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Blessed Midsummer to you all (and Midwinter to those in the Southern Hemisphere)! Here in our area, we started the day with a walk on this gorgeous morning, spotting squirrels, a possum, a rabbit, and a Killdeer along the way. May your day be bright with possibilities and your night be magical. Blessings!

– Thistle

Faeries of the Future – Be Here NOW, Guidance, Moving Forward 

Meaning: Brian Froud writes: “These are the faeries of a bright future and are essential companions on any journey. When these faeries appear, it’s time to consider where we have been and where we wish to go.” There are many opportunities, many potentials, but we must choose a path and then take realistic, practical steps to bring the desired future into being. This is not a time to wait for things to come to us, but to step forward boldly to meet them. We may do this alone, if we wish, or in the company of those who share our goals and dreams.

This card may also question whether you are certain you are going in the direction that you wish to go – or are you following someone else’s lead without being clear about your own direction? It may be that you need to consider a parting of the ways if the goals of others do not match yours or if they seem to be headed in a direction that is not right for you. This is the moment to pause and consider your direction. Think where you like to be and who you would like to be a quarter of a century from now. Ask yourself if the steps you are considering now are apt to take you closer to that goal or farther from it. Ask the wise Gnome King to point a clear direction for you.

The Card: The Gnome of Now at the top of the card looks both ways simultaneously, something that would give a human a crick in the brain if he tried. However, the gnome has no particular problem with this, as faeries always have a sliding sense of past, present, and future. Anna, in the center, steps boldly forth, pregnant with possibilities and carrying the hazelnut that grants wisdom. Puggi, above her, crouches ready to take off and rush ahead just as soon as she is sure what direction they are going, while the frog above her waits, just to see what will happen. Amalatheia, on the left, hesitates momentarily, not sure she is dressed properly or has her hair done right for the occasion. Nearly everyone looks to the future with cheerful optimism.

For all of Anna’s bold stepping forward, if you look close you see that she has her eyes on the wise Gnome King at the lower left. He seems sure of the way to go. He is relying on his gut sense to guide him, knowing that this is his magic and it will serve him better than logic in the unknown future. Being a gnome, a son of earth, he is well grounded in reality, which is what it takes to have trustworthy gut feelings. Anna, being wise or at least very nearly so, trusts him in this. Of course, she hasn’t considered that where he wants to go may not be where she would most like to be. Fortunately, he has considered that and is pointing her in the right direction.

Both humans and faeries are constantly adventuring into the future, being carried there by Old Father Time and Earth Mother, acting hand in hand. Even the galaxies spin into the future, creating strange effects and relationship between time and space and light. He who hesitates doesn’t get lost – he gets dragged along, bumping bracingly behind the rest. He might as well get up and hustle along too – it’s ever so much nicer a way to travel.

These faeries are on an exciting journey to co-create the future with the universe, just as we are. They greet each rising swan and each rising moon with unconditional and expectant gratitude. Join them.

The Faeries Oracle by Brian Fround and Jessica Macbeth


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