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Not a deck I normally reach for, but the chill air in Kansas this morning seemed to call for something a little different. We don’t really see ravens in this area, but the corvid cousin the crow has been cawing from the trees and corn fields. Either bird has a lot of significance.

Have a great day!

Knave of Swords

The Raven holding a glowing key just above a glowing keyhole is telling here even beyond the typical meaning of the card. Ravens are curious, intelligent, and a bit mischievous. They also suggest spiritual rebirth. Something lies just beyond your normal reach or interest that you need to unlock a spiritual or personal rebirth or change. Will you go beyond your normal limits to unlock the door?

Meaning: Penetration, vigilance, agility, a discreet person, or an active youth. It could also mean someone revealed as an imposter, something unforeseen, or the feeling of powerlessness the face of stronger forces.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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