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This is one of my favorites from the Christmas Tales Storytelling deck, and I tend to think it’s here to remind us to stop during all the busyness of the season to take a breath and enjoy nature. However, remember this is not an oracle deck and it wide open to interpretation – what does it say to you?



The Christmas Elf

Though the Christmas elf is normally associated with the workshop where the toys are made, here we see one in the woodland setting surrounded by animals: an owl, a deer, a woodpecker, a bird and badger, squirrels, and even a little rodent in there. What would make the little guy leave the shop and take time in nature? Of course, most elven lore indicates a strong association with nature, rather than just being production machines for the man in red. 

Perhaps this is a reminder that as we are busy with all of our events and gift buying, it is good to take some time to appreciate the season for what it is. Remember to appreciate the beauty of the wildlife in your area. Are you holding up indoors or remembering to enjoy nature in even small ways, such as feeding and watching birds, bundled up strolls in a park or nearby trail, or even caroling with your family?

What does this card say to you?

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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