As I have noted before, Otter is one of my spirit guides who reminds me not to be so serious and to enjoy life and have fun. Otter is great at that – and their fluidity is inspiring. If you’ve been working too hard or worrying too much, take some time to have a little fun. Or a day off to recharge.

On the flip side, for some folks this card is an indicator that they’ve been playing a bit too much and avoiding responsibilities. Extremes are rarely helpful.



Otter (Dobhran)- Joy, play, and helpfulness

Meaning: Otter invites us to play, to go with the flow of life and experience – to become a child again. Allow yourself the freedom and pleasure of relaxing and letting go of all your daily concerns. Otter could be prompting you to take a day or a weekend out of your usual routine to do something purely for fun. Your practical side may tell you that you cannot afford the time, but deep down you know that you need to care for yourself to be a real value to others.

Someone may even be coming into your life who will show you how to play again – something you may have forgotten as you accepted the responsibilities of growing up. Otter shows us that being playful can lead us to catch the salmon – the fish prized by the Druids as the totem of wisdom. Drawing this card also confirms to us the sense that we are truly protected.

This card can also suggest that you may be “pushing the river“ – going against the natural course of events, perhaps out of fear or stubbornness. Try letting go, relaxing, and trusting in life. Although Otter urges us to be playful, we must be aware of becoming the play boy or girl who uses play as an escape from the demands and responsibilities of adulthood.

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

I grabbed the Halloween Oracle today because, in the back of my mind, I hoped it would keep the cooler weather with us instead or rebounding to the 90s (though low 90s). That might be wishful thinking, but as I pulled THIS card, I was reminded that the date of my Mom’s passing is coming soon too.

This card might seem sad, but remembering lost loved ones eventually can become joyful: remembering their laugh, their stories, or even seeing them reflected in others you know. Don’t shy away from remembrance, because it’s how we honor the energy and love they gave us.



THE LAMP – Remembrance

I light a single candle
Within a lamp for you
A single flame in the darkness
That reflects my heart so true.

While it is a tradition to carve a jack-o-lantern to scare away the spirits, it was an older tradition still to light a candle or a lamp on Halloween night and leave it at the window as a loving guide for those who have passed.

Both as a symbol of remembrance and also as a kind of “leaving the lights on” for those who may wish to come home, the lamp was left on to illuminate the night and perhaps even the sadness that was felt because of the passing.

This card reminds us that it is a positive thing to remember those who have passed by celebrating their life rather than mourning their death. For those with whom we did not have an easy relationship or even those we did not like, leave us with valuable lessons. Sometimes, we learn more from our nemesis than we do from our friends and so the darkness can illuminate our strengths and our true values so that we can live them ore clearly and fully.

The Halloween Oracle by author Stacey Demarco and artist Jimmy Manton

This card rings true for me at the moment – I’ve been living a very physical, task-oriented existence lately but I feel the need to reconnect with Spirit. Sometimes it’s a hard balance when we have so much that needs done, but we must take time to rest and recharge the mind, body, AND spirit.



Chamomile – Rest, Guardianship, Regeneration

Chamomile brings rest and protection. If you have chosen this card, it may mean that you are entering or need to enter a calm phase in which you will be able to connect again to your inner resources – both physical and spiritual. Our lives can be so frenetic that even when we do take time to rest we find it hard to calm down. Chamomile can help us to do this. In addition, chamomile is one of the Saint Johns wort’s plants – a term that was used for a number of herbs traditionally gathered on Saint Johns day, and, originally, probably at the summer solstice. These plants convey the energy of the summer sun – regeneration and vitality. Without vitality, whatever we do is colored by a sense of fatigue or lack of enthusiasm, and choosing this card may suggest that you need to focus on how you regain your zest for life, and the energy you need to cope with the demands of the life you have chosen. This card may also be suggesting we need to go back to basics, the simple things in life, or even to return to the family and the nurturing it can offer.

Most people’s lives tend to be stressful, but is how they cope with it that determines whether or not it makes them ill or depressed. This card may also indicate that you’re experiencing a good deal of stress at the moment and it can be helpful to focus not on the source of that stress, which could be out of your control, but on how you are reacting to it.

The more you focus on something, the more your awareness is consumed by preoccupation with it. One of the values of a spiritual path lies in its ability to offer inspiring ideas, rather than worrying thoughts, to focus upon. It should also offer an oasis of calm – sanctuary in the midst of life’s troubles – to which you can turn when you feel overwhelmed or under great pressure. In Druidry, the sanctuary is often visualized as a sacred Grove – a Sun-Dappled Glade in the woods – where you can rest and meditate, reconnecting to the essential in life, and finding support and inspiration of an age-old tradition.

The Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, art by Will Worthington

Endings are difficult even in the best of circumstances. The Graveyard card indicates ends other than the end of life, but remember that those ends are also beginnings. Let go of your fear and let the Universe unfold before you.



