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I’ve definitely been feeling untethered lately, which is not a natural place for this Taurus who tends to be near-inert rather than flighty. But I need to get a lot of things done this summer, so it’s time to take a breath and focus. Grounding certainly helps.

How about you all? Do you need this reminder too?



We all experience moments in our lives when we feel confused, unfocused, and surrounded by chaos and turmoil. These moments are often unavoidable, as are the lessons these moments can impart. But how you respond to them is a choice that only you can make. Take a deep breath and a moment to pause and reconnect with Gaia and nature. Seek the silence of the void within while your spirit spirals downward to anchor itself like an ancient tree rooted in the cleansing embrace of the earth beneath you.

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

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