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Today’s pull proved interesting for me as the women’s group I’m part of is about to begin a revisit to the Cycle of Healing and healing is such a big part of his story. The Fisher King might be wounded, but he is also one given an important charge and has wisdom to share. Today might be a good time to talk to an elder you respect for insight.



King of Cups – The Fisher King

Meaning: A mature, dignified person of authority. Someone who may be relied upon for guidance and assurance. A person of strong faith and liberal views. A person who displays an interest in the arts and sciences. One whose strength lies in their mind, which when combined with their uncanny foresight, is capable of orchestrating and achieving long-term goals. Can represent a lawyer, successful business person, scientist, or artist. A person who tends to be reclusive and carries an air of mystery.

Can also indicate dubious dealings, loss and suffering, and illness and injustice. A person who lacks a sense of responsibility and cares only for his or her own personal welfare. Treachery and scandal.

The Fisher King

Fisher King was the name given to the succession of kings who were entrusted to guard the Grail, some of whom were Brons (or Hebron), Pelles, and Anfortas.

The goal of the Quest was to reach the elusive home of the Fisher King and ask the (correctly worded) question. It was believed that this would unlock the secret of the Grail, whereupon the king would be healed of his wound and the Wasteland would rejuvenate. Here the Mimed King or Wounded King motif has fused with the already confounded nature of the Fisher King. Adding to the confusion is that there can be up to three wounded kings, depending on which version of the story you read.

Some maintain that the Fisher King is a Christian motif, owing to the early Christian symbol of the fish. Others argue that Brons is the avatar of the Welsh Bran the Blessed who suffered from a wounded foot. It is further explained that the fish equates with the Celtic Salmon of Knowledge. Continuing on the Celtic line, some consider Pelles to be the original Fisher King, and connect him with Pwyll of the Welsh Mabinogion.

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by author and artist Anna-Marie Ferguson

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