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This deck doesn’t appear here much because, well, I find the pips to be uninspired (I am an intuitive reader based on the art, so bland pips are not my favorite). Yet the magical feel to this deck fits well with the coming of autumn, and I’m not ready to delve into the Halloween deck as I will use it for most of October. Plus, we have a new black cat amongst our animals, so I’m introducing Mojo!

Have a great day, everyone!

Knave of Wands

Meaning: A faithful and loyal person or emissary, a stranger with good intentions, a consistent person, or good news on the way. It could also mean indecision in preceding, resistance, instability, a gossip, displeasure, or rushing into something.

Thistle’s Note: When I got over the fact that this cat looks like a friend’s cat, I think we see a lot of hints in the artwork here. The Wands suit is of the Air element, thus intellect, communication, and inspiration are part and parcel for it. We see here a young feline balancing between the intellect (the books), intuition (the crystal ball), and understanding that time is wasting away if you become stuck in indecision (the watch). The knave (aka page) represents a young person or one that is young at heart, full of energy, playfulness, and optimism. The flip side of that youthfulness is sometimes rash behavior and a lack of experience. This deck’s book is basic, leaving room for personal interpretation. Are you stuck making a decision? Are you making a well-considered decision? Sometimes it is easy to become bogged down in researching something that you never act on it – or worse, not consider your gut instinct before acting. Be sure not to waste too much time and end up with the regret of not having lived fully in fear of going down the wrong path.


Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared some Tarot Kitties, though these two often just like to be in the room with me instead of right by the cards. Newt prefers the desk in our new study/studio room while Miss Willow likes the chair (though she prefers the one I’m sitting in at the moment).

This week seems to a string of cards that are fairly serious in nature. We shall see how this continues to go.

Honeysuckle – Lonicera peliclymenum (Latin), Ul Uinllean (Ogam)

Green Man Wisdom: Wisdom hides in secret places

Meaning: The ancients often saw wisdom as hidden or secret, accessible only by the initiate rather than the ordinary man or woman. This notion came from a desire to preserve the power of the Mysteries, the point of divine interaction with the everyday world. Their true nature was known to all, but the practices and rituals flowing out of the teachings of the gods were kept hidden, for to make them available to all would have diluted their powers. The revelation of thesis, through the initiation experience, shone a light into the darkness of the soul and illuminated the innermost longings of humankind.

Wisdom can be just as hard to find today, but it is there all the same. Honeysuckle in a reading suggests that a wealth of meaning lies hidden, r easy to be uncovered and explored.

Honeysuckle Lore: Honeysuckle folklore centers around love and courtship. In Lowland Scotland, a young man visiting his sweetheart always carried a stick cut from honeysuckle, as it was Sid to bring lucky to the venture and to indicate honorable intentions. Its strong, sweet=smelling flowers, scenting the air most strongly at night, Brough young women erotic dreams and luck to any marriage. Hung over the door of house, honeysuckle kept unwanted visitors out and good luck in, and over the entrance to the cowshed it protected cattle from milk theft by the faeries.

The Twining Plant: Honeysuckle is famed for its climbing properties. It loves nothing more than to embrace the trunk of a gree, often covering its host in delicate golden blossoms. In Shakespeare’s A MIdsummer Night’s Dream, Titania, Queen of the Faeries (having cast a spell over Bottom that puts him to sleep), said, “Sleep thou, and I will wind thee in my arms … so do the woodbine, the sweet honeysuckle, Gently entwist.”

The Spirit of Nature Oracle by author John Matthews and artist Will Worthington

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First, do you see the challenge I have when posting the card every morning? LOL This kitty is Budge, and he’s a sweetheart, but there’s always one of four cats that want this spot. Budge just wanted to say hello.

Now, on to the card.

So often we gather little things throughout our life that mean something to us – signs of changes or personal inspirations. From a stone, feather, or acorn picked up on a walk to a crystal or tool that calls to you at a shop, many different things can do the trick. Today’s card suggests it is time to pull together and revisit these items as well as your mental and spiritual resources that might not be a material thing.



MEANING: Gather your resources. Be discerning. Vast inner power is growing in your life – step back and let it grow. There are times to shine brightly for all to see, and there are also times to choose carefully who sees your true self. Choose wisely. Do not make hasty decisions. If it doesn’t feel right, hold back. You’re protected from any less-than-positive outside influences. Your capacity and potential are growing in leaps and bounds. 

