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Balance and justice happens whether we appreciate it or not. Now is the time to consider whether you need to make a change or realignment to make your world work better. Or perhaps something has changed and you need to play catchup. Take some time and consider these possibilities today.


The Stag

READING POINTS: On a personal level, some kind of adjustment or interaction has taken place. The keyword here is responsibility. We must, as individuals, constantly observe the rules and regulations of society, and these can fluctuate as the views and knowledge of civilization change. Whether on a political or moral level, we subconsciously know when a realignment of our perceptions is due. This is a time to welcome the justice that has arrived with the coming spring and the fire of creation. Face the coming season with honesty and integrity and trust to right and appropriate action.

MEANING: The concepts of forgiveness and reward are not appropriate here. They are human ideas which have no reality in natural lore. One reaps what one has sown. Just as right or generous action brings fulfillment and peace, green and vengeful desire bring bitter loneliness and disillusion. Balance will be maintained by the planet’s ecosystem. The justice it dispenses is long lasting, and it is both merciful and irrevocable in its final conclusions.

We are guests of the Earth, not its masters. And, like ill-mannered children at a banquet offered freely by a generous and forgiving host, we have behaved badly and are in danger of spoiling the gathering for everyone else. Our thoughtless greed and selfishness have seriously disturbed the ecosystem. The fine balance and interdependent connection between nature and humans is pivotal; if the balance is disturbed by any inappropriate or thoughtless action there will surely be a natural reaction and the balance will have to be reset.

On an individual level, this may involve haunting guilt over a wrong action or subconscious feeling of bitterness because of an unfair situation. It signifies the karmic wheel of justice that rules our basic concepts of right and wrong, and the inescapable faith that justice will always be done.

On a global level, it may mean that the thoughtless rape of the rainforest will one day severely affect the weather patterns, and the polluted seas will one day produce poisoned fish that will be inedible. One day, in the not too distant future, our host, the Earth, may have no option but to give notice that the pendulum of justice has swung away from us and we will no longer be welcome at the banquet.

DESCRIPTION: The Stag, forest kin and guardian, half human and half animal and verdant with greenery, looks out from the card with a steady and calm gaze. He holds a polished hafted axe and shield. His horns reach into the sky and are mirrored in the branches of the tree, before which he stands as a reminder of our cosmic connection to the universe and its manifestation in all organic life on the planet. The polished axe head is a manifestation of the human will to change the environment – and not always for the better, so a weighing up of action and responsibility is necessary. The shield, which bears the image of the symbolic Major Oak, reminds us that we must preserve and protect our natural resources.

The Wildwood Tarot by authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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Humans need both light and dark. We need to both sleep and be active, accept our shadow as well as our joyous and happy side. Sometimes, it’s easy to over-embrace one side or the other – but balance is key. Today, we are reminded with this beautiful creature to take some time in the light and to share that part of ourselves.


Lolo – Stand in the Light

You are unique. You are a divine and beautiful being. You stand apart from the crowd. Sometimes, this evokes jealousy or desire in others who want to posses your light and beauty as their own. You need never fear another or believe that they can harm you. Allow yourself to be true to who you are. Do not try to hide your inner light and beauty. You are meant to be seen. Your soul is nurtured and protected but your love for Great Spirit.

Meaning: Don’t avoid the spotlight or try to hide yourself nor dull your light and beauty that is meant to help others, and the only way that can occur is if you allow yourself to fully be and express it. Do not shrink away from your magnificence when you feel challenged. Instead, step it up to an entirely new level of boldness! You have a gentle nature, but you are strong. If you have become obsessed with the beauty or power of another, it’s time to come back to your own divine beauty, to unearth it, explore it, express it, and let is shine. Trying to blend in will drain the energy from you. Let those who are attracted to your light adapt to your level of divine expression. You are the benchmark, and they will evolve to reach you.

