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Taking a cue from the last post, this time of year when we are often stuck indoors is a great time to face not only what lies within yourself but also what lies within your home. 

Even though it might not seem spiritual, sometimes going through your home and removing unused and unwanted items helps you from being distracted or even depressed by a cluttered environment (this varies from person to person, of course). It can make your home a more peaceful and productive place. And just like we sometimes hang on to old hurts and habits we should let go, sometimes we should also let go of some material things that no longer serve a purpose.

Honestly, I sometimes have trouble with this one because I’m very sentimental. I want to hold onto something because it was a gift or has a warm memory attached to it. Recently, I busted through this mindset and filled four boxes with things that no longer functioned for my home or me.

The ol' typewriter

The ol’ typewriter

When cleaning out a closet top shelf, I hesitated at my old typewriter from high school. I have not used it in almost 20 years. But my Mom bought it for me, and I’ve long believed she knew I was a writer before I did. That old piece of plastic always seemed a symbol of that maternal encouragement and love to me. I’d tried to get rid of it before but couldn’t.

But this time, I’d just read a decluttering article that suggested taking a photo of such sentimental but useless items. That seems like a great way to remember what such objects mean to you – even a 1987 Smith-Corona typewriter – without having to fill up your closet with them.

And I would suggest following this up with a magical cleansing, smudging your space as well as adding any protective elements in place and refreshing your altar spaces if needed. Invite your god or goddess to reinfuse your home with their guidance. And as my spiritual sister over at The Barefoot Wisewoman suggests, it’s a good idea to cleanse and bless your magical tools as well. In fact, an extension of this cleansing would be to organize your magical supplies and tools, something I did this fall but have to make myself stay on top of (there’s nothing worse than digging through piles of plastic bags of herbs and incense).

My "magic" cabinet all cleaned up and ready for work.

My “magic” cabinet all cleaned up and ready for work.

When done with this work, the energy flow of my home felt much better and helped me to concentrate on more important mental and spiritual tasks. Anyone else have some good suggestions for this type of cleansing?

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