NATIVE SPIRIT WISDOM: It’s traditional in indigenous cultures to carry a medicine bag or bundle as a form of protection and also as a way to access your personal power through the sacred objects that are held there. The items in the medicine bag each contain potent qualities that allow one’s abilities to magnify and also help one commune with the Creator. As your power grows, take time to protect it. Just as you protect a seedling in the early months, and then later – once it’s an established tree – it can withstand the storms of time. Protect your growing power, and it will become as mighty as an ancient oak.

THE JOURNEY: Consider obtaining or creating your own medicine bag or bundle. Put objects in it that are meaningful to you and make you feel strong and vital whenever you look at them. Traditionally, one’s medicine bag was not worn for display, but often hidden from view or kept in a sacred place. 

Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, art by Charles McStravick 

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I would have preferred a card that suggested we hole up and rest, especially since we have some chilly weather here. However, it looks like some of us need to get on the ball (which is also true for me as well as the rest). For those of us in winter season, perhaps we need to get a task or two done so we can rest easily.

I think I need to let Tarot Kitty Cerridwen in on this because she was trying to slow up the card this morning!

Have a great Thursday.

Antelope Spirit – Life is Speeding Up!

Message: When Antelope Spirit rushes into your life, you’re being reminded of the quickening of your personal evolution as a powerful co-creator. You are being told unequivocally that it’s time to get moving; set your intentions and take action toward making your dreams real.

There is an intensity you can feel, and it is important to take advantage of this energy right now. If you have a plan for your career of financial abundance, now is the time to step it up. If you’re asking about a relationship, make that first move. Just know that the intentions you have set in motion are coming together now at warp speed; stay alert and keep up. Things are getting interesting when the Antelope calls you to move quickly!

Protection Message: Do you feel how fast the world is changing, like everything is moving at warp speed? It’s hard to control desired outcomes or set fixed goals because by the time you get “there,” you will actually have moved beyond it. Now is the time to let go and enjoy the exhilarating ride as intentions you have set in motion in the past are coming into form with lightning speed. Your job is to stay the course even if the pace feels dizzying. You may find you will change your mind a half dozen times or more as you improve your offerings – that is just fine. Make peace with the pace, for if you ride this quickening energy you will solve challenges quickly and effortlessly instead of being bogged down.

The best way to use this energy is to let go of worry and stay mindfully present as you continue to take action. Also, if something is not going to be in your best interests, no matter how badly you want it, Antelope will quickly remove it so you can move toward what is truly meant for you. If something is taken away, be grateful and keep moving!

This is not the time to sit still but to breath deeply as you move forward with velocity!

Spirit Animal Oracle by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia


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This was the card drawn when we first began the Halloween Oracle in September. It has returned as we proceed through the daytime hours of Samhain, summer’s end. Here, the weather certainly fits that with a drippy 47 degrees (I’m not complaining – I love this weather).

New kitty Cerridwen was feeling lovey and parked on my lap as I drew today’s card. I think she would have preferred the Hearth card for today.

I hope you all have a blessed day and remember the might dead while embracing the mighty living. Blessings!

SKELETON – “Strength”

On the outside is flesh
On the inside is bone
There is strength in vulnerability
In power we have grown

Halloween is a scary festival. It is meant to frighten. We are meant to feel the release of being pleasantly scared. We trick-or-treat even though we know that someone may surprise us, we watch horror films knowing they will scare us, we even dress as skeletons who have no flesh at all and their bones are there for all to see! In short, we show our vulnerability at Halloween and our strength in facing our fears too.

There is incredible strength in showing vulnerability. It can often be the bravest course of action and the most frightening. More often than not, it is a powerful catalyst for person growth even though we may not be able to perceive that at the time.

By showing our true selves and displaying some balanced vulnerability, we can seek and receive greater understanding from others. By admitting that we are wrong or that we don’t have the solution when we are expected to, we leave more room to turn things around faster. By asking for help and support rather than acting as martyrs and feeling resentful shows strength and wisdom, not weakness.

Should the Skeleton card bring itself to your attention, dare to show strength and vulnerability if that is what you really feel. Shame, pride, or embarrassment are heft burdens that need not be carried through the darkest of nights.

The Halloween Oracle by Stacy Demarco, art by Jimmy Manton

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