Guidance: In Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, lolo means “butterfly,” “moth,” and “soul.” The sunset moth of Madagascar is big, beautiful, and bright. While most moths are nocturnal, creatures that are active at night, the sunset moth is a creature of the day. With iridescent wings creating a kaleidoscopic effect as they refract light, they are considered by some to be the most beautiful insect on earth. Yet, in subdued light, their wings can appear less remarkable. Without light, their true beauty cannot be recognized. You, like this creature are a being that needs light -– light to nourish your life force, and light to reveal your true and remarkable divine beauty. You are meant to shine your divinity in the world in the daylight, not to keep it hidden under the cloak of night, for fear of how others may react.

Spirit Warriors Oracle by author Alana Fairchild and artist Isabel Brynne

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Dogs have always been a huge part of my life – one is even one of my spirit guides. Note in the card description below all the connections between dogs and healers. Aside from the loyal and protective nature of canines, there is something quite healing about these animals that close-up examples of living in the present as well as being accepting of us, regardless of flaws.

The other strong card today was Bee, which represents Community, Celebration, and Organization. Taken together, this sends out a very strong message. Consider it, and have a great weekend!

DOG – Guidance, Protection, Loyalty

THE CARD: Shows a deer-hound similar to the hound portrayed in the bronze figure found at the third-century shrine of the healer-god Nodens at Lydney, Gloustershire. Another healing sanctuary at Nettleton Shrub in Wiltshire was dedicated to Apollo Cunomaglus – the Celtic “Hound-lord” – showing that the dog was strongly associated with healing. It is a bright summer’s day, with the dog-rose, dog-daisy, dog-violet, and dog-periwinkle all in flower. These hot days of July and August are called the Dog-days because at this period the Dog star Sirius rises and sets with the sun. We see a pool beside the dog, for there is a deep symbolic connection between the dog and water.

MEANING: The Dog, or Cu in Gaelic, brings guidance and protection, acting as a loyal companion and friend on your journey in both this life and the next. In the Druid tradition, the dog is seen as the Guardian of the Mysteries. As such, he can be fierce, but if our intentions are good, then Cu will lead us over the threshold through the darkness and the waters of the Unconscious toward the simmering realm of the Goddess.

The time may come when you need to act with the spirit of Cu – to defend your values or protect that which you hold sacred. Faithfulness, trust, and the loyalty are vital ingredients of close relationships, and the time may have come for you to focus on these qualities – to develop them gradually in yourself and to appreciate them in others.

This card may also indicate that you need to examine the degree to which you or those around you may be lacking in faithfulness or loyalty. Ask yourself to what extent you value these qualities in your friends and lovers, and to what extent you and they express these values. If you find it difficult to keep friendships, Cu as your ally will help you to develop the qualities of selflessness and trust that will nurture close relationships. But remember that sometimes loyalty and faithfulness can be inappropriate – a dog is often submissive and anxious to please even a cruel owner.

The Druid Animal Oracle by authors Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington

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Just this week and next week (for the main part of the Samhain season), I’m pulling a card a day from the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco on Parting the Mists’ Facebook page. Today’s card, appropriately enough for the first one, is the Jack-o-Lantern. If you want me to post each day’s card here too, let me know in the comments.


HO JackOLanternOh Jack! Oh Jack!
Let me carve my protection
Shine your fire outwards
Evil rejection and reflection

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the carving of pumpkins into scary jack-o’-lanterns. Glowing menacingly from porches, dinner tables, and porches everywhere, Jacks actually have a rich history and a spiritual bent.

The original for a jack-o’-lantern was a will-o’-the-wisp, and old British term. The will-o’-the-wisp was a small bundle of sticks used as a flame or torch. The Irish and those living in the Scottish Highlands all carved winter vegetables – not just pumpkins but also parsnips, carrots, and beets. The time around Samhain (Halloween) was of course when the fae and goblins were said to be roaming wild and so the lanterns were intended to be both scary (scaring off the undesirable) and to light the way in the dark.

Today, carving pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns has become an art in itself and a true icon of Halloween. Intricate designs both scary and funny can be found in almost every home that celebrates the holiday. Both electric light and candles now illuminate the inside of the lanterns.

Know that you are protected and that you are capable of creating the life that you want and that the universe supports you in this should Jack shine his light upon you. Boundaries are important to teach people how to treat us and drawing this card indicates that you may wish to renew the ones you have or to establish new ones.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco

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