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I’ve been vaccinated since April but only trusted going out in the past few weeks (though Delta might soon change that). Recent social outings, however, left me realizing one thing – the isolation that Covid-19 required of many of us has atrophied certain muscles. 

I’ve been chattering nervously at these events and trying to figure out what to talk about other than the pandemic and social distancing techniques. But most of all, I become drained beyond anything I’ve felt in decades. Of course, I realize that I am also still fighting cancer, but others have confirmed the same phenomenon of getting zapped even by an hour or three hanging around friends and extended family. 

After some considering, I realized many of us have forgotten to shield! What has long seemed a 101 subject for many of us is now rusty from disuse. We don our masks and think that’s all the shield we need. Let’s consider that many of us had our work life altered either by working from home or by having to distance from coworkers in the office. Yes, there were stresses from isolation, but picking up tidbits of other people’s energies (especially for those of us who are empathic) wasn’t prime among them. Nor was losing tidbits of your energy to others (especially for those people pleasers). Now that many of us returned to a normal work environment and have dipped our toes back into social waters, we need to relearn – or remember – to build that protective bubble. 

Comic Con is a fun event for many, but crowds like these can be energetically draining.

If you already know how to do this but have gotten out of the habit, let this be a reminder to reclaim it. Also, I would love to hear what techniques you use!

For those who are newer to these things or were thrown into the deep end when they started, I’m going to go over the basics.

First, however, we should discuss the other two elements that often get lumped in with shielding: grounding and centering. It’s unfortunate that in many rituals or groups these concepts are frequently mentioned but rarely explained. 


In a nutshell, grounding is connecting with physical reality. It’s a great way to be present as well as to ground your energy. In recent years, many have confused earthing with grounding. Earthing is the concept of connecting and grounding by being barefoot on the ground. It is a technique that can be used to ground, but it is not grounding itself. Grounding is an energetic exercise rather than a physical one. Consider this: would you practice earthing in below-freezing temps with ice and snow on the ground? Would you be able to practice it at work? Earthing is a lovely technique, but it has practical limitations. And when you really need to ground, the conditions are rarely perfect.

A popular technique that works wherever you are and no matter the weather is visualization. A common one is imagining yourself as a tree, reaching down into the ground with your tree roots to connect with the earth and to stabilize the energy. The friend that introduced me to this concept described growing a monkey tail that reached down into the ground. Whatever works for you is fine. 

Most folks don’t think beyond these two techniques to ground, but the women’s group I am blessed to be part of actually uses chant and toning for grounding, centering, and raising energy. It helps members to focus and get into the right headspace as well as to ground by using the repetition of well-known chants. We have a specific toning to raise energy and closing chants that help us ground again. 

My boyfriend often plays a simple heartbeat rhythm on the frame drum to ground and center, using the sound and vibration. 


So often, it seems to me that grounding and centering feel like the same thing, though they aren’t. But I was trained to do one right after the other, so that they feel like one smooth process. But while grounding is rooting in the physical, centering is bringing your energy in to yourself while simultaneously releasing any energy that doesn’t belong to you. Remember when I mentioned how we pick up tidbits of other people’s energy through the day? It’s just as important to let that go as it is to bring in your own energy that’s been siphoned off by the needs and wants of others. 

Again, many do this through visualization, imagining or feeling their energy coming into their center (which can be a bit different from person to person – for me, it’s the solar plexus, but I know some who feel it’s their heart). Some see it as a white or gold ball or ray of light, but some people sense color. 


Alright, we’ve made it through grounding and centering and are back to the main topic. Shielding is using your energy to protect yourself from being attacked (oh, how dramatic!) or drained by other energies. 

Usually, this “other energy” is just from people we know, and it’s not often on purpose. As humans, we crave connection and love and yet our egos strive to compete or control – unchecked, all three can cause energetic havoc. We can be needy, demeaning, or bullying. Dealing with this throughout the day from bosses, coworkers, family, and even friends who don’t realize what they are doing can chip away at your energy and leave you exposed and drained. 

For some of us, there are nonhuman energies to protect ourselves from. Having done some paranormal investigating in the past, I can tell you shielding is a very important tool when dealing with spirits. I’ve even used this in bad storms, extending that bubble to the car or home I was in at the time. 

So how to do it?

OK, so remember the bit about centering? You start there. After you’ve ejected other energies and focused your own back to center, begin pushing that energy outward so it eventually encompasses your entire body. Then push it a little beyond that to create a layer of energy around you. Continue sending energy to this layer, growing it bigger or stronger until you feel that you have created a protective bubble. 

Again, visualization works great for this – a common one is the white light exercise – but be creative if that doesn’t work for you. I sometimes out loud or in my head recite a protective charm to Brigid a few times to get the ball rolling. My boyfriend envisions Iron Man’s suit coming around Tony (Sailor Moon might be another good pop culture reference to help some folks). Cast Mage Armor. We also plan to experiment with using the frame drum to see if that works for one of us. If flourishing your hand and calling out “Expecto patronum” gets the energy moving, by golly, use it!

Now, this is an important part that a lot of folks miss – once you have the bubble well established, CLOSE YOUR ENERGY CENTER. I know, I know, I used all caps. But this is important or you will end up even more drained than all those other needy people in the world. Close it, let yourself feel that little door shut, and let the energy you released do the work. 

Ready to try it? Well, don’t just yet. First, silence your phone, tablet, computer, or radio and get rid of any serious distractions. University of California research shows that it takes an average of 25 minutes to get back to an interrupted task. Focus is required of these exercises, so limit distraction when practicing it. Eventually, you will be able to accomplish it with distractions, but it will take a little time.

As mentioned in the beginning, this isn’t advanced or difficult work, but it is important. Even in normal times, people get in trouble by attempting spiritual work or techniques without the foundational elements of grounding, centering, and shielding. Control and protect your energy – you will be amazed at what it will help you accomplish.

Blessings of Avalon,


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