches. Black cats (black being associated with the darker aspects of the supernatural) were especially singled out. Historians believe this unprecedented killing of cats in the name of eradicating evil led to an unchecked increase in the rat population which was responsible for the alarmingly rapid spread of the bubonic plague and the death of millions of people.

These days, in Germany for example, a black cat passing one’s path indicates impending misfortune. Yet, in ancient Britain they were considered good luck and were even given to brides on their wedding day. In Japan, to this day, they are considered very good luck and bringers of fortune.

Should the slinky black cats cross your path through this oracle, know that good luck and fortune will be meeting you promptly. Also know that your luck will be even “luckier” if you are prepared to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

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Morning, everyone. The Owl is here to suggest we search within for wisdom and intuition. It’s easy to get distracted from these with all the commotion in the world. Seek some peace to hear your own truth. Blessings!


MEANING: Wisdom. Illumination. Intuition, clairvoyance, and deep insight abound. Go within. Profound majesty and grace is available to you simply by pulling your awareness inward. Ancient knowledge is emerging within you. You know the truth. Trust your perception. You are a truth-seeker and a truth-sharer. Nurture the feminine spirit within you.

NATIVE SPIRIT WISDOM: In some indigenous cultures, the men say that they are afraid of the owl because it represents the power of woman and they’re in awe of (and even afraid of) the power of women. Other native cultures call the owl the “night eagle,” for it has the majesty of the eagle but works silently in the darkness of night. (In Western cultures, the owl sits on the shoulder of Athena and also of Merlin, revealing sacred truths.) When this card chooses you, you are at the advent of illumination and transformation.

THE JOURNEY: In a meditative state, imagine that you have shape-shifted into an owl and that you are soaring silently through the night. Your ability to see, even in darkness, is remarkable. This corresponds with your ability to see the truth even in murky situation in life.

Native Spirit Oracle by author Denise Lynn and artist Charles McStravick

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The decision to dedicate yourself to something – a path, a skill, a family, etc. – is not something to made lightly, but also not to be avoided. Dedication brings a depth and fullness to life.




MEANING: The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument of summoning. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating skills to a great good.

DESCRIPTION: A figure, clad in skin robes decorated with patterns of leaves, stands in a clearing amid the Wildwood. She is holding a bow as though it were an instrument, the back of the bow cradled in her arms and an arrow held against the string as if it were the bow on a fiddle. Around her, repulsed by an invisible shield, are another eight arrows.

READING POINTS: To heed the calling to dedicate one’s life to any skill, spiritual path, belief system, or philosophy requires sincerity, self-discipline, and hard work. It is a sacred summoning that requires time and effort. For those who hear the calling and become spiritual warriors and protectors of the land, responsibility and sacrifice are also required. To deny that the human species has had a negative effect on the planet’s climate and atmosphere seems totally redundant. The growing awareness of our individual impact on the ecosystem may take on greater significance in the future.

We cannot predict what effect our avarice and rapacious exploitation of the land will eventually produce, but the dedicated defender of the soil must protect the living legacy we leave for our children. To teach by example the value of respecting other’s beliefs and philosophies in honoring the land is immensely important. Sometimes a simply daily ritual reminds us of the oath we have taken to conserve and protect the environment. Dedicate yourself to the task of preserving the land and be a part of making the difference.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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An amazing card to kick off the week, don’t you think? Maybe your creativity comes through your work or through a hobby or even the daily cooking. Don’t overlook it just because it doesn’t look like how you expect it to. Work your creative magic!


Scarab Beetle Spirit – Magic Works Through You

Message: In Ancient Egyptt, the scarab beetle was revered, for the creative magic of Scarab Beetle Spirit reminds us that we can bring forth something extraordinary seemingly out of thin air. Whenever you let your creativity flow through you, Scarab Beetle reminds you that Spirit has given you the gift of infinite potential. You have an ally as you fashion something new or repurpose the old; the Spirit co-creates with you, channeling energy through you so that you feel replenished and vitalized as you make magic with what is at hand.

Now is a time for great optimism, for you can accomplish anything you desire and your creative endeavors will come to fruition. Miracles, opportunities, abundance, and love will appear seemingly out of nowhere as you allow Spirit to work through you and magically manifest what you need.

Protection Message: Do you doubt your unique inner magic? Are you afraid that you have no originality or that creative juices don’t flower through you? Perhaps you mistakenly believe you’re not “the creative manifesting type.” Scarab Beetle Spirit’s message is that creativity is a living force that comes to all of us from Spirit, who wants every person on the planet to manifest magic and co-create the world anew. You are as capable of resilience and innovation as anyone. If you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got, so draw inspiration into your being and begin to playfully create something new – and do it without any judgement. Creativity and magic are your legacy as an expression of the Creator, so let them flow through you.

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jenna DellaGrotaglia

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