GRAVEYARD – Unnecessary fear

The stones they mark
The eternal resting place
Yet the spirits they are walking
And they are ready for the chase!

Today’s modern graveyards are restful places – normally highly manicured and very well set out. While they can be places of profound sadness, few are the creepy gothic places of old, yet they still hold an undercurrent of fear and seem frightening places.

Due to countless stories of haunted graveyards, the thought of walking through cemeteries evokes fear in many of us – we imagine zombies and ghosts rising from the graves and bad spirits hiding out, waiting to harm an unsuspecting living person walking by. The idea of being at a graveyard after dark, or worse, at midnight, is the stuff of dares and nightmares.

But this isn’t the way with every culture. On the Mexican Day of the Dead, whole families picnic on the graves of their loved ones who have passed. Children play upon the graves, people play music, drink wine and share food all in the “company of the dead.” Graveyard dust is used as an ingredient in protective spells, not in curses.

Pull this card and know that you fear unnecessarily. Things are not as they seem and you can overcome your obstacles. The anxieties you have, although real, should be put aside before they haunt you long term. Instead, trust that you know the correct next steps and that you will act upon them.

So often, people associate happiness with things that are quite limited: while on vacation, while spending money, while only with certain people. This is only a superficial happiness; it comes from many more basic sources when we live in a way that brings us the kind of stability we need, fulfillment from things we do in our life, and so forth. Don’t underestimate the power of a more subtle happiness.



Ten of Vessels – Happiness

Description: A waterfall foams over rocks from a low cliff decked with trees. The cascade creates dozens of separate water flows, which fall into a river below. Near the bottom of the waterfall, 10 vessels are arranged and the water fills them to overflowing.

Meaning: Generous fulfillment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. Reward for patience and love given selflessly. True emotional stability and freedom.

Reading Points: With the deep and profound calm of true and lasting happiness flowing through your life, a sense of homecoming, safety, and beauty shines from an individual that lights others’ lives and is infectious to everyone. Healing rays of affection and warmth radiate from your inner core. For those in love, the joy is in the sharing of tender and intimate support and understanding. Giving love and seeing that love reflected in the eyes of the one you care for is the most powerful and healing magic known to mankind.

For those who thrive on happiness derived from the fulfillment of ambitions in life goals, happiness is fueled by the essence of affirmation of self-worth and ideals. Being effective and productive in the practical world brings a sense of stability that can be shared and used as a vehicle to motivate and inspire others. No greater act of humanity can be achieved than by showing the way and opening a person‘s heart to the possibility of happiness. However much we love, however much we achieve, we empower ourselves to be emotionally alive by excepting that the circuit of life requires giving, as well as receiving. As we revel in the bliss of the journey, we remember with gratitude patients, wisdom, and synchronicity that brought that blessing into our lives.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

The White Hind, and the White Hart even more so, have strong mythological links. They represent the Otherworld and the world of the Fae. This creature also signifies feminine energy, which we all have even if we identify as male. It might be time to tap into that energy and weave it into your life.

Do note that it’s easy to get lost in the Otherworld (and while looking at this card) – do be careful to balance your Otherworld connection (Realm of Sea) with THIS world (Realm of Land).

Blessings and have a lovely weekend!



THE CARD: This shows a white hind, or eilid, in the forest in late summer or early fall. Acorns hang heavy from the oaks. The hind calls us to follow her deeper into the forest. Standing in a shaft of sunlight, she appears so elusive we are not even sure if she is of this world.

MEANING: Eilid brings us the gentleness and grace of the feminine principle. Whether you are a male or female, opening to the qualities of the Hind will enable you to achieve a greater degree of sophistication, subtlety, and elegance – in the best possible senses of these terms.

Deer, and the white hind in particular, call to us from the Otherworld, from the realm of Faery, and invite us to look beyond the material, beyond the superficialities of life, toward the heart of things, toward the realm of causes rather than effects. Poised in moonlight or sunlight, Eilid invites us to begin an exploration of the Otherworld, of the spiritual dimension of life.

The Hind may also be warning you to be less self-effacing. Rather than adapting yourself, like a chameleon, to the perceived demands and expectation of those around you, you may need to become more assertive. You may also need to be wary of becoming preoccupied with the Otherworld. Our psychic life has its seasons, and at times it is good and balancing for us to explore the inner mysteries, but at other times it is important for us to focus our awareness on everyday life. You may have reached a time when an interest in the esoteric needs balancing with a period of outer activity. Do not worry that you will lose touch with the Otherworld, for the magical white Hind will always be waiting for you at the edge of the woods, ready to guide you into the heart of the forest.

The Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

Running a bit late, but here we are. Lavender is such a lovely and useful plant.

Lavender – Devotion

Let the healing energy of Mother Earth and her Beings touch your life and bring you wellness.

Guidance: Do you see opportunity where others do not? Trust your intuition. Lavender also represents serenity, grace, and silence – perhaps you need some of that calming lavender energy today. Maybe burn a lavender-scented candle or incense, or if you have actual lavender flowers you could make a sleep pillow with some other helpful, calming herbs.

