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The Fool gets a bad rap. We are all the Fool at some point in time, and we often return to this phase whenever we make radical changes in our lives.

Happy Wednesday!

The Fool

While this card indicates inexperience and recklessness, it also represents new beginnings, a free spirit, and an open mind. Sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith. Yes, we might make some mistakes on this new path, but we learn from those – just take care not to be so reckless as to fall off a cliff (as is often depicted in The Fool card).

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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Alright, this was interesting having the Star bookended with two of the Pentacles Suit, both of which represent physical situations in a positive light.

The Knight is a mature and responsible individual and persistence, while the Ace suggests attainment, prosperity, bliss, and wealth.

The Star

Meaning: Represents the spirit of hope and faith. Inspiration, bright prospects, mixing the past of the past and the present, fulfillment, pleasure, promising opportunity.

This image for the The Star in this deck is a little different, yet we have the three cat representing the person, the conscious (see that cat looking at ya?), and the subconscious. The Star is generally perceived as a time of reprieve and positive things happening. Focus on the good in your life and you might be surprised by how much there is.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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For me, this card immediately conjures up the sense of a regal and grounding presence, but that might be due to this cat resembling my late queen of the house, Gabriel. She was the most regal presence my household ever had, and she never had to try to be that way.

This queen’s topaz eyes are reflected in the triquetra’s gem; blue topaz is thought to be a soothing stone as well as meaning compassion, communication, and strength. Note how she resides on a staircase, encouraging you to step up.

Queen of Wands

Meaning: A Sympathetic and understanding person, honorable, friendly, loving, practical, full of feminine charm and grace, sincere interest in others. The Queen of Wands wants us to be upbeat, creative, and self-aware – she is generally seen as a supportive figure. Do keep in mind Wands is connected to the element or Air, which ties to communication, intellect, and inspiration.

On the flip side, it can mean fickleness, as well as someone who has realized their self-worth and self-respect, which can appear as fickle and contrary to others! This can also indicate that you are being more introverted than normal. Examine why this is. If you simply need to recharge from a extra expenditures of energy, it’s perfectly ok to do so! If you are hiding from something, that’s a different story.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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This deck doesn’t appear here much because, well, I find the pips to be uninspired (I am an intuitive reader based on the art, so bland pips are not my favorite). Yet the magical feel to this deck fits well with the coming of autumn, and I’m not ready to delve into the Halloween deck as I will use it for most of October. Plus, we have a new black cat amongst our animals, so I’m introducing Mojo!

Have a great day, everyone!

Knave of Wands

Meaning: A faithful and loyal person or emissary, a stranger with good intentions, a consistent person, or good news on the way. It could also mean indecision in preceding, resistance, instability, a gossip, displeasure, or rushing into something.

Thistle’s Note: When I got over the fact that this cat looks like a friend’s cat, I think we see a lot of hints in the artwork here. The Wands suit is of the Air element, thus intellect, communication, and inspiration are part and parcel for it. We see here a young feline balancing between the intellect (the books), intuition (the crystal ball), and understanding that time is wasting away if you become stuck in indecision (the watch). The knave (aka page) represents a young person or one that is young at heart, full of energy, playfulness, and optimism. The flip side of that youthfulness is sometimes rash behavior and a lack of experience. This deck’s book is basic, leaving room for personal interpretation. Are you stuck making a decision? Are you making a well-considered decision? Sometimes it is easy to become bogged down in researching something that you never act on it – or worse, not consider your gut instinct before acting. Be sure not to waste too much time and end up with the regret of not having lived fully in fear of going down the wrong path.


Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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Not a deck I normally reach for, but the chill air in Kansas this morning seemed to call for something a little different. We don’t really see ravens in this area, but the corvid cousin the crow has been cawing from the trees and corn fields. Either bird has a lot of significance.

Have a great day!

Knave of Swords

The Raven holding a glowing key just above a glowing keyhole is telling here even beyond the typical meaning of the card. Ravens are curious, intelligent, and a bit mischievous. They also suggest spiritual rebirth. Something lies just beyond your normal reach or interest that you need to unlock a spiritual or personal rebirth or change. Will you go beyond your normal limits to unlock the door?

Meaning: Penetration, vigilance, agility, a discreet person, or an active youth. It could also mean someone revealed as an imposter, something unforeseen, or the feeling of powerlessness the face of stronger forces.

Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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