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Seeking counsel before big decisions can be wise (though gut instincts are important too) as there are sometimes big consequences. In Welsh mythology, the goddess connected with owls is Blodeuwedd, the woman made of flowers to be the wife of Lleu, who could not marry a human woman do to a curse. When she took her sovereignty into her own hands to be with the one she loved, she paid a price for betraying Lleu and was turned into an owl. Again, sometimes we have to be willing to make sacrifices to be our own person.

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Owl – Wise seeing, wise action

Silent winged and wise
All seeing creature of the night
Show me the way
I will follow you in flight

Owls have for thousands of years been part of folklore and have been considered a special or sacred animal. With their huge forward-facing eyes and otherworldly appearance, they have been seen as both wise and as harbingers of the supernatural.

There are many hundreds of species of owls and almost all are nocturnal and carnivorous. Interestingly, they all have specially designed feathers that enable them to fly silently at night, giving them an incredible hunting advantage, sort of like having a stealth mode!

Many deities were said to be able to change into owls and perhaps the most famous was the Green Goddess Athena, who was famous for her strategy and intelligence. To this very day, the capital of Greece, Athens, has Athena’s owl as its symbol.

Should the hooting owl come looking for you this Halloween, it indicates the need for wise council or further information before you make a decision. Considered action is warranted. Think before you act emotionally and ensure that you think strategically, not impulsively.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco


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