Traditional Uses: Aromatherapy, insect bites, burns, acne, and headaches. Fresh lavender repels insects. Used for over 2000 years, it’s one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world; especially rich in aromatic molecules called esters, while other molecules give it its bacterial, antiviral, and inflammatory powers.

Channeled Message: I am softly falling backward, gentle and safe. I am landing on a bed of soft lavender. The scent fills my being. I am in a temple in a tub filled with lavender water. I am looking outward to the sea, a hillside filled with lavender flowers from the temple down to the sea. I see medicine being made from the lavender. I see a Roman (?) temple of medicine, of healing. I see the form of a human with outstretched arms and the lavender targeting different parts of the body. The healing energy can enter through the nose, the eyes, the ears, the skin. I see lavender laid out in from of me in lotions, water, oils, dried in bowls. All of this is given to you for healing. Lavender grows in places where other plants cannot grow and transforms the “nothing” into healing energy.

Alchemy Flower Oracle by Ingrid Koivukangas

The three cards this morning featured TWO bear cards plus the Woodward, but the Queen of Stones called out. As I have noted before with this card, she wants us to understand our power and to use it wisely and to protect the land. The bears connected to King Arthur, but let us not forget his kingdom fell when he didn’t protect and honor the sovereignty of the land. The Wasteland ensued. What can we do to honor our power and the land itself?



Queen of Stones – Bear

Meaning: The ancient ancestor of the modern bear, the cave bear hibernated in caves during the cold northern winter. Neanderthals buried their skulls here and even shared their caves during some periods. Often linked to Arthurian legend, the Bear remains a symbol of the power and protection of the land.

Reading Points: Richness and plenty surround you. Your bounty and welcoming nature make you popular with all. Many depend on you, and your natural sensuality makes you powerful attractive to others. Pragmatism and generosity open doorways at every point.

Tracks & Pathways: Power and generality, punctiliousness, a demanding individual, confidence, frankness, assurance, and property.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

This High Priestess card tells us to focus on our dreams, intuition, and genetic memory – all things that are easily pushed to the wayside in day-to-day life. Make some time to focus on your dream and inner thoughts, perhaps by journaling, meditation, a quiet walk in the wood, or a repetitive activity that lets your mind wander (crochet, snapping beans, etc). Perhaps these dreams and thoughts will come into play this week.

Also, it’s been a while since I shared a Tarot Kitty pic – today, Cerridwen was all over it, even while I was posting the card.



The High Priestess – Mugwort

Follow the fragrance of mystery; awaken ancient memory; and divine messages in dream and visions.

An unfinished mugwort dream pillow of stars and moons lies on a blue silk cloth. The thread, still attached to the needle, loops around curled leaves. A small scroll tied with satin ribbons is tucked inside. Three rose hips split open, revealing their seeds, near vials of copal and storax resin. A moon-phase pendant is draped across the table.

Meaning: The mystery summons the awakening one. Answer the call. Known for its aromatic leaves, mugwort enhances dreams and strengthens intuition. Just as the bitter taste of the tea is hard to swallow, what is revealed may be unpleasant. Healing is sure to come once your visions are acknowledged. The silver leaves of mugwort easily hide the plant from all but the best foragers; this is a secret between you and the dreamtime. You need not share.

Crafting with the High Priestess:

• To follow the fragrance of mystery, seek your native mugwort in the wild.
• Make a dream pillow with mugwort tucked inside to invite lucid dreaming.
• Burn mugwort incense before journaling session to decipher messages in dreams and visions.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by author Latisha Guthrie and artist Joanna Powell Colbert

Drumming has always been one of my favorite ways to ground and also build energy. It’s so primal to our nature – we would even beat on our chests or slap our thighs to drum a rhythm that builds power and community. Today is a day to use that kind of power for a good purpose.

Blessings and have a lovely weekend, everyone!



MEANING: Stand up and be counted. Be assertive. Don’t be shy about sharing your gifts and letting the world know about your value. Declare with authority. “This is who I am, and this is what I stand for.” Make a stand for others less fortunate. Take risks. Walk in rhythm to the beat of your own drum. This is not the time to step back or step aside.

NATIVE SPIRIT WISDOM: Throughout the world, indigenous people have called Spirit through drumming. Drumming was used to activate one’s fighting spirit before battle, as well as for joyous celebrations and sacred ceremonies. It was also used for healing rituals. In every case, the drumbeat was used to open spiritual realms. A thunder drum calls the Thunder Beings from the sky, and they arrive with passion and incredible vitality. Drawing this card means that it is time to step into your passion. Make a stand in life for what truly matters to you.

THE JOURNEY: A powerful way to activate your life force is to drum on your chest lightly with a closed fist. It’s especially powerful if you do a two-beat – similar to the sound of a beating heart – which is the most primordial sound for humans. This rhythm is grounding and activates your strength.

Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, art by Charles McStravick

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