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Santa Claus

Santa Claus is sometimes a contentious figure for some Pagans, but some of us don’t really have a problem with him. He is truly a cumulation of many mythological figures, from Odin and shamanic wild men to St. Nicholas and Father Christmas, and then hijacked by modern advertising. But beyond all that, he is a gift giver. There are many of those associated from this time of year, so he is in good company.

Here, Santa is rather kind looking as he prepares to descend a chimney with a bag of gifts. First, he is communing with a wren and a robin. The wren has associations with this time of year and is the King of Birds, according to old folk legend. There is also another frost sprite peaking from behind the chimney, so one wonders what he is up to.

On this day, a day after the solstice when the days will start to get a bit longer each day, look for the gifts you are receiving. It could be a beautiful sunset, a phone call or zoom call with a loved one, or treats from a neighbor or friend. Most of us have blessings if we choose to look for them – and this is the time of year to definitely spread those around to give others some good cheer. This has been a hard year for many; let us do what we can to make it kinder.


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OK, today begins the start of using a nonoracle deck for the card of the day until after the 24th, as I have yet to finish the Yule Oracle deck I’ve been slowly working on. It’s always a fun challenge to use this storytelling deck for a couple weeks. This is a tricky card to interpret, so what does it mean to you? To leave behind a predetermine role or to treat yourself? Or something else entirely?


The Christmas Cookie

Meaning: OK, this is a tough one. This is NOT an oracle deck, but as the holidays approach I like to use this storytelling deck in lieu of one. Some of the cards are easy to sort out but this one did make me chuckle and scratch my head a bit. Of course, we have a cookie running away from the bakery and potential customers – the poor thing is even being chased by a fork and spoon! On one hand, I see a treat (I do so love to bake) and immediately think the message might be that it’s OK to treat yourself, whether it’s a sweat treat or another type of reward. But then there’s the part where I see the cookie is trying to run from responsibility. On the other hand, I see its running from its prescribed role as a bid for sovereignty, much like the goddess Bloudewedd. (Not much help there, am I?)

There is some other symbolism to parse out.

A goose walks along in the foreground of the card; geese are symbols of loyalty and bravery (and fiercely protective). They were also the popular choice for Christmas dinner in England. There is also a mouse in foreground, possibly awaiting a chance at the crumbs that are falling off the cookie. These two creatures seem almost opposite in nature: one small, quiet, and resourceful and the other white, loud, and fierce.

If you look along the edges, there is an unattended hat and pair of gloves, as well as a small sack in the snow. Perhaps there is something being missed as one is running along.

Storyworld: Christmas Